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I do this to make you look good…

July 27, 2010

I’m not a real fashion conscious guy. I never have been, really… except for a few times. Some of the nutty things I DID try to make myself look hip remain painfully etched on my memories.  So much so that if I could travel back in time I would change each and every attempt then apologize for my folly to all onlookers.  But the thing is; while I am very much aware of my past fashion faux pas, not many other people these days are and that is why I bring this up, because… 


I know we live in an “in your face” society today.  People proudly wear their garments as a symbol of bravery or non-conformity.  They are proud of their less than fashion sense and leave it to you to deal with it.  It is your problem if you find yourself doing a double take and react to their ignoble efforts with disdain, not theirs.  After all, it is a free country…

My BB and I were out yesterday morning grabbing a quick bite before I headed off to work (on a Saturday, no less).  She and I like to sit at the counter facing traffic so we can watch the world go by.  I spotted one man wearing a wide striped, red and blue long-sleeved cotton jersey and plaid intricate print, green-yellow-blue polyester  Bermuda shorts with white ankle socks and brown shoes.  He was leaving his friends and moving through the parking lot oblivious to his effect on people with normal vision.  This guy looked like he could be an insurance salesman or a realtor ( you know, one of those commission based occupations?)  I admire a man who can wear such garb with a straight face, but does it have to be so early in the morning?

I’m not advocating fashion police or Skewered Eye from the Straight Fly, but you have to wonder… where do people get their fashion sense?  From celebrities!  Of course.

 =  ?  or how about this? or this?  =  ? yuck!

Oh, I don’t mean to pick on women… men do it, too.

 double yuck!

So people, are you concerned about the type of fashion statement your 13 year old might be making?  Take a good look at the celebrities out there strutting their stuff and then ask yourself, “If I think this is yuck on Amy “where’s my missing tooth?” Winehouse, why would I let my daughter dress this way?”

  Lady Gag Gag…