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Overpriced things we hate paying for… and then some

August 23, 2009

Oh, I love these little posts where we read about the “average” American and what upsets us.  I find I cannot relate to $6.00 cups of coffee, 401K’s, or paying too much for beer at the ballpark, but I do believe there are some things that all Americans feel they are getting ripped off on. 


I noticed the author did not mention the high cost of prescription medication.  Aren’t most Americans convinced we are paying way too much, especially when Canadians can get the same stuff cheaper and still be able to sell it back to us at a lesser price?

Also, high gas prices still have me pissed, and that is after they have come down.  Even at an average of $2.80 a gallon, the cost of fuel jumped 40% of what it was prior to the gouge we endured 18 months ago.

Food prices have my shorts in a twist as well.  When you live in the most crop productive nation in the world, how is it that food costs have soared better than 10 times what they were a generation ago?  It used to be that chicken was a bargain but lately it has become a gourmet entre’ at my house.

Though I can live without going to the movies, buying expensive drinks at restaurants, bottled water and ATM charges, I cannot live without fuel to get me back and forth to work, nor can I exist without food.  Fortunately I do not require any prescription drugs, but there are some people who have to choose between medication and eating.  This is a terrible crime and a sham. 

There should be a law against making money off of other peoples ailments, whether you be a doctor, lawyer, merchant or chief.  It’s bad enough being sick, worse still being kicked when you are down.