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That is why I love her…

April 17, 2010

She asks me, “Why do you love me?”

It’s not a hard question.  I tell her it is because of how she makes me feel.  I admire her reasoning and thinking ability.  I love the fact that she reads, devours books actually  and she likes to watch films.  I watch movies, she enjoys films.  I didn’t realize the difference until I met her.

My BB is kind and gentle, she is thoughtful and considerate.  She writes birthdays on the calendar and reminds me of schedules I might overlook.  She’ll apologize for clanking pots and pans together or causing a chair to shriek as it is dragged across the floor, even if there is no one in the room to hear it. 

My beautiful girl will eat a single kernel of popcorn while I stuff handfuls into my mouth.  She’ll eat peanut M&M’s one at a time while I’ll throw back several at once.  She says it is because she wants to savor the individual flavor, I say it’s only dye. 

 She gets embarrassed when I do laundry and fold her underwear.  She thanks me when I do dishes or make the bed.  I love the crazy “elf” socks she wore at Christmas, so out of character for her more serious side.

We walk together around the neighborhood.  She basks in the warm sunlight and notices the squirrels, the birds and the little children and talks to me about the kids, her job, or our future together.   I just like holding her hand.

Sometimes she smiles to hide her sadness, or to keep from crying.  Things upset my fair one, things we cannot control like crime and violence; injustices and indifference will cause her to break down.  Something from the past will cloud her memory and she’ll relive moments she’d like to change.  I feel helpless sometimes, I want to hold her, touch her pretty face and tell her everything will be okay.  I tell her I can not account for everyone else and I’d change things if I could.

Sometimes I just hold her, hoping that is enough. 

I’ll tell a joke to see her smile and her laughter lifts my heart. 

She’ll make me tea as I am writing as if what I’m doing is the most important thing on earth.  She makes me feel that I can accomplish great things with my words and I am grateful for her enthusiasm.

The world would certainly be a better place if more people were like my BB.  There would be enough empathy and fairness.  There would be more compassion and regard for one another, there would be hope and a bright future for all.

I wonder how she does it, because the world does not return her considerations in kind.  People overlook my sweetheart because she doesn’t make a big production out of doing her job.  Friends disappoint and take advantage, exclude her from gatherings claiming oversight while she feels insignificant, underappreciated and forgotten.  Even as a wife and mother, we take her for granted.

She is soft and warm and fits well in my embrace.  She whispers, touches my arm, and looks at me with incredible eyes and lets me know I am where I belong.

 To have her love me is an accomplishment I shall always marvel at and will consider my greatest achievement.  She is an answer to my prayers.

I am a lucky guy.