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Where Have All the Flowery Posts Gone?

May 23, 2009


Okay, dang… just when I get to thinking I am a serious blog hack, someone comes along and declares I need reform.  Perhaps it is time for an overhaul, after all… this month marks three years of AMRFP!

In the past three years we have talked about politics, love, religion, music, books, and movies.  There has been social injustice, chaos  and anarchy.   We seem to teeter on the brink of disaster yet all in good humor and forced optimism because… what else is there?  We obviously cannot pack up our things and relocate to another planet because no one would have us.  We know we are the root problem and reason for disunity in the world but we cannot seem to eradicate this self-destructive urge.  We are constantly bombarded with information, yet how can we decipher it, knowing which is accurate and which is merely bunk?  Here’s another controversy…


My life has turned dramatically since I first fostered this blog on a whim three years ago.  I set out to discover if there was any use in my attempting to write, wondering if I  “had the goods”.  I found my audience to be somewhat sporadic and the subjects I held near and dear to my heart less popular than the ones I thought to be frivolous, so therein lies the paradox.  What I enjoy writing may not be what I am good at, what I am good at may be drudgery.

My most popular post to date has been;  Songs to Play at Your Funeral from April, 2008, which I wrote based on what had actually transpired between my business partner and I one day during a light conversation on death.  It has garnished twice the hits of the runner up;  The Illegal Immigration Solution Conclusion, from June, 2007.  While the latter post has had twice the exposure it has fostered less activity.  I have posted poetry, short stories, a screenplay and the rough draft of my story, Shades of Hemingway. I have progressed (slowly) in my ability to add pictures and video (thanks YouTube) to my posts while trying not to use them in place of good (?) writing.  And after three years, 340 posts, 333 tags, 96 categories, 1004 comments, 37,045 hits and 28,496 spam I am virtually right back where I started from, questioning my validity as a writer.

There has been one bright spot.  Actually, the greatest reward I can think of has come on to me while doing this experiment.  Like most things that we find to make life worthwhile it came unexpectedly, yet has been the difference between merely existing and living.  She sits at my side right now, not realizing I am writing about her.  My beautiful wife, Chantal.

I have proven myself by winning her attention,  admiration and love.  She has faith in my ability and confidence that one day, the world will see what she sees in me, though that confidence in myself wanes and falters.  Through our love of writing; whether via our blogs, to each other publicly or privately, or in our imaginations,  we have accomplished something that would not have materialized otherwise.  We have become each others hero and fan club.  We have become kindred spirits.  Chantal and I are glorious.  I have not failed as a writer, I have acquired a following of one, as she has found in me.

I am living in Canada now, which is quite the contrast from spending most of my life in Florida.  The economy has put a strain on my ability to make a living through my trade and I am still struggling to adapt to life as a foreigner.  But my beautiful girl has the utmost confidence in me so that is a hurdle I will easily overcome with patience.  I am learning to accept that I cannot always have things my way.  But I need to concentrate on making a living and right now it does not look like writing is the way of prosperity for me, at least not financially.

I started this blog in May of 2006 not sure of where it would go, how I would do or how long it would last.  But I feel it has served it’s purpose, at least for a while.  The archives will remain and comments will still be directed to me via e-mail, but I plan on taking a little hiatus.

This month, May 2009, is heading towards being my most active month ever, with seven days left it will easily accomplish this.   The second most active month was back in November of 2007.

I’d like to think that on that note, it is a good time to bow out gracefully.

Thanks for reading  Advantages of Mutual Respect and Fair Play…

there definitely are,  you know.


Rescued from the Depths of Obscurity, Part 10: The Everly Brothers, 10 songs from the abyss

May 18, 2009





This one is for my fair Chantal

There has not been a more successful duo in rock and roll music than the Everly Brothers. Their singing harmonies inspired the Beatles, the Bee Gees and Simon and Garfunkel. Are there 10 songs by the Everly Brothers you might not have heard before?

Rescued from the Depths of Obscurity, Part 9: Roy Orbison, 10 songs from the abyss

May 14, 2009



Roy Orbison stood head and shoulders above most singer/songwriters of his time. Both Elvis Presley and Bob Dylan declared he had the best singing voice ever. Are there 10 songs by Roy Orbison that you might not have heard before?

Rescued from the Depths of Obscurity, Part 8: Janis Joplin, 10 songs from the abyss

May 12, 2009



Janis Joplin’s star blazed across the pop music sky and disappeared over the horizon much too soon. Her depth and delivery will always be remembered as both energetic and tragic. Are there 10 songs by Janis that you might not have heard before?

Rescued from the Depths of Obscurity, Part 7: Chuck Berry, 10 songs from the abyss

May 5, 2009




If a person were considered to be the inventor of Rock’n’Roll, Chuck Berry would one of them. His songs continue to inspire with themes of fast cars, school days and young love. Are there 10 Chuck Berry tunes that you have not yet heard of?

Rescued from the Depths of Obscurity, Part 6: Johnny Cash, 10 songs from the abyss

May 5, 2009




Johnny Cash has had a musical presence on the American scene for over 50 years. His music personified American strength and dignity while standing up for the common man. Yet are there 10 songs of his that you might not have heard?

Rescued from the Depths of Obscurity, Part 5: The Beach Boys, 10 Songs from the Abyss

May 1, 2009




The Beach Boys are America’s #1 Rock’n’Roll Band. They have sold more records than any other American group of musicians. Their style is known the world over. Are there 10 songs by the Beach Boys that you might not have heard before?

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