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The Comedy/Drama Behind Barack Obama

January 23, 2009

A year ago he was one of many vying for it… Tuesday Barack Obama assumed the position of President of the United States.  At long last the mission is complete and now we can get down to business, i.e. after the gaffe at being sworn in was corrected.  But not to worry, if that is the worst he does, BHO will be an incredible President.  (and Chief Justice Roberts took the heat for that one so it doesn’t really count… so why mention it?  Well… if I didn’t we wouldn’t have a basis for this post, would we?  shsssh!)

The day of the inauguration I tuned in just as the quartet Inauguration.Recorded.Music began the composition by John Williams leading up to the swearing in of our Chief Executive and the President’s address, so my timing was impeccable.  Not that the rest of the pomp and ceremony wasn’t important, because it was.  To see such a tradition with the whole world watching and hundreds of thousands in attendance was not only a historic moment, but a proud one.  We were mesmerized by the throngs, the well wishes, the tears, the thumbs up and the support of nations around the world.  It was a source of optimism that we so desperately need right now.

And what an address!  That delivery was spot on and the content very reassuring that picking hope instead of fear was going to pay off in dividends for the American people.  I particularly enjoyed the reference to George Washington’s stand against the enemies of our Democracy at such a crucial time in our history.  That was inspiring, masterful… I had tears in my eyes.

I am living in another country now, just over the border in Canada and even THEY are enthusiastic over the beginnings of the Obama administration.  Local television had several people commenting on the comparison to their government and how they wished they had a figure like BHO.  Read “The Bridger” at  Some even declared they wished they were Americans!  This is unheard of in Canada’s citizenry because for the most part, Canadians are very proud of their heritage.  But their government seems to be lacking in some areas and that disillusions a lot of people.

Anyway, my French Canadian sweetheart came home from work and immediately we began a discussion over the events of BHO’s inauguration.  I remarked that the ceremony was very moving (except for the gaffe) and I hoped that Barack lived up to the hype alluding to the fact that the simple delivery of a speech does not a political leader make and blah, blah, blah.  My fair Chantal turned to me and asked, “When did you become such a cynic?  You of all people should be optimistic, because that is what you are!”  This astute observation deflated me a bit and created an introspection that 48 hours later I am still trying to rebound from.  I AM an optimist. I always have been.  What is it that has soured me on hope?

Perhaps it is because the process leading up to the election was so long.  Political aspirations were announced some 20 months before the November elections, that is a long time to have to listen and endure, sift and decide through hours of rhetoric, and witness the most expensive election campaigning in our history… nearly half a billion dollars spent for an office that only pays $400,000.00 a year.

We got to see party disunity and accusations, character assassination attempts and belittlement.  Background checks not withstanding; muckraking, defamation of character and guilt by association was the norm in our news in the U.S. daily.  I still don’t know much about BHO’s association with Bill Ayers, what influence Ayers had or how much Barack knew of his background.  I’m not sure about ACORN’s influence on the elections and since Obama had been a lawyer for them at one time, how much of their shady deals did he know about?  This thing with Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac is far from over, but they contributed heavily to Barack Obama.  Members of his Democratic party became rich while the system was falling apart and failed to sound the alarm.

But maybe my memory is too good, after all… it’s just politics, right?  The means to an end?  Justifiable when everything works out?

I didn’t think it was fair that Barack agreed to use public funding then left McCain holding the bag when he realized more money could be raised privately. (4-5 times as much)   I also didn’t like the fact that Barack Obama was a media darling (Barbara Walters calling him “sexy” on The View was appalling)  and John McCain was made out a war criminal instead of a true American hero.  (Democrats “questioned” his P.O.W. status.)  Given equal consideration on T.V. meant bad publicity for John McCain ( Joy Birdbrain from The View told John McCain, “I don’t HATE you… I just don’t LIKE you!”)  Another endorsement for BHO. When the media moguls are trying to sway public opinion and are biased in their reporting, I question the validity of it.

I realize that the world had had enough of George Bush and his policies;  I did, too.  I used to argue in favor of the Democrats because I was so against King George.  (See the post: An Evaluation of the Bush Administration ( 2000-2008 ) posted on 1-18-08 )  But you know what got me turned around?  Learning about the Democratic Party itself.  The very politicians that say stop the war are making money off of the war.  The ones saying to go green and pass the laws to make it so are poised to make money of off that enterprise.  The things that I find appalling the Democrats revel in (practices so disgusting I won’t mention them here) and they would sell their souls to get the vote.  Embracing the activity of illegal aliens for the sake of new converts to their party strikes me as a criminal conspiracy.  (See the posts: The Illegal Immigration Solution parts 1-3)

You might say that is true in all political schemes and I’d have to agree with you.  Why anyone would want to be the head of government is a mystery to me because you cannot help but be tarnished by it.  Even a good, honest man has to compromise otherwise he would not get the support of his party.  It is like passing through a hallway in an apartment building.  Even though you move past the doors of many families with different incomes, beliefs or morals if just one smokes it gets on you.  My beautiful girl has come home reeking of cigarettes having only passed through the halls of our building.  Our political structure stinks and I can’t help but feel sickened by how we are being duped by the influence of celebrity endorsements and unrealistic promises.  Yet despite these hurdles and to his credit, Barack Obama is confident in his ability to make a change for the better.

Barack is right about one thing… the fear factor.  We are being swayed and controlled by it.  If not by terrorism then by the bad economy or the  worsening environment.  It is funny, but government needs a crisis to justify it’s position over the people and we get continual reminders of how badly we need our government to take care of us.  To me it smacks of totalitarianism.

I AM optimistic about the sun rising tomorrow and that it is a day for new beginnings.  I hope Barack Obama is the best President we ever had.  He has said that he will lead in making our government more transparent, which I think is so great I bookmarked: so maybe I can be swayed by our left-handed 44th President.

I laughed when BHO got a “thumbs up” from his daughter after his address.  I appreciated the fact that the First Lady wore American made clothing by J Crew as a sign of support for the American economy.  Also Barack and the children followed suit in keeping the attire locally made.  People obviously pay attention to that stuff.  Watching our President and his First Lady dance their first dance to the song, “At Last” originally recorded by Etta James was very moving.  Later clips showing them dance with supporters had me half way expecting to see a disco ball drop down and the refrains of “Funky Town” to be played.  I understand the Prez has got some moves on the dance floor, but was more subdued and Presidential this night.

I feel a little like ‘Red’ Redding in the closing moments of the movie The Shawshank Redemption when I say this but…  I hope my misgivings are all for naught and fade off into the fearful night of the last administration.  I hope a new dawn has arrived and American politics become open, fair and honest.  I hope Barack Obama’s pledge to work with members of both parties of government for the good of the country is realized.  I hope we give him a chance and do as he suggests,  rise to the task of rebuilding our economy and give the world that beacon of a free and democratic people again.

I hope for a better world… I really do.  I just wonder if it is within our grasp to achieve it as imperfect human beings.  Change for the sake of change may make a change for the worse.

Maybe the Kingdom of God is our real hope… that would be a cool change.

If you have read this far, perhaps you’ll take another 5 minutes and watch the enclosed video from YouTube.