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Quick Draw (Tim) McGraw and his rootin’ tootin’ wild west outlaw show

July 5, 2008

In the wide world of new millennium entertainment who’da thunk we’d revert back to the wild west of the 1880’s? 

Last week I watched a video capturing C&W star Tim McGraw hauling a fan up on the stage during one of his concerts in Washington and ordering him out after feigning a punch to his face.  To say the least, I thought this type of behavior bizarre.

According to reports, Tim witnessed an unruly and slightly drunk man acting belligerent and unkindly to a lady in the front of the stage.   Now I admire any man standing up for the virtue of a woman, coming to her aid in her time of distress or defending her honor… but during a concert and in the middle of a song?  Wouldn’t it have been more prudent to just calmly walk to the side of the stage and signal security that there is a problem “down front” and let them handle it?

I wonder if this will be a new trend now for concert goers.  Not only will our entertainment be in music but also with fisticuffs and bravado reminiscent of barroom brawls the likes of John Wayne and Randolf Scott.  In those days the piano player merrily accompanied the smashing of glasses, bottles, and mirrors while ruffians were being tossed out into the street without restraint.  With Tim’s concert, too, the band played on while Tim drew back his mighty fist threatening to duke it out with the star crazed fan who must have thought he was being pulled up on stage to sing a long with his hero.

I wonder if other stars will find that appealing?  Get down to the level of their rowdy fans and kick some ass while performing?  But rather than just one drunk, maybe several at once?  Maybe a free for all!  Let’s do some possible scenarios, shall we?

I always thought that Charlie Daniels song, “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” would be good for scrappers, especially the part “Johnny” plays.  I could see all kinds of fists flying to the strains of “dee diddle dee diddle dee diddle dee diddle..” couldn’t you?  or how about Tobey Keith singin’ “I Love This Bar” or better yet, “Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue?” Even though there presumably wouldn’t be any terrorists in the audience we could still get caught up in the spirit of kicking  some camel jockey’s ass by busting a local yokel’s head.  Perhaps even the pairing of Alan Jackson and Jimmy Buffett on “It’s Five O’clock Somewhere” would signal a rampage.

Tim has been in the news before.  One time an overly aggressive female fan reached out and cupped his private parts as he walked by.  This caused his wife, Faith Hill, to chastise her in full public view on stage and repeatedly on talk shows later on.  That one could have been a monster if the two of them could’ve gone at it then and there; fists flyin’, hair pullin’… screamin’ and name callin’… whew!  Nothing like a good cat fight to bolster one’s reputation as a “Stand By Your Man” kinda girl, or at least… “Keep Your Hands Off My Baby.”

I don’t know if we are heading towards a Woodstock ’99 in country music, but lets get real… do we really need to watch our entertainers settle things with their fists?  I hope not.

I like Tim and Faith, as a matter of fact, one of their songs, ” It’s Your Love” resonates very well with my fair one and me… it has become an anthem of sorts, we are always quoting it to each other.

So please, Tim, keep putting out the good music ( I really do want to “live like I was dying,” but not like I was getting beat up! )  Leave the violence to the WWF.