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Does God Hate Haiti?

January 17, 2010

Of course, by now the world is aware of one of the worst natural disasters in history affecting the island nation of Haiti.  Less than a week later estimates  list the death toll at between 45-50,000 people.  Photos of anguish and suffering abound in newspapers, television and the Internet.  Cries for help have been heard and a worldwide outpouring of support has responded.  It always seems that at a time of natural disaster we set up a united front no matter our politics to come to the aid of those who suffer such tragedy.  And that is a good thing.  Compassion is what sets us apart from the cold, cruel and calloused world of indifference.


So I wonder at some reasoning out there.  There are those that have said that Haitians some how deserved to suffer calamity.   A natural disaster such as the earthquake at Port-au-Prince is none other than the hand of God exacting punishment on the heathenish, devil worshiping inhabitants according to Pat Robertson. 


So I did a little research… (you knew I would, didn’t you?) 

Does Pat Robertson know that 80% of Haitians profess a Catholic faith and another 16% Protestant?  This is confusing to me because if their religion is similar to ours, why would God punish them for the “sins” of 200 years ago?  Pat seems to think that God causes this poor country to suffer from a history of corrupt government, mis-managed social programs and poverty because of a “pact with the Devil.”   What kind of godly man makes such a claim?  And do such sayings draw people closer to God or push them further away?

Another bully pulpit is under the watchful eye of Rush Limbaugh.  He says that we pay enough taxes that go towards foreign aid and because our country is in such sorry shape now a more concentrated effort at relieving Haiti is not necessary.  Do we put a price tag on our sense of humanity?  When Rush was suffering from those chest pains a short time ago and was uncertain as to whether  his time had come… did he say a prayer to the God of Pat Robertson?  I’m not a big fan of Keith Olbermann, but his comments here are interesting…


I like to think of God as a god of compassion, one that doesn’t hold past sins against us if we are truly sorry for them and try to do better.  Isn’t that what the Bible teaches?  If the Haitian people of old did such a despicable thing as make a “pact with the Devil”, how long will passing generations since have to pay for that abomination?    Would it go on indefinitely?  Are innocent people forever cursed as Pat Robertson has indicated the Haitians are?  And in our time of need; do we gather unto ourselves, turn our backs to the downtrodden and say,” We have given enough in the past and cannot help you now” as Rush Limbaugh has indicated?  

We claim to be a Christian nation.  Our charity should not come as a matter of convenience but as a matter of pride, because now and always…  it is the right thing to do.