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From Astro to Zero, the demise and crawl of X-Factor USA

November 18, 2011

From Astro to Zero, the demise and crawl of X-Factor USA?

This program is a prime example of what is wrong with America today. Kids feel entitled and parents let them have their way, rewarding bad behavior with a “don’t do that again or else” warning that just does not hold water.

Astro has not “sung” a single note on this program, refused to follow along with other contestants when required to do a dance number, recites hip-hop while revamping songs with his own “lyrics” and then pouts onstage and refuses to perform, even “whatever’s” Simon Cowell as he chides his unprofessional attitude. To add insult to injury as we the audience watch this disgusting display of arrogance, 3 out of 4 judges pass him along and send a bonafide contestant who played by the rules, tried different genres and co-operated fully with rehearsals and routines home. Why? It doesn’t require “Astro-physics” to draw a conclusion. Some contestants are immune to being cast off.

Paula Abdul said Wednesday night, “Ah, Astro… I wish you’d suck just once.”  Thursday night he did. Paula chose him anyway.

I feel sorry for Stacy Frances. She was obviously nervous and knew she was not the favorite of the judges going into her last performance. It should have fallen to the people to decide her fate. The judges were apparently jaded.

Too bad. I really like the show. But now the other participants have to be wondering… “Is this a singing competition or a dog and pony show?” Astro’s productions are way over done to build him up, without them, he is just another spoiled little rapper mimicking the other gangsters that youth seem to idolize. Real talent in America  falls by the wayside as corporations are looking for a star they can hype to their own ends, not a 42 year old single mother who pours her heart and soul into every effort and only asks to be judged fairly.

 The game is rigged, the wheel is fixed and yet we continue to play …