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After the Boston Marathon Massacre

April 15, 2013

Today is April 15th. 4-15-13. Like every American, I am very angry and frustrated. The news is out all over the various media outlets about the bombing of the Boston Marathon. Images flash across the screen reminding us of another tragic event on 911. When will this stop?


I watch and hear things that we seem to pre-occupy ourselves with. Stupid things, worthless, tedious, idiotic drivel that doesn’t amount to a hill of beans while conspirators seek to wreck havoc on our way of life. We seem oblivious to it because we are so caught up in the mundane pursuits of vice, profit, self-delusion and self-indulgence. Until we rid ourselves of these elements that threaten us, there can be no peace. Until we hold different governments accountable, there can be no security. Until we say, “If you so much as threaten us, we will respond with force.”


In today’s world, we cannot afford to take any threat lightly. We cannot resolve issues with rhetoric. We cannot ignore the fact that a threat is as good as a promise. It continues to be the case over and over again. Diplomacy is great for those who will reason. Some will not be reasoned with. They are blinded by hate, intoxicated with ambition and emboldened by our government’s failure to respond with force. We try to be patient, understanding and all encompassing with our compassion. They view us as weak, stupid and naive. Our enemies don’t want to change. They want to wipe us out.

Our we doing enough? When a leader feels comfortable and seemingly untouchable in their own back yard to freely make threats, we need to show them that we can reach them, we can flick their very eyeball. Fear is what they need to learn. Fear and accountability. Fear is what they preach, fear is what they resort to, fear is what they should be feeling right now, not impunity.


It is reported that after the bombing of Pearl Harbor in the early days of World War Two, Japanese Admiral  Isoroku Yamamoto uttered these now famous words,


“I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and filled him with a terrible resolve.”

Where is that giant now?

Boston, Massachusetts has the history of the American Revolution. It has contained the symbol of the American resolve to overthrow tyranny and fosters the independent spirit of freedom. No government, organization, faction, movement, coalition, brotherhood, clubhouse, gang or form of thuggery of any type should be allowed to tread on that memory, on that great history of the United States of America… without consequences.