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Eric Clapton – Running On Faith

July 28, 2007

Running on faith eric clapton unplugged

for those of us who need to tie a knot at the end of our rope and hang on…


Death, where is thy sting?

July 25, 2007

I have this friend who has recently lost first her father and then just last friday her mother to death.  It has been a very hard ordeal for her.  Just reading the bits and pieces of what she has shared with us has really brought home the fact that we are never quite prepared for the eventuality that must claim us all.

Now I wonder why.  Why is it so hard to accept the fate that we are born into, and why does it always seem as such a surprise to us when the collector comes around and that debt is paid?  We realize the change of the seasons is the life cycle of the earth.  A cocoon brings forth a butterfly, eggs hatch into baby chicks, plant a seed and it will grow.  If we live, we must also die.

The Bible talks about how God has put eternity into our minds.  We envision our lives going on and on.  To die for us, even with the history of mankind so blatantly frank, seems un-natural.  It may happen to everyone else, but somehow we are going to avoid it, or so we may think.  Not that we actually have a secret way to cheat death, we just are so pre-occupied with the mundane pursuits of this life that we don’t want to think about it.  Woody Allen said it well, ” I don’t mind dying, I just don’t want to be around when it happens.” 

The American Indians had the philosophy that “today is as good a day as any to die”  which I probably saw in a movie somewhere but it sounds feasible that the original inhabitants of this great land might live that code so I don’t mind relating the point.  We might think that way in principle but when it finally comes around to facing the enevitable all we can think of is what we have left un-done, what we haven’t yet accomplished, or what will happen to those we leave behind.

Jesus said, “I am the resurrection and the life…” and that leaves hope for us and those that have preceded us in death.  The Kingdom we are instructed to pray for has not been realized here on the earth yet, but we can’t think that God’s plan has been thwarted… after all, He is the Almighty.  What He sets out to do He will accomplish.   It might do us well to believe in that promise, but in the meantime…

I wish I could tell you that I have worked out a compromise with that great enemy of humanity, but I haven’t.  I’d like to think that there is a better place for mankind and during my Bible studies I have come to hope for it.  I’d love to be able to put my arms around all those aching hearts, soothe those weary minds and release those troubled souls, but I haven’t the power to do so.   But I will offer this…

Those things that you fear leaving un-done… do.

What you have yet to accomplish… secure.

And if you are worried about who you might leave behind… make plans for them, forgive them or tell them you love them, now… don’t wait.

Life is too short to leave with regrets.

For you,



what a great idea!

July 18, 2007

Occasionally I will get one of these, “pass this along” e-mails.  (Okay, perhaps more frequent than that) But I rarely do pass them along.  (Okay, perhaps not as frequent as that)  But you get the idea.  A couple of days ago I got one that summed it up pretty good and I thought it deserved mention.  See what you think…

These days as an employer I have to screen my potential new hirees for illegal drugs use.  It is an insurance issue.  Workers compensation doesn’t feel if you are hurt on the job while having illegal drugs in your system that they should have to cover you.  And they have a point, chances are if you weren’t stoned out of your tree (figuratively speaking, of course) you might not have sliced your fingers off with the circular saw and therefore were injured due to your own carelessness via illegal activity.   It is hard enough to collect when you have a legitimate claim, so workers should take this very seriously.

So the point being made was this.  If I as a worker have to be screened for illegal drug use prior to working for my money, why shouldn’t welfare recipients have to be screened for drug use before they can take it?  A very thought provoking question. 

I am not down on welfare recipients at all.  I was raised with six sisters and the majority of the time while we were growing up we lived on welfare.  It was not a pleasant experience, but it was necessary for us being raised by a single Mother who had no education or job skills and was sickly through out her life.  We as children were victims of circumstances and though at the time were not pleased with the stigma of being poor, we were grateful for being fed.  My Mother did not drink, smoke or do any illegal drug while raising us on the welfare system, but now with this point being brought up I wonder, how many today are?

I’m sure there will be some bleeding heart liberal out there that will becry an invasion of privacy but think… was not the tax payers privacy being invaded when the test was made mandantory prior to his or her employment?  What is good for the goose is go for the gander.

I am not all that familiar with each states prerequisite for qualifiying for government aid, and I for one am thankful that the aid was available in our case, but wouldn’t it be interesting to know if this is in practice now?


A Good Line With High Extensions

July 15, 2007

A Good Line With High Extensions

How Come It Always Parades On My Rain?

July 14, 2007

I’ve been talkin’ to a friend about life, you know… this sphere, this existence, our realm and consciousness.  And as we travel down the winding road that leads to the end of the rainbow, I’ve gotta know…

 How come every time I drop something while I am driving down that road it has to fall between the bucket seat and the center console?  Is the vehicle of life just molded that way? designed to frustrate us and make the journey more hectic?

And politicians, are they really that ignorant?  I wrote a couple of lines to one in particular making known my displeasure on a bill he was trying to help get pushed through, (you know the one) and now he has his weekly newsletter sent to my e-mail like we are old friends?  How come he thinks I really give a hoot?  Dude, I took the time to tell you what I’m not happy with, doesn’t mean I want to hear what you think you are doing right.

Now how come every time I come up with a good idea it has already been invented?  I hate that, I’ll be toolin’ along minding my own business and think… “they should come up with this or that” and then I’ll say something to somebody like, “they should come up with this or that” and they’ll say, (like duh!) “they’ve already invented that!” and I’ll think, “they’ve stolen my idea!”

Like re-enforced toilet paper, why don’t they make something like that?  The fringes don’t have to be two-ply, it always splits in the middle.  How come they don’t fix that?

Ever notice whenever your about to give someone a bit of free advice they say, “that’s just your opinion”?  Of course it is MY opinion, if it were George Clooney’s opinion I would say so.  Or how come things that are uncomfortably “near the knuckle” are disregarded as YOUR interpretation?  I mean, if we are having a conversation about global warming and we read some data and I come to a sumerization of the facts, ISN’T THAT WHAT IS SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN?  We draw conclusions? 

“The world is going to burn up like a cosmic match head struck on the backside of the universe!”  “Oh, that’s just YOUR interpretation!” 

And finally, how come when you try to settle a relationship amicably it always turns out that you were an asshole?  I mean the relationship might have gone on for years but all of a sudden those remarkable little attributes that mark your distinct personality now appear to be teeth grinding faults that the second party had to endure?  Take for example: Rock and Roll music.  I’m a big fan.  But when all the packing is done and you are set to move on how come you discover that she “really hated” all that you held dear and it was no wonder that you had to listen to it loud because you weren’t that great about listening anyway?

Not that it has ever happened to me personally…



7-7-7 (unlucky in love but still willing to gamble…)

July 7, 2007

Hey,  this day is great for taking a chance on somethin’ but I’ll just let YouTube do the talkin’…

 music soothes and all that…

please indulge me a wee bit longer.


Joe Cocker – Don’t You Love Me Anymore

July 7, 2007

Joe Cocker – Don’t You Love Me Anymore

nobody but joe could sing this one…


Roy Orbison – It’s Over

July 7, 2007

Roy Orbison – It’s Over

what a classic tear jerker…

Elvis said that Roy had the greatest voice ever as this song will testify…


Stevie Ray Vaughan – Life By The Drop

July 7, 2007

Stevie Ray Vaughan – Life by the drop

feelin’ the blues with Stevie… pathetic but so cruel.


Bryan Adams – Please Forgive Me

July 4, 2007

Bryan Adams Please Forgive Me studio MTV

please forgive the hopeless romantic in me…