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Is the film “Avatar” racist?

January 12, 2010

Okay, we interrupt our normally scheduled program to comment on the latest phenomenon…

I took my beautiful girl out last Saturday night to see the much ballyhooed movie “Avatar”.  I am probably what you would call a typical movie lover.  Seeing the rave reviews and the revenue mount, I thought I’d stop and see what all the hubbub was about.  My BB is also a great film buff, though our tastes can vary slightly depending on context and themes, but we try to stay open-minded enough to be a willing participant to the other’s choices.  “Avatar” was my choice.  She was a bit reluctant to feed the James Cameron machine, but joined in with good spirits.

Surprised at how good “Avatar” was, we both agreed it was an enjoyable adventure.  Not just because of the special effects, which were astonishing, but the storyline itself was excellent.  The fact that we enjoyed it in 3-D only enhanced an already mind-blowing experience.

But today I read on the Internet people are complaining that “Avatar” has racist overtones?  Pah-leez! 

I for one did not think of it as anything but a good story with an excellent moral, but I guess if you look for it you can see something racist in just about anything, even the Bible. 

Why do we have to put labels on things that may actually do some good?  I think it is a shame that there are those who constantly stir up prejudices and find that they do no great service towards anyone.  Instead of moving us closer to a harmonious society we are continually being pushed apart by choices singled out by some as being “racist”. 

If you want to see a movie where the good guy is white or black or red or yellow, choose that movie.  But don’t call me racist because I happen to enjoy a flick that has a person of one race saving a particular group of people of another race.  Why is that bad?

And folks… we are all different.  Regardless of skin or origin or language or beliefs,  differences are what makes us unique.

“Avatar” is a worthwhile film.  The message is inspiring.  There is more to right and wrong then race, plain and simple. 

Viva la difference!