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money “grows” on trees

September 21, 2010

I found this interesting. 

I guess most of us are so used to gimmicks or gags that seeing money offered for the taking becomes suspect.  Kind of like the lottery.  People become really interested when the jackpot hits 100 million dollars.  As if 80 or 90 million is small change…

Now if on this money tree they’d been 100’s…

I wonder what would have happened then.


What You Need…

July 17, 2010

Surprise!  Your momma was right!  Better eat your vegetables… ?gt1=43001  but oops!  somebody forgot to put the nutrients in!

Doesn’t that just beat all?  The good ol’ days were really good…

and good for us, too.  Seems like today we just are not getting what we need.

So this morning as I contemplate my second cup of tea, I wonder about what other things were better for us when we should have eaten our veggies…

1)  Music was better.  But don’t take my word for it, ask the recording industry.  Record sales have plummeted  recently and plug my ears with nostalgia but I gotta think it has to do with content.  Better music means more satisfied ears.  I keep telling RIAA executives this, but they don’t listen.  They are not giving us what we need.

2)  Automobiles were more interesting and friendlier, too.  It used to be you could tell a Ford from a Chevy at a glance.  Cars seemed to be made stronger, too.  I remember jumping up and down on the hood of our car when I was a kid and nobody thought a thing of it.  Backing into another car meant merely a “kiss” of the bumpers, you could lay down in the back seat and the trunk was large enough to rival a wading pool.  In fact, I think we filled ours on occasionally hot summer days in order to cool off.

  Simple transportation is what we need.

3)  Fashion.  Well, fashion is a funny thing.  Get some fool to wear a visor backwards and upside down then the world follows like he’s the Pied Piper of Hamelin.

One artist claims another is a copycat whilst archive footage reveals THAT artist ripping off another previous to her.


 I use the term artist loosely… (see #1 above)

But fashion is one of those things that never go out of style.  Old is new and vintage is hip.  I remember when you had to wear out your jeans in order to have them faded, ripped and thread bare… now you can buy them that way.  It is almost as if fashion can’t wait.  I saw some knee-high lace up boots advertised for fall this morning, ugh! can you imagine? 

 The things we do to look good but is it really what we need?

4)  Money.  Remember when money was really something?  I mean, win a million dollars and you were set for life.


Nowadays millions are not enough.  8lotteryWinnersWhoLostTheirMillions.aspx  Money can tear families apart.108590 or turn friends into enemies. crime  Still you gotta think, what’s wrong with money?

A devalued currency in the U.S. has made the Canadian dollar stronger while China blossoms into a financial juggernaut.  Remember the good ol’ days when our greenbacks were backed by gold and silver?  Substantial backing meant strong consumer confidence.  This Federal Reserve note business is a jinx.  It does not give us what we need. 

5)  Health.  There is an old saying that “health is wealth” and the key to happiness is longevity but it seems we are less healthy now than any time in our history.  Though our average life span has risen substantially, health issues are a multi-billion dollar industry. 

Some people blame the food we eat.  So are we living longer, unhealthier lives?  See the advertisements on T.V.?  Ask your doctor then get a second opinion?  Can we really buy better health? ?Do-We-Really-Need-to-Take-Vitamins-for-Our-Health?&id=1066888  Seems like a “pair of docs” to me. articlepage.aspx?cp-documentid=100260381>1=31036 

6)  Politics.  Do we all agree that our political system sucks? (see the post, un-American activities )  I have advocated a strong 3rd party on this blog for a while now. (see the post, Have a little cake with your Tea Party? )  I think it is past due.  When our society has to choose between the “best of the worst” it is no wonder that people get fed up.  Our political system has sunk into such a quagmire that our faith in our politicians has been shaken down to the roots.  Are we doomed to be lost in a vacuum that continues to draw out the worst in us?  When citizens view their representatives with contempt, that form of government is clearly not giving them what they need.

7)  Religion.  They say two things you cannot discuss with people are politics and religion.  I think that is wrong.  Politics and religion are the bond that holds a society together.  When either falter, the people suffer.  We can have our own views, ideas, beliefs and faith as long as they don’t interfere with the rights of another having their freedom of choice in kind.  You may have your moral convictions, but others have the same path they must travel to come by those beliefs.  If there is a God, we should all try to immolate His qualities of Love, Patience and Tolerance.  Because, as the Bible says, if God looked for perfection, who of us could stand before Him? (see the post, Does God Hate Haiti? )  If a religion divides us, that congregation does not have the teachings that we need.

So what is it that we really need besides better vegetables?

Maybe we need to laugh more and not take ourselves too seriously.  Let things roll off our backs and be satisfied with what we need rather than dwell on the things we want.  Have a little more faith in our fellow man.  Try some kindness and treat people the way we would want to be treated.   

This old world can be like a used car salesman telling you this and selling you that to the point that we are never happy with having just what we need.

  Ultimately, walking is safer and better for you.


Economic Stimulus Plan

February 13, 2008

I have my own take on a new economic stimulus plan which I shall henceforth refer to as my own ESP.

My own ESP would be non-partisan and not favor any political clime or agenda but just put the oomph needed to jump start the nation into a production frenzy that would rival the golden age of industry.

First of all we would have to come to grips with the fact that, yes Virginia, there is a recession and then get King George to admit it. For more information on Bush’s approval rating check out:  Then the road to recovery would get off to a fast start because people would know what they have to do, i.e. spend money.

How will people know what to do if we keep tip toeing around the obvious? My dictionary says a recession is quote: difficult economic conditions. I might go out on a limb here by asking this but, isn’t that what we have now? Unless, of course, you are Exxon-Mobil. You remember Exxon? the sign of the double cross?

During the last recorded quarter Exxon-Mobil reported a 40 billion dollar profit while the rest of the world struggled with high gas prices and higher fuel bills. Exxon-Mobil only supplies about 3% of the world’s oil. So I did a little quick math:

3% @ 40 bil = 13.333 bil per 1% profit for 1 quarter.

Now if we go with a more conservative quarterly profit, say a measly 10 billion, that would equal 3.333 bil per 1%. For ease of argument lets just say each 1% of the supplied world’s oil reaped 3 bil per 1%. Are you with me so far? That would mean that, on a conservative estimate based on 3 bil per 1% of the world’s supplied oil there was a gross profit of 300 billion dollars for one quarter. A quarter is 1/4 of the year so as we continue on that train of thought, 300 bil x 4 equals $1,200,000,000,000. That’s one trillion, two hundred billion dollars profit for the year 2007 based on my conservative estimate.


Okay, hmm… how do I know this is accurate? I don’t… it could be more. IT COULD BE MORE!!!

So what does this have to do with my own ESP? Well, you don’t have to have extra sensory perception to know that the future looks bleak when people don’t have money to spend and thus keep our economy afloat.

The economic package that just got passed by the United States Congress was for 160 billion dollars. About a 100 goes out in rebate checks and the rest will be in the form of tax breaks for businesses. Businesses like Exxon-Mobil? I don’t know. My friend Keith (yeah, the one from the Hemingway stories… you thought I made that stuff up, didn’t you?) says that the oil companies have to make a large profit otherwise there is no incentive for them to go out and get the oil. More on that later….

To me all this talk about billions and trillions and daffodil-ions gets me all numb with numbers to where my head hurts. But then I remembered something I read on the Internet (it was on there, you have to believe it) having to do with the number… one billion. It said…

A billion seconds ago it was 1959

A billion minutes ago it was the time of Christ

A billion hours ago it was the Stone Age

So a billion, even though the word is thrown about by politicians like so much loose change, is actually a large number. A billion dollars is a lot of money to us poor folk. But is 160 billion enough? and is it going to the right people? If one industry in one fiscal year earns $1,200,000,000,000 dollars, I’m thinking 160 billion is just a drop in the bucket. And we need big help fast. So here is the plan…

Give people MORE money to spend, but not just any people. Give money to the people that will spend it.

1) I say give vast amounts of money to teenagers. They don’t have a plan for the future because they are young and feel they have all the time in the world to make more money. So an extra million now could just be blown on X-Boxes and musical downloads, pizza, movies and automobiles with fancy rims and $300 tires. Teenagers have their whole life ahead of them and would have plenty of time to work on their second million later on.

2) Give vast amounts of money to retired persons. They’ve earned it, they’ll spend it. Why hand it over to greedy children who ungratefully go about their business and ignore the needs of their elders? Grandparents need revenge and would gleefully spend a million dollars without giving it a second thought. What have they got to lose? They’ll be dead in a few years anyway. So they’ll buy Viagra and go on cruises, they’ll go sightseeing and buy RVs, they’ll play golf and buy polyester. They’ll spend a million dollars like there is no tomorrow because, for them, there may not be.

3) Give vast amounts of money to homosexuals. Imagine the influx of known gays and lesbians there would be if each one were to receive a million dollars just for making the declaration? The closets would be cleaned out across the country. They’d spend their money with wild abandon on things like clothes, fine wine, music and jewelry. Art galleries would thrive. Money spent on remodel projects would flood into the construction industry and the housing market would once again boom.

4) Give vast amounts of money to poor minorities. A million dollars spent on family needs like shoes and medicine, clothes and food, housing and transportation. A million dollars to spend on education, a million dollars to spend on being treated equally, a million dollars to spend for the rest of us to feel fair and just. Yes, minorities would spend their money and help the economy, too.

5) Don’t give money to anyone else.

There, that wasn’t too hard. 100 billion dollars would equal 100,000 millionaires! 1 trillion dollars would equal 1,000, 000 millionaires! Imagine the impact that would have on our economy if it was put into the proper hands. But it won’t happen that way. 100 billion dollars will be doled out like food stamps. People will line up in rebate soup kitchens and that 100 billion will trickle and fade, hardly making a ripple.

Oh, and the logic behind oil companies having to make large profits otherwise there would be no incentive to produce more oil is bunk. Those people need gas to drive back and forth to work, too. Think of these other large corporations like pharmaceuticals and insurance companies. What kind of world would we have if they operated like that?

Besides, I go to work and I don’t receive vast profits. Give me a million dollars, I promise I’ll spend it.

My own ESP says you’ll thank me later…