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I’m Too Hot for this Blog…

June 5, 2010

So perhaps you heard of this poor woman’s plight…



Could anything be more vain?  To declare, ” I have had this burden all my life.  My figure just drives men to distraction because I’m so hot?”

If you watch the video (which appears rehearsed) this woman looks like, well… a woman at work.  But now suddenly, we have other images… and  and finally, splashed all over the Web that seem to be auditions for a magazine cover.

You know, people will do anything these days for their 15 minutes of fame.  Reality “stars”, Balloon Boy, mistress confessions, stalkers, crashers, Joe the plumber, frivolous lawsuits… and it all seems to work for a while.

But you have to wonder when this lawyer decided to take the case, did he see it as a win-win situation??mkt=en-ca&vid=ac537f6e-c03a-459f-b520-f9fa4572f7cf&tab=m1209500717947&from=hpquad  Either way, we’re gonna make some big bucks off this case because either Citi will settle, we will win the case via judgement by the court, or we’ll garnish so much publicity that someone out there will hire you because you are “so hot.”

I guess that means if the rest of us are still working, we must not be very hot.  Perhaps only average or worse yet… (gasp!) ordinary.


Could it be that this person was let go because she couldn’t do her job?  If as she claims, she was a distraction and a “favorite” amongst the male clients… did she play up to that rather than try to overcome it?  It would seem to me that a person determined to succeed at their job would try to minimize anything that would hamper job performance, if they valued their position.

I have been to many loan institutions in my day and I have seen attractive women doing their work.  I have seen some try to get by with their facial features and anatomy, others use their brains.  Many were/are as attractive as this person, perhaps even more so.

I find if you are doing your job and doing it well, the attraction comes naturally and people recognize it without all the outside appearances.  If you are obsessed with how you look, the attraction fades…

After all, the world is full of pretty faces… true beauty comes from within.