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what goes around karma’s around?

May 31, 2008

I don’t know about you, but I don’t think earthquakes are caused by bad karma.  I mean, I’m sure Sharon Stone might be a fairly intelligent person, but when she said China’s recent earthquake woes were caused by their bad karma, you gotta wonder… does she really believe that?

I have heard what goes around comes around and I will agree with you there.  Generally the way you treat people is the way that people are going to treat you.  Of course there are always gonna be those that take full advantage of your generosity without reciprocation.  But then, do we really act in a kindly manner in hopes of being treated in kind?  If our motives are pure then the holding an account or keeping “score” should never cross our minds.  In other words… ‘I did this for you so I expect you will remember to do the same for me’ isn’t really generosity, it is an insurance policy.

It is always nice to be recognized for a good deed, when someone shows appreciation for the consideration you’ve shown it makes the endeavor that much sweeter.  But the joy that comes from within is immeasurable when your efforts are of an unselfish nature. 

We live in a society where it is getting harder and harder to determine what a person’s intentions are when they act with a little courtesy, and that is sad.  Nowadays we are suspicious of a friendly person with manners and yet condone the brash, rude or thankless one.  We seem to think we have to be “tough” while we are out in the world, put on a suit of armor and keep our guard up.  A ‘nobody’s gonna take advantage of me!’ attitude prevails.  Sometimes we react in such a way to a situation that giving thought to it a bit later on may well surprise us at the unflinching, calloused way we responded.

I had a guy buzz up to me on his bicycle the other day.  I don’t know why but I must have this look that I am an easy mark because I’ll meet up with some incredibly bold people asking me for money.  This man was middle aged and a bit ragged, but he had a bicycle so he was getting around all right.  He skids up next to me and says,

“Hey buddy, you got a couple of dollars so I can get something to eat?”

Now I used to panhandle for spare change and there is an art to it.  Back when Perry and I did it we dreamed up all kinds of excuses to break the ice.  ‘I need money to catch a bus,’ or ‘I’m just a few cents shy of a pack of cigarettes’, or, ‘my wallet got stolen and I’d like to get something to eat,’ these were all staples.  Sometimes we pulled a few whoppers out of the blue just to make it a little interesting.  But we didn’t try to cop a wad of dough in one fell swoop.  We weren’t bold or demanding, it just wasn’t good business.

“A couple of dollars?” I ask incredulously, “I have some spare change, but I don’t have dollars.”

“Okay, sure.” 

And I dole out what is in my pocket, less the memory stone that my sweetheart gave me that I always carry and the ’52 Lincoln head wheat penny that I was given in change and I try to hang on to.  He went his merry way, probably working on his next six pack of beer or a bottle of wine, but I didn’t care.  It is not too good to be judgemental, because people could always be that way with me.  I’d like to think that when my time comes people will remember that I had a generous spirit.  Not foolish enough to pull out my wallet and perhaps have a gun or knife pulled on me, but free enough in my thinking that there but for the grace of God go I.

Some of us have had the breaks, some have not.  Sometimes life can be cruel and unfair, we may have even been victimized and/or exploited.  There are circumstances where one moment a reaction would be prudent, another when one should refrain.  We whirl, tumble and collide with so many variables who’s to say where we might have been if we would have zigged where we ultimately zagged?

Early in my travels to and from Florida I would spend months in Iowa until the faint echos of snow would reverberate back and I would sojourn south.  Sometimes I would leave a job out of frustration and head back up north.  This happened perhaps a dozen times, back and forth over the years.  The last time I was in Iowa I had applied for a certain job and waited for a call to no avail.  Finally I gave up and returned to Florida, only to have my prospective employer call the day after I left.  I ended up staying in Florida, got married and raised a family, made a career.  But how close I had come to remaining in Iowa, staying there with the family I loved and the friends I had known is one of those questions that cannot be answered, only speculated on.  Was it good karma or bad that had me stay here or go there?

It fringes on the ridiculous to think that natural disasters are a result of bad karma.  Innocent lives are being effected or lost due to a government’s inaction?  Is that the way it works?  All these recent tornadoes in the mid-west are due to America’s bad karma?  What if you were a Democrat and didn’t vote for the current political administration?  What if you were a good practicing Christian?  Does God allow you to suffer under someone else’s bad karma?  What if you project bad karma yet the rest of the community prospers?

Sometimes bad things just happen.  It would be nice to think that if you are kind, thoughtful, honest, etc. that good things would always come to you, but life isn’t like that.  Even the Bible says that “time and unforseen circumstances befall us all.”

It is easy to sit back and claim that when hard luck strikes a certain person “deserved it” because of their “bad vibes.”  Maybe to a certain extent we do bring things upon ourselves because we are careless or unwise in our dealings.  It is possible that for the folly of a few the entire group as a whole suffers.  Sometimes we may be simply “reaping what we have sown.” 

But the fickle finger of fate points in all directions.  We should remember that when we point our finger at someone there are three pointing back at us.