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Kids STILL DO Say The Darndest Things

May 29, 2010

I used to enjoy Art Linkletter on television.  The funny thing is… I WAS a kid when his program was on and it is still true, kids DO say the darndest things.  But it was a different era back then.

I read about a “busty” Barbie doll a woman was complaining about recently.   As if the old Barbie wasn’t unrealistic enough, now “implant” Barbie is finding her way into little kids toy chests.  (no pun intended)  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind a little glam on females.  But is this the role model we want to give to our kids?  How are they expected to measure up to this type of marketing?  (again, no pun intended)  Is to be voluptuous to be desired at such an age?

I was reading some material sent home to the kids from school a while back.  One of the brochures was talking about school life and activities, faculty and programs, orientation and schedules.  Then one pointed question leaped out, “Are you gay?”  and then addressed the feelings that are associated with not being sure if you are or not.  Hmmm… I wondered.  This for a child still in grade school?

My BB brought something to my attention this past week.  This series of books is a particular favorite of my step-son.  I don’t worry about the potential of him becoming a racist by reading a 70-year-old classic.  But I do wonder at the reasoning for addressing a childs  sexual preference at such a tender and impressionable young age.

Still, kids will be kids and I think Art Linkletter realized that.  Kids mimic their parents.  Kids imitate what they see on T.V.  Kids want to be accepted by their peers the same as we did when we were young.

I was out walking with the family the other night.  My BB and I discovered if we offer to buy the kids a treat, they are more than willing to walk the 4-5 blocks to the convenience store and back.  It is a win-win situation.  We get to go out and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine along with some incidental conversation, the kids get something sweet to eat.

While walking home the last time out, my step-daughter dropped her bottle cap on the sidewalk and just continued to walk along.  Since I was bringing up the rear, I stooped down to retrieve it declaring, “Hey! What’s up?  Don’t you want to save the earth for your children?”

“Naw.” she replied, “What for?  They’ll just ruin it.”

I had to think about that for a while.  When did she become so apathetic?  Then I remembered.  She was repeating what I had said to her in jest a week or so earlier!

Sometimes I think we are conditioning kids without realizing it.

Rest in peace, Art Linkletter. 

New Horizons

May 22, 2010

The birds wake me every morning.  Early.  Early every morning now that spring has arrived.  Before the sunrise.  Well before the sun rises.  But it is hard to be angry with creation on mornings like this as I sip my second cup of tea and open the windows.

There is so much to hope for, wish upon and dream about.  If I am not careful, I’ll find myself getting caught up in things that I cannot change, worrying about things I have no control over and doing things that simply rob me of my time.  Things that are frivolous and empty.  And then I forget to be thankful.

How good it is to wake each morning and greet the day.  A fresh start!  I can calmly look back on yesterday and let it pass, convincing myself that I did the best I could.  Each day, each moment,  is like a breath of fresh, clean air.

My uncle died two weeks ago.  Russell was 72.  His passing marks the end of a generation.  His parents and siblings, my mother included, have all preceded him in death.    Russell was married to the same woman for over 50 years and raised a large family.  I guess the note-worthiness of this for me is, it is the end of an era.  All the family gatherings consisting of grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins have now passed.  Uncle Russell was one who wanted to preserve the reunion of our family in the traditional sense and my memories owe a great deal to him for insisting upon it.

My sister became a grandparent again in this same short span.  A grandson.  Aaron.  The name means “enlightened one”.  For her family the gathering has just begun.  It is hard to think of my little sister as a grandparent.  I remember my grandparents while I was growing up, they were elderly.  My sister is many years younger than I am…

In this same period of time; my son, also named Aaron, lost his good friend, Sean.  Sean was killed by a neighbor who mistook him for a burglar.  Sean had no wife and kids,  never knew his real father.  Sean’s potential died when a bullet pierced his chest, leaving him to expire on the hood of a car.  Alone.  Far away from his family and friends.

I’ve been thinking about life and death a lot these past few days.  How it comes in with such potential and joy, then goes out; sometimes violently unexpected, sometimes peacefully welcomed. 

I have dreamed of perfect surroundings.  I have longed for better days.

 I have been to Disney World…

But this is where I’d like to be…

though I would temporarily settle for this…… it is not a high priority.

Still I do cast my gaze towards new horizons…

But each day has the hope of a better tomorrow, whether it be in this life or the next.  Who really knows for sure what the beginnings of life will achieve or its waning moments will reveal?

Until the end comes, live each day as though it may be your last. 

At least give pause and be thankful for the wonders of life.  I intend to do the same, thanks to the early morning sounds of creation.



May 21, 2010

I love the Internet.  You do, too…  don’t you?  I love the information superhighway, the instant communication between family and friends, the unlimited expression afforded  to me and the audience that AMRFP has garnished.  I really do listen to your comments and try to think of important information to convey to both of you.  But I do not like spam.   It reminds me of Dr. Suess…

I do not like it on my blog, I do not like it on a log.

I do not like it in a tree, I do not like it on my knee.

I do not like it on a house, I do not like it with a mouse.

I do not like it here or there, I do not like it anywhere.

I do not like unsolicited spam, I do not like it,

I wish there was a way you could return spam with your own spam magnified ten-fold.  That might help curb the content in my little in-box.  As of this posting, Akismet has blocked 32,108 pieces of spam.  That is a lot of junk spam.

Like this one:

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Didn’t they realize they had already spammed me on this very same post earlier?

atlanta cheap tickets Says:
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Nice try atlanta cheap tickets…

There is also legitimate spam. and it really has quite the history.Spam_(food)

But there is a different kind of spam out there that I don’t like as well.  Obama spam.

I fully realize there is some mending of fences required as far as the U.S. and world relations are concerned.  Americans should not be viewed as a “we’ll take what we want and ask questions later” people.  We need to be accountable to other nations and consider their rights and sovereignties in all our extended operations outside our borders, because we do not own the world.  We are a Republic and are governed by a Democracy;  i.e., the will of the majority of the American citizenry.

Recently our president, Barack H. Obama, criticized Arizona law authorizing law enforcement officials to request proof of legal status from possible illegals aligning himself with the visiting president of Mexico.  I do not think that our president should go against the will of the American people, in this case, the American voters of Arizona.  Barack H. Obama is OUR president representing AMERICANS!  Duly elected officials enacted a law that the federal government can not or will not address for political reasons.  It is plain to see that they are dragging their feet and do not have the interests of Arizonans in mind.  You can’t blame the people of Arizona for taking action.

Another Obama spam.  Just recently Obama lifted a ban on offshore oil drilling.?q=Obama%20lifts%20oil%20drilling%20ban&mkt=en-ca&setLang=en-CA Within a few weeks, BP has an oil spill.  Immediately Obama rescinds the lift and is calling for tougher regulations on oil drilling.  BP has said it will pay for all damages and clean-up efforts,b182270 but now it is a political hot potato.

It makes me wonder if this was truly an accident. 

Now that would be really scary… if it wasn’t.

spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spaaaam, wonderful spam!


Happy Mother’s Day in cyberspace

May 9, 2010

Interesting history of this famous day. 

To all of my sisters. 

To my beautiful girl.

To all mothers, the happiest of holidays.