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An Evaluation of the Bush Administration (2000-2008)

January 18, 2008

So… King George tells the Saudis that eight years is enough and it is time to start producing more oil… now? The economy is hurting from high gas prices… only now? He gets around to it… just now? Yikes, this dude is not in touch with the American people if he thinks now things are getting dicey. He is definitely not good for America if he thinks only now is it a good time to use his influence for the benefit of the American consumer. I mean, gee… is that all it took? Make a suggestion and all is well? What was he waiting for? Eight is definitely enough… eight years of a crummy president, that is.

Oh… I nearly forgot. The oil industry pulls the strings… record profits for shareholders while the working class struggles. Oil hit a hundred bucks a barrel recently and gas prices set a new record. Oil prices fell to $91 a barrel, almost 10 percent, did gasoline fall proportionately? 30-40 cents a gallon? No way! Higher gas prices effect everything. Shipping, travel, consumer goods, the work force and the economy. But where is our champion? Who has been watching out for us?

What do we expect from a guy that pulls a C average in college? Genius? not hardly. Just ‘stay the course’ …but not all of us play golf, Mr. President.

Remember this is the guy that claimed to illegal aliens, “You gotta job? you gotta place to stay!” People that opposed that didn’t know what was ‘good’ for America. Well, guess what? It didn’t take long for the economy to tank, but why should George worry? He’ll be on his book tour in less than a year pullin’ down a quarter million bucks per speech. That sounds real good for America… and he wonders what kind of legacy he’ll leave behind. How about a less than 25% approval rating? … about what Richard Nixon had when he left office. How about the mess he’ll leave for somebody else to clean up?

I’ve been told that illegals coming to the United States can collect up to $2400 a month in social services. A person that pays into Social Security for 40 years gets around $1100… does that seem fair? Why not flip that around? Why is it our coffers are dwindling when a few years ago there was a surplus?

The Iraqi War… we only know what they tell us about that, but somewhere somebody is making some dough. We may never know the truth about that but a friend of mine told me once that Saddam Hussein (remember him?) once threatened to shift from the American dollar to the Euro as a standard for oil prices per barrel. We declared war a short time later. Blood for oil…

Georgie claimed that embryonic stem cell research was immoral and wouldn’t fund it with federal dollars, but he didn’t ask the millions of people who might benefit from it one day. He didn’t think it was ‘good’ for America. Now the health department warns us about going to other countries and being treated by inferior stem cell technology? People that find hope elsewhere are willing to try anything, and who could blame them? Our government seems more interested in helping everybody except it’s citizens. We boast that we have the best facilities and the greatest minds at work but we won’t do what other nations will? When and how did we become the moral compass to the rest of the world?

You know, during the past 8 years we have succumbed to more political propaganda than any other time in recent memory. If you criticized this administration you were labeled unpatriotic; not ‘good’ for America by not supporting the troops. People that opposed government policy were opening an outlet for terrorism, or worse yet… a liberal.

History will look back at this time and be dumbfounded. Have we progressed as a nation? Hmm… let us see… other nations distrust us, our credibility leaves a lot to be desired, our dollar is weaker than it has been in decades, our debt is owned by a foreign entity, we are over run by people who live outside our laws, the economy sucks, the security level is still orange and the future will be decided by the lessor of two evils this coming election simply for a ‘change’. (which any change for changes sake is not good.)

This administration 1) ignored warnings of impending disaster weeks before 9/11… 2) blundered into a war that we cannot win while the supposed positive effects that were going to come into play have evaporated with higher oil prices (which was to be averted, right? that’s why we were going there in the first place) 3) ignored the victims of Hurricane Katrina who are still struggling years later to the mockery of our relief system 4) devalued the dollar and blown our debt to it’s highest level ever 5) sunk the U.S. into a recession that we have not yet bottomed out of 6) lost our credibility with our allies 7) emboldened our enemies and lastly… disenfranchised the public and sent confidence in government to pitiful levels.

Oh, I could go on and on… but what really is the point? Nothing changes, people get angry but nothing changes. Even your vote doesn’t count in the end. I guess it must not be ‘good’ for America…

Ask yourself this simple question: Are things better for me now than they were 8 years ago?

I’d be interested in knowing your answer.