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The Day In Between

March 19, 2009

Yesterday was my beautiful girl’s birthday, tomorrow is our 1st wedding anniversary, today is the day in between.

I guess the reason I am bringing this up is because of what happened yesterday with news of  Natasha Richardson’s death and the evening we had before that announcement. Today we are in a reflective…  happy/sad, kinda numb and thoroughly convinced that life is too short and we need to take the time to say “I Love You” mood.  Even the rich and famous have heartache, even the beautiful people have tragedy in their lives.  We need to pause on this fleeting moment called “life” and not take each other for granted.   That has been solemnly brought out to the forefront once again and our hearts go out to Liam Neeson and his family.  He will surely miss his beautiful girl…Obit.Natasha.Richardson

Life in Canada has been educational for me, even in the little things.  I’m learning patience, which makes me anxious to get that life lesson over and done with as quickly as possible.  I’m taking in each day with a little more wonder and enthusiasm as the snow vanishes and the mercury climbs.  That grand ol’ Florida sunshine even makes it’s way to the frigid North occasionally and as it does, the people and their attitudes are starting to thaw… you can see it in their smiles.

My fair one and I even went out for a week day evening Tuesday to see a couple of Canadian artists that I was not familiar with, Stephen Fearing and his guest, Catherine MacLellan.  This was an evening well spent.  Stephen began his career with Blackie and the Rodeo Kings and has done well as a solo artist.  I enjoyed his energetic delivery and the  heartfelt lyrics resonated within me the melody of a romantic balladeer and poet.    But though  he performed solitaire,  he assured the audience that B.A.R.K. were still together and working on another CD to be released (hopefully) by the end of the year.

We even had the pleasure of meeting and found him very personable and easy to talk with.  When he found out I was from Florida he asked the question I have heard for the umpteenth time… “Why would you go from Florida to Ontario?” to which I replied simply, “My wife is from here” to which he observed, “You are a lucky man.”  Amazing that he could see that in a span of about five minutes, eh?



But the real bright spot of the evening was Catherine MacLellan.  Maybe because it felt like my wife and I were “discovering” her in that intimate setting that was so casual it could have been held in our living room.



We even had the pleasure to make her acquaintance as well.  Catherine was very approachable and genuine,  entertaining my lyricist camaraderie  graciously and without reservation.  We could have been at a coffee shop discussing our inspirations and aspirations the way my blushing bride was conversing with Catherine, sharing the ease we all felt.  Catherine MacLellan personified Canada, her manner and down-to-earth style was like a welcome sign for this American transplant.

If you haven’t heard of her, you should do so right away.  Catherine has garnished a lot of CBC Radio play here in Canada and has a new CD  that is outstanding.  You will not be disappointed.  My BB and I agreed that we would enjoy seeing BOTH artists again, with her all ready a fan of Stephen Fearing and me a rapid convert.

So as I sit here in the library and stare out at the sun that has embraced us like a forgotten blanket from the trunk of our car, I look forward to calling my wife on the phone to remind her for the umpteenth time that I love her.  I am waiting for the days to turn lush green and colorful with the flowers and grasses that bloom from the garden of patience.  Then we can walk the paths she trod while waiting for me to arrive here… to come home.  Every day that passes makes Canada more endearing to me, each encounter makes life more satisfying, the driving to and fro makes home more familiar.  I see faces that I have met earlier in my transition from being a Floridian to an ameriCanadian and they cheerfully acknowledge me.

We have survived the winter and spring holds the promise of a thousand sun filled memories.   We will hold each one of them dear to us… waiting as they appear emblazoned on the horizon of our  pleasures and mutually human frailties.