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It’s a “guy” thing

July 10, 2010

I have yet another pet peeve.  Is it possible to have too many?  I don’t think so.  Case in point, dining out…

I took my beautiful girl out for dinner last night to a nice restaurant. Not quite formal dining but right up there.  Clean jeans, vintage T-shirt, I even shaved the night before.  Anyway, we arrive early to beat the crowds and BB asks for a booth (for our cozy rendezvous) and after a slight delay, we were cheerfully assigned one.  The manager’s seating person steps up and directs us “guys” to where we will be enjoying the next 1.5 hours of the evening.  

It irritates me to be out with my wife and hear us being refered to as the “guys”.  If we were in a sports bar or attending a monster truck event at the local arena, I would concur we probably were just a couple of “guys” out having a good time.  But my sweetheart was looking fairly fab and being addressed as “guys” seemed to diminish that a little in my mind.  So after beckoning us to “swagger along behind” I said, “We guys would love to follow you.”  My always intuitive better half smiled and said, “There’s a new post for you!” and so here it is.

As stated previously on AMRFP (Let Me Call You Sweetheart,   01/06/07 )  I do not mind a little familiarity with my servers, but that is just me.  When it comes to dining out with my wife at a nice restaurant, I would like a little more proper decorum. 

So how does one distinguish between being or not being called “honey”, “babe”, “sweetheart” or “guys” when assisting patrons at an eatery?  Simple.  If there is sawdust on the floor, the people coming through your door are probably “guys”.

  If there is a television set anywhere within the public area for viewing, the cheers and jeers you are hearing probably are coming from the “guys”. 

If you serve pickled pigs feet, Slim Jims, chicken wings or Bar-B-Q ribs, the people wiping their mouths on their shirt sleeves are without a doubt “guys”.  If your all-night Diner is within 500 feet of a truck stop, chances are the people pluggin’ quarters into the jukebox are “guys”. 

You can call me “sweetheart” in front of my wife if you have the kahunas, but not if you are a “guy”.  That would be too awkward.  “Guys” should not call guys “babe”, “honey”, “dear” , “sweetheart”, “pumpkin” “swivel hips”, “daffodil” or “sweet cheeks”, it is just too weird sounding.

“Guys” do like formal dining.  “Guys” enjoy ordering from the wine list, having appetizers, eating 4 course meals and scarfing down deserts that are large enough to satisfy 3 normal sized persons.  We marvel at the simplicity of using our charge cards and confidently figure out 20% gratuities without the little “helper” guidelines (more for exceptional service, of course) and we won’t bat an eye when our bill exceeds a measly $100 for the two of us.  Nope.  It is a guy thing to be able to go out and mingle with society incognito without the astigmatism of being cast as “guys” when you clearly are not in your “guys” mode.

While I am out with my fair one, I may be a guy “out of water” (and I am proud to be an ordinary guy with aspirations…) but she is my lady.  Always.  In that respect, I should reach an elevated status simply by association.

It is a guy thing. 

The women we choose to associate with reflects our good taste.  They in turn should qualify us as “gentlemen” in certain instances. 

A respectful person providing a service should be mindful of that.