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You’re A Pretty Good Man

February 9, 2009

I woke up today feeling pretty good.  In fact, I wake up every day feeling pretty good and I’m pretty sure I’ll be feeling pretty good tomorrow.  I feel pretty good about yesterday, too, though I did nothing spectacular in terms of  creating, discovering, or developing something, but still… pretty darn good.

Now you might be wondering… why does he feel pretty good and not , say… handsomely good or beautifully good, maybe even strikingly good?  I’ll admit there are times when I feel not-so-good, perhaps (what!) even pretty bad, but I wouldn’t say ugly good or homely good, not even revoltingly good.  Just pretty darn good. hmmm…

A sense of accomplishment makes me feel pretty good and I’m sure it works for you, too.  Sometimes I feel like the little engine that could, or at least… thought he might.  There is nothing that makes a guy feel like he has accomplished something more than the approval of his wife.  I almost said significant other, but I don’t  think that applies here.  You can have your bosses approval, your friends and colleagues, even ardent fans and admiring strangers “thumbs up”.   But the approval of ones spouse is what sets it apart in my mind.  The one you have chosen to share your hopes and dreams with, suffered joys and sorrows, languished over worldly affairs and simple pleasures with, ah… that ones approval is paramount to feeling pretty good in my mind because he/she is a reflection of you.

I don’t know why we say “pretty” as a limiting modifier adverb, to me it seems conflicting like a “pretty good day” could also mean an “almost lousy day”.   I tried to look it up but the history of using a word that is used in describing something “attractive” as something to “calculate on a scale” eluded me.

My beautiful girl greeted me this morning with the exciting news that Raising Sand, the collaboration between Alison Krauss and Robert Plant, won a Grammy for Album of the Year.  To understand why this was exciting you have to go back a few months ago while we were still separated by a distance of some 1800 miles.

While I was still in Florida and she remained in Canada we sent each other many cards, gifts and e-mails.  We talked for hours on the telephone, instant messaged each other daily, and wrote in journals that we mailed back and forth.  Sort of a Message in a Bottle on dry land.  I even had servers in restaurants that knew of our history because of those journals that I’d be working on (some were brightly colored with flower arrangements that made this construction worker appear quite debonair at times).

Anyway, when Raising Sand was released I saw it at Best Buy and thought, “I’m going to get that for my fair one” and bought it without even listening to it.  I put it in the mail thinking that it would be a nice, I’m thinking of you gift.  But when she received it, not only was my fair one thrilled but she asked me, “How did you know?” and I replied in my all wise and self assured tone, “Know what?”.  “That I was thinking of buying that very CD!” Well, of course…

I had a pretty good idea that my lovely wife would enjoy that CD, even though our relationship thus far had been sporadic moments in time.   I had no idea that it would garnish so many awards.  It was like our cerebral connection so many hundreds of miles away, that one moment of her thinking and my reacting that had to be more than just chance.  It was our feeling for each other that reached out and inspired that purchase…

So imagine her enthusiasm this morning when my love found out the awards our album received last night.  She greeted me with a cup of tea and a Guess What?  to which I sleepily replied,  hmm?  Raising Sand won a Grammy for Album of the Year!  Oh really?  That’s nice… but I didn’t think it was all that good.


My raw and dry humor is not as readily received in the morning, I guess it has to creep up on you.  Anyway… needless to say I was treated rather coolly for the next few minutes until I convinced fair Chantal that it was a very cool thing  and I remembered how it came about that we made that bond all those months ago and reiterated that it was OUR CD and it was a time well worth remembering… our time, the distance bridged by our being joined in spirit.

Gosh I love her.

So if you haven’t heard the news…


Raising Sand… it’s a pretty good CD.