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3 times a lady

May 29, 2006

Love is pretty cool.  I don’t mean the knock down, drag out conflicts that go along with love’s relationship.  The sleepless nights, self doubt and posturing is for the birds.  The whole concept of love is what I’m talking about.  Love is like putting 10 pounds of sugar in a 5 pound bag.  It bulges, erupts and oozes all over the place.  It can be sticky, sweet and cause youth decay.  There really isn’t anything quite like it.  So much has been written about love, is there really anything left to discover?

 Well if you ask me, we fall in love every day.  Each morning is a re-birth of sorts.  We re-acqauint ourselves with everything from the day before and sub-consciously say, “Oh, yeah… I breathe…. the air feels good today.  So good to be alive!  The sun is warm!  I remember now, I love life and all the things from the day before.  (Except for school, that still sucks)  But Emily from fourth period… wonder what she’ll be wearing… ” and so on.  Maybe it doesn’t happen exactly the same way for everyone, but lets face it.  If not for our memories we’d wake up virtually strangers every single day and learn to love the things we loved previously all over again.  So I say again, love is pretty cool.

I pity those who cannot find love in the open places, those who wait to be struck as if by a giant fist.  Love abounds in every thing we do.  It may sound naive, but of all our emotions… love comes the most easily.  We have to learn so many others, and most of those are counter productive to what we naturally want to do as humans, i.e. love and be loved in return.

Love is a lady to me.  She greets me with open arms and always offers a welcome smile.  I imagine myself walking with her hand in hand near a rushing stream.  Autumn leaves fall softly on the un-made bed of earth we tread so lightly upon.  Love laughs with me and I am never alone.  Love cries openly when I despair but seldom condones my self indulgences.  Her ample breast provides a resting place for my head, Love’s steady heartbeat encourages me like wedding drums.  My lady in waiting, Love adorns herself with angels breath and rose petals. 

Thrice I say, love is pretty cool. 

apart, too

May 28, 2006

Survival, something we all are interested in.  In a world where most of what is wrong seems out of our control we struggle to make sense of life.  How did it all get so out of hand?  What part do we play in the grand scheme of things?  Or do we set ourselves apart, claiming no allegiance to any creed or manifest.  By taking a non-committal stance, are we exempt from the world’s spiralling consequences or are we still guilty by association?

Valid questions, timeless and soul searching.  Constant are the wonderings of man, …where we’ve been, where we are going.  One thing is for certain, nobody gets out of here alive.  But wait!  is it all just doom and gloom?  Does nothing matter?  Is nothing sacred?  Is nothing… anything?

Well, I woke up today and the sun was shining, I heard birds singing their praise to the coming day and I was inspired.  I could imagine waking up every day and being warmed by the thoughts of sharing this life with others.  I can’t imagine NOT waking up because quite frankly, I’ve never done that before… I don’t know what that would be like.  So, setting ourselves aside doesn’t change the fact that we are all a mesh of something greater than the sum of its digits.   This life is fairly grand…  but complex as well.

 We are individuals as a whole… we are a collective apart, too.  Each of us ultimately searching for the meaning of what this life is for, the entire human race on this quest for the meaning and purpose to our mundane existence.  Self worth is our goal.  We achieve our identity because we question.  Imagine how dull life would be if we knew all the answers.  If there were no mystery, no imagination to prod us, no curiosity to propel our spirit’s search engine we would ultimately lack drive.

So never be satisfied with the ordinary, i.e. fame, wealth, and beauty.  Ordinary?  Yes, everybody is seeking those things.  If it is common it must be ordinary.  These items stressed are not the long term identity we should occupy our minds with.  The simple truth is this; waking up in the morning and appreciating that the birds sing… doing something for someone else without being asked or having a selfish motive, looking for the good anywhere and praising it,  are worthwhile endeavors and honorable traits. 

Curiously, they set us apart, too.

in the begining

May 27, 2006

With a title like this you might think of the rock group Bad Company ( In the begining…  I believed every word that you said…  (I love that song!)) or perhaps you recall the inspired verse from the Holy Bible.  Which ever end of the spectrum (or somewhere in between) that you come from I bid you greetings.

Advantages of mutual respect and fair play is not a self help blog.  It won’t help you make a million dollars, but then it could… hmmm.  Maybe I should investigate that angle a little further.  I know it doesn’t hold the key to lifes problems, but it may make you a little happier.  It won’t make you taller, smaller or smarter, (it might make you better looking!) but the observations herein may help you to understand one thing.  Nice guys do finish last but it because of one tiny, over looked detail.  They choose their fate!

 I marvel at the world we live in today and find that one truth is universal.  We are by nature a fun loving and trusting species.  Our kindnesses and well being are wished upon by and to everyone.  Imagine the world in a year long Christmas mode.  Wow!  Peace on earth, good will towards men 365 days a year!  What happens to us outside those 12 wonder filled days of shopping malls and egg nog?

Anger, resentment and self pity are not part of our original DNA.  We are molded by our surroundings whether they be by environment or society.  Suspicion, dis-trust and apathy are traits we glean by association, they rub off on us.  They run stealth into the night and invade our psyche not because we desire them, they are infectuous.  We are diseased, we are sickened… we are automatons… is there no way out?

 Happily, yes. 

Hello world!

May 27, 2006

and goodnight, Mrs Calabash… wherever you are!