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Saying Goodbye and Kudos to the Y2KO’s

December 31, 2009

Well, it’s that time.  Time to say goodbye to a lousy year and a fizzled decade all in one big sigh.  At least that is what some people will tell you.  As I sit here thinking about the past 10 years, I remember the trepidation the general public was feeling about the new millenium.  The world was going to come to a stop because technology hadn’t prepared for the changing of 1999 to 2000.  I remember all those headstone manufacturers that were lamenting the fact that not enough people had died to deplete their stock of tombstones that had been pre-inscribed 199_  and they were set to lose a fortune… like no one really thought the new decade would arrive.

But arrive it did and now we are about to say adios to the y2ko’s to make way for the double digits.  I choose not to look back in despair and criticize but to meander fondly through some incidents that you may have forgotten.  So as we ring in the New Year and decade, think positive about the past… after all, it’s too late to change it now!

First, in 2009.  It is hard for me to take seriously the fact that many people are pointing to 12-21-12 as the end of the world because of the Mayan calendar.   This may not have been too hard to swallow except for the fact that they released a movie depicting the end of the world called 2012!   Perhaps what the Mayans were predicting wasn’t the end of the world but the end of credibility from movie producers.   I predict the end of the world in 2112.  December 21, 2112 to be precise.  Then the digits would be 12-21-2112.  Much tidier and numerically friendly, don’t you think?

A lot of people have been complaining about the past decade, like this person…

These Terrible Aughts

  • Posted: December 29, 2009 at 12:37 PM
  • By Lauren Bans

As the curtains close on what Pew is calling the worst decade in half a century, the Internet is aflutter with uncharacteristic positivity, offering up bushels of best of the decade lists. The Village Voice recently ran a piece on the Best Dining and Drinking Trends of the Decade that included nods to the Slow Food movement and the mainstream emergence of local brews. The Hollywood Reporter issued a best films of the decade list with United 93 and No Country For Old Men making the cut (though feminist blog Women & Hollywood quickly pointed out that HR failed to elect even one female-directed movie to their list.) And Paste Magazine put together an all-encompassing series of Best of lists ranging from Best Video Games of the decade to the more self-indulgent Best Paste Magazine Covers of the Decade.

But what about the worst of the decade lists? From the attacks of 9-11, to wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, there’s a reason 50 percent of Americans view the ‘00s with negative feelings. Lucky for us neggos, Engine Industries has put together an exhaustive compilation of the Best of The Worst of the Decade Lists. Feast your eyes, and breathe a sigh of relief that the ‘00s are nearly over.

 But do we have to call them the aughts?  yikes!  like we ought to know better!

Nope, I prefer the y2ko’s.  But aside from the obvious, was the past decade really all that bad?  I mean, shucks, with the new millenium came a much enlarged and speedier Internet.  We have blogs like Advantages of Mutual Respect and Fair Play along with Facebook and Twitter.  There are phones that allow us to text message that include cameras with pixels enabling us to make videos, take pictures and surf the web as well as make a phone call.  How can that possibly be bad? MP3 players and digital downloads are cool.  We didn’t have those a decade ago.  YouTube.  Kijiji.  Wii. X-Box.  All innovations of the y2ko’s.  Who ever thought that e-mail would become quaint?  And yet, technology advances with alarming speed while we seem to accept it with a less than enthusiastic yawn.  This past decade has been marvelous as far as technological advancements are concerned.  We take too much for granted.

Oh I know, there are things that have been shitty, too.  911. Iraq.  Iran.  Afghanistan.  North Korea.  Katrina.  The economy.  Bail-outs.  AIG.  The Big Three.  Foreclosures.  Job losses.  The decline of the American dollar.  Protectionism.  But you don’t need me to list them here.  There are all kinds of people out there telling us how bad it was or still is.  But try this one on for size…

Highlights From the Happiness Project

Posted Tuesday, December 29, 2009 6:07 PM | By Gretchen Rubin Gretchen Rubin is the author of the new book, The Happiness Project, an account of the year she spent test-driving the wisdom of the ages, the current scientific studies, and the lessons from popular culture about how to be happy. On her popular blog she recounts her adventures and insights as she grapples with the challenge of being happier. Aristotle, Samuel Johnson, Oprah, Benjamin Franklin, the Dalai Lama, Martin Seligman … she considers it all.

She’s also the author of the best-selling Forty Ways To Look at Winston Churchill, Forty Ways To Look at JFK, Power Money Fame Sex: A User’s Guide, and Profane Waste (with artist Dana Hoey). Rubin began her career in law and was clerking for Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor when she realized she really wanted to be a writer.

Here are some highlights from her blog, the Happiness Project:

A Secret to Happiness? Don’t Get Organized.
When facing a bursting closet or a cluttered office, don’t make the mistake of saying to yourself, “I need to get organized.”

Eight Ways To Tell If You’re Being Boring
Watch for the warning signs that show that you’re being a bore.

The Movie Twilight Inspires Me to Do A Better Job With Some of My Resolutions
Inspired by watching the romance in Twilight, Gretchen reflects on memories of falling in love with her husband-and redoubles her efforts to keep her resolutions related to love.

Bad Habits: Swear Off Them Altogether? Or Indulge Occasionally?
If you’re trying to resist temptation, take this test to determine whether you do better when you go cold-turkey, or when you indulge moderately.

Exercise Tips from a Recovering Couch Potato
Try some of these nine strategies if you have trouble sticking to an exercise regimen.

Can You Curse During a Gratitude Meditation?
Comedian Louis CK’s hilarious rant that “Everything’s amazing, nobody’s happy” is a (slightly unconventional) gratitude meditation.

Quiz: Are You Drifting?
When you “drift,” you make a decision by not deciding, or you make a decision that unleashes consequences for which you don’t take responsibility. We often deny that we’re drifting, so take this quiz to see if you’re at risk.

Happiness Myth: It’s Selfish To Try To Be Happier
Contrary to popular belief, happy people aren’t self-centered and complacent; in fact, they’re more concerned with helping others than are less-happy people.

How To Respond to Your Happiness Emergency-Stat!
Having a really lousy day? These nine strategies will help you boost your mood right now.

Can You Predict If Someone Will Be Happy in the Future?
Sizing up the temperament of a potential boss, roommate, or spouse? The best way to predict whether a person will be happy is to know whether that person has been happy in the past.

Happiness Myth: Money Can’t Buy Happiness
Money, spent wisely, can buy a lot of things that contribute mightily to happiness. Some of the best things in life aren’t free.

Embrace the Paradoxes of a Happiness Project
Niels Bohr wrote, “The opposite of a trivial truth is plainly false. The opposite of a great truth is also true.” Here, Gretchen outlines some of the paradoxes of a happiness project.

Quiz-Are You an Overbuyer or an Underbuyer?
Do you fit the description of an “overbuyer” or an “underbuyer”? These categories will help you identify strategies to be happier with your spending.

Life’s Cruel Truth: You Get More of What You Already Have
We all contribute to the atmosphere in which we live, so we get more of what we have. Friendly people meet with friendliness; irritable people find themselves surrounded by irritable people.

Practice a NON-Random Act of Kindness
Practicing non-random acts of kindness, it turns out, brings more happiness than random acts of kindness-especially for recipients.

Eleven Myths of De-Cluttering
For most people, outer order contributes to inner calm. Don’t let these de-cluttering myths get in the way of keeping your surroundings clutter-free.

Five Mistakes I Make in My Marriage
Gretchen confesses to five mistakes she makes in her marriage-and explains how she tries to do better.

Why Might Small, Comfortable Changes Work Better than Radical Steps?
To bring about change in your life, it’s often more effective to focus on small, manageable steps rather than setting ambitious goals.

Bob Dylan Helps Me Recognize a Paradox of Happiness
Bob Dylan’s observation about his wife, “she’s always had her own built-in happiness,” highlights one of the paradoxes of happiness.

Is it really possible to be happy after one of the most difficult decades of the last century?

I mean, where would we all be without Reality T.V.?  and American Idol? or Dancing With the Stars?   This past decade has brought some innovative sources of entertainment.  Lest we forget, it was only a few short years ago that a very small and select group were telling us what to watch.  Now the selections seem endless.  With the advancement of the Internet, we have choices and information at our fingertips that used to take hours if not days to reach us.  I’ve read articles in newspapers that are at least three days old.  No wonder the printed page as a news source is dying. 

I could not imagine a time I would rather be living in than right now.  It is because of our ability to grow, change and adapt that we have made some of the advancements we have made.  Not that losing a job and going bankrupt is progress, it certainly is not.  But the way we viewed credit and buying more than we could afford had to be curtailed.  We had to re-think our priorities and the long-term effects of our purchase.  People are far more frugal towards the end of this decade than in the 90’s and that’s a good thing.

My wife predicts Oprah will run for President in 2012, that’s why O.W.  has announced the end of her talk show.  Or perhaps Obama will choose Oprah as his running mate for his second term, I’m not sure which.  But the politics of the y2ko’s has made this possible.  We would not have thought about electing someone with absolutely zero qualifications before.  Now just the thought of somebody inspiring somebody else without actually accomplishing anything other than the possibility of said accomplishment garnishes praise and awards.  That was unthinkable just a short decade ago.

The thing with the y2ko’s is that we are more uncertain of the future than ever before.  Fear plays a lot into that uncertainty and it has been played up to a level that is worse than any time in recent memory.  Fear makes us ill.  Our society is heading towards a nervous breakdown if we don’t get our heads out of our asses and do something about it.  We need to demand more of our politicians but more than that… we need to demand more of ourselves. 

So I am looking forward to the future and the double digits, the teen years.  I have no doubt that politics are going to change and change appreciatively for the better.  People are fed up with government and paper champions right now.  We will scrutinize more.  We will want substance and not rhetoric, details and not empty promises.  When we hear the word “change” we will want to make sure that that word is accompanied with “change… for the better” and find out exactly how this is proposed to be accomplished.  Technology will continue to advance at an amazing rate, medical breakthroughs will astound and cause us to cheer.  And the world will be a better place because if the y2ko’s accomplished anything, it is this…

You are responsible for your own happiness, nothing is free and nobody is going to do anything for you that you could not have done better yourself.

Have a safe and happy New Year.

Like George said… it’s all in the mind, you know.




How to put Barack back in the black

August 29, 2009


US.Health.Overhaul.Republicans –  SB124890178435291341.htmlUS.Obama.Health.Care –214254?GT1=43002 – ?GT1=43001

Uh-oh, have you heard?  The Prez is slipping in the polls.  I guess this health care thing has got Americans up in arms about the cost and ramifications of government control in the insurance business, even amongst Democrats! Whoa.  And rightfully so, when has the government ever been able to take anything away from private enterprise and make it better?  But I agree something has to be done.  Maybe if MY plan is put into practice, instead of the public predicting a run on red ink and producing a chasm in the polls, Obama can regain the approval rating he had from the beginning of his term, perhaps even soar to new heights!

Since I have moved to Canada I have been able to observe first hand how their system works.  We all pay for the health care service.  And while it does not cover things like liposuction or cosmetic surgery, it is an arrangement that has positive results.  Canadians are healthier and more robust, averaging higher than Americans though WE spend more on health products and care than anyone else on the planet.

I know you’ve heard the rumors, a shortage of health care professionals and inferior service, but where I live I have not found this to be so.  Maybe this is true of larger cities, but that would make sense because the per capita would be less as the populace grows.  The fact is that emergency rooms in the States have long waits so what you might have here is not so abnormal.  And while Canada may not have the latest innovations, it only makes sense that the U.S. would because it has the resources and the money to develop them.  Remember, though Canada is a very large country, it has only 1/10 the population of our neighbors to the south.

I long for the days when doctors were people who cared for humanity and while taking that Hippocratic oath felt it their duty and privilege to serve.  It wasn’t about making money but helping people.  Somehow I think we lost that.  In choosing careers nowadays the emphasis  is on how wealthy a person can become.  Imagine that kind of bedside manner; a doctor who has the meter running and dollar signs in his eyes…  I wonder if a brazen, methodical, Gucci-wearing, diamond- studded, Tesla- driving, gated-community-living, high-society-seeking surgeon is really better than one who lives by modest means, motivated to heal the sick rather than skin them?  We need to put noble back into the medical profession.

I don’t mean to paint with a broad brush and imply that all health care professionals are only in it for the money because this would not be accurate.  I know several people who render certain medical expertise and are very good at it, make good money and find great satisfaction in knowing they are providing the best possible care in their field and love the fact that they can be of service to their fellow man.  Shucks, there are wealthy plumbers and used-car salesmen who are the same way.  There is nothing wrong with making money!  But I do feel the motivation of health care should be a higher calling, not merely a higher tax bracket.

So here goes, how to put Barack Obama “back in the black” with American public opinion.

1)  Students that receive government loans ( zero interest loans, perhaps?) to put themselves through any medical training should be required, (upon graduation) to work in a government run facility (like a free clinic) for a minimum of 5 years with a base salary while their loan payments are deferred.

2)  Career medical staff working at government run institutions with a fixed pay scale would receive their salaries tax free.

3)  Insurance cards would be available only to those who are employed with the exception of the elderly, handicapped or infirm.  Supplemental insurance would be encouraged to cover lost wages,  living expenses, and intensive or convalescing care.

4)  Welfare recipients, illegal aliens, career criminals and the habitually unemployed would not qualify for this program.

5)  Any government initiative would gradually be introduced and progressively adhered to over the course of the next ten years, making those who qualify covered by government insurance by 2020 while  workers are required immediately to begin funding in order to have substantial capital by that date.

As President, I would discourage the enormous profits of the current health care and pharmaceutical industry.  Barack Obama could regain the confidence of the American public if he championed this.  They put pictures of diseased lungs and decaying teeth to discourage the public from cigarette smoking, why not show pictures of people having to give up their homes or work three jobs in order to afford surgery?  There are some things that to receive a profit on is just morally wrong in my opinion.  I mean really, folks… how much do we need to be adequately fed, clothed and sheltered?  This is not a promotion towards communism, but a plea towards humanitarianism.

Imagine the Good Samaritan of the Bible being motivated by profit…


it kinda takes the compassion out of the parable, doesn’t it?

Of course, this is a work in progress and may raise a few eyebrows but the point is… good health care should not be equated to social status.  There will always be specialists who will no doubt carve their niche with a certain clientele, but this is a call to all those others who feel that pain and suffering should be relieved… at a minimal cost.


Make Wiser Brewery Presents: A Beer With Obama

August 2, 2009

A funny thing happened on a pit stop at the White House, our president had a kegger and invited some average Americans to be his guests.  Ofcourse I am referring to the group session “beer summit” between Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr. and police Sgt. James Crowley.  We can only imagine what transpired… 

“We drank a toast to innocence, we drank a toast to now.  We tried to reach beyond the emptiness, but neither one knew how.” 

What a unique idea!  I think the next meeting of Congress should be held at a tailgater’s party.  Think of all the fun that could be had!

“Friday night I crashed your (Democratic) party. Saturday I said, ‘I’m sorry’.  Sunday came and trashed me out again.”

Oh, I know it was just an informal gathering of our two chiefs of state with two ordinary citizens  to discuss better racial relations, but why did it have to escalate to a national setting in the first place?  Somebody should have been smarter than this.  Why can’t we all just get along? 

“They don’t serve beer in Heaven, that’s why we’re drinkin’ it here.”

But all that aside, maybe Make Wiser Brewery should come out with a new brew, call it “Obama’s Blue Ribbon” or “The Average Joe Biden’s Choice.”  It might just bring the country closer together. 

“Oh, I get drunk most every night, seems like all we do is fight.  The more I drink the less I feel blue.  Sometimes I feel like an awful fool, spendin’ my life on an ol’ barstool and yes, I guess, they oughta name a drink after you.”

Something that ALL Americans can partake of and feel equal in!  The only question being, should it be a dark or light?  Imagine all the bickering that could be avoided if we all just took a time out and had a unifying beer…

“Well, I gotta get drunk and I sure do dread it ’cause I know just what I’m gonna do.  Start to spend my money, callin’ everybody honey and I’ll wind up singin’ the blues.”

Better race relations start at being mutually respectful.  An officer of the law represents the margin between civility and chaos, no matter your stature in life or how much “higher” education you have.   A citizen is obligated to recognize that authority and conduct himself accordingly.  Said officer is also duty bound and has sworn to protect and serve that citizen whether they be black or white, remembering that they are also his employer.

“Just sittin’ round drinkin’ with the rest of the guys, six rounds bought and I bought five.”

There are good cops and bad, just as there are good citizens and bad.  If each would give the measure of respect that they feel they themselves are entitled to, any meeting between them would be harmonious and productive.

“Give me some beer drinkin’ music, good country music.”

The morning after would be business as usual…

“Well, I woke up Sunday morning with no way to hold my head that didn’t hurt.  And the beer I had for breakfast, wasn’t bad so I had one more for desert.”

The Gates claim, “It’s because I am black, isn’t it?”  should not have even entered into the picture.  Why do we make excuses for it?  Remember,  it was his neighbors who called the police in the first place.  Were they prejudiced?  The tape recording of the conversation doesn’t bear this out. 

“You were cryin’ in your pretzels, cryin’ in your beer.”

Why did Gates have to bring up his race?  As a highly honored and educated man, he should have known better.  Righteous indignation?  Hmmpf!  More like SELF-righteous!

“Make it one for my baby and one more for the road.”

Truth is, race relations will not improve until people quit using race as an issue, pure and simple.  Our president is not a “black” man, but a supposed  “everyman”.  He represents us all.  When HE makes race an issue, the country is divided.  Obama should have known better, but it was a friend of his so emotion got the better of him.

“Show me the way to go home.  I’m tired and I wanna go to bed.  I had a little drink about an hour ago and it’s gone right to my head.” 

How much better it would be if we viewed each other as the superior person instead of trying to elevate ourselves.  As the one who turned the water into wine, Jesus once said, “The least amongst you shall become the greatest.”

No amount of beer drinking will change that.


Where Have All the Flowery Posts Gone?

May 23, 2009


Okay, dang… just when I get to thinking I am a serious blog hack, someone comes along and declares I need reform.  Perhaps it is time for an overhaul, after all… this month marks three years of AMRFP!

In the past three years we have talked about politics, love, religion, music, books, and movies.  There has been social injustice, chaos  and anarchy.   We seem to teeter on the brink of disaster yet all in good humor and forced optimism because… what else is there?  We obviously cannot pack up our things and relocate to another planet because no one would have us.  We know we are the root problem and reason for disunity in the world but we cannot seem to eradicate this self-destructive urge.  We are constantly bombarded with information, yet how can we decipher it, knowing which is accurate and which is merely bunk?  Here’s another controversy…


My life has turned dramatically since I first fostered this blog on a whim three years ago.  I set out to discover if there was any use in my attempting to write, wondering if I  “had the goods”.  I found my audience to be somewhat sporadic and the subjects I held near and dear to my heart less popular than the ones I thought to be frivolous, so therein lies the paradox.  What I enjoy writing may not be what I am good at, what I am good at may be drudgery.

My most popular post to date has been;  Songs to Play at Your Funeral from April, 2008, which I wrote based on what had actually transpired between my business partner and I one day during a light conversation on death.  It has garnished twice the hits of the runner up;  The Illegal Immigration Solution Conclusion, from June, 2007.  While the latter post has had twice the exposure it has fostered less activity.  I have posted poetry, short stories, a screenplay and the rough draft of my story, Shades of Hemingway. I have progressed (slowly) in my ability to add pictures and video (thanks YouTube) to my posts while trying not to use them in place of good (?) writing.  And after three years, 340 posts, 333 tags, 96 categories, 1004 comments, 37,045 hits and 28,496 spam I am virtually right back where I started from, questioning my validity as a writer.

There has been one bright spot.  Actually, the greatest reward I can think of has come on to me while doing this experiment.  Like most things that we find to make life worthwhile it came unexpectedly, yet has been the difference between merely existing and living.  She sits at my side right now, not realizing I am writing about her.  My beautiful wife, Chantal.

I have proven myself by winning her attention,  admiration and love.  She has faith in my ability and confidence that one day, the world will see what she sees in me, though that confidence in myself wanes and falters.  Through our love of writing; whether via our blogs, to each other publicly or privately, or in our imaginations,  we have accomplished something that would not have materialized otherwise.  We have become each others hero and fan club.  We have become kindred spirits.  Chantal and I are glorious.  I have not failed as a writer, I have acquired a following of one, as she has found in me.

I am living in Canada now, which is quite the contrast from spending most of my life in Florida.  The economy has put a strain on my ability to make a living through my trade and I am still struggling to adapt to life as a foreigner.  But my beautiful girl has the utmost confidence in me so that is a hurdle I will easily overcome with patience.  I am learning to accept that I cannot always have things my way.  But I need to concentrate on making a living and right now it does not look like writing is the way of prosperity for me, at least not financially.

I started this blog in May of 2006 not sure of where it would go, how I would do or how long it would last.  But I feel it has served it’s purpose, at least for a while.  The archives will remain and comments will still be directed to me via e-mail, but I plan on taking a little hiatus.

This month, May 2009, is heading towards being my most active month ever, with seven days left it will easily accomplish this.   The second most active month was back in November of 2007.

I’d like to think that on that note, it is a good time to bow out gracefully.

Thanks for reading  Advantages of Mutual Respect and Fair Play…

there definitely are,  you know.


BHO (breaks his own) Rules?

January 28, 2009

I never intended for this to be a political commentary blog… it seems so pointless to complain that I wonder why I should even bother.  I mean, why flitter away precious energy that could be channeled towards more interesting things like my Shades of Hemingway series… right?  Okay, sorry.  I wasn’t going to bring THAT up again until the Spring.  (Beware the Ides of March)  But in light of what I just posted about last  (The Comedy/Drama Behind Barack Obama ) I just couldn’t reconcile what has happened since. McCain.Lobbyist And just when I was feeling all warm and fuzzy…

Didn’t we hear BHO declare before the world that the old ways were being put aside for a new, transparent form of government?  Obama.Ethics.and.Openness Didn’t he say that special interest groups and lobbyists would have no place in HIS administration? And didn’t he set sweeping new rules in place to make it so?  And didn’t I say I wanted to believe, close my eyes and click my heels together with my fingers crossed and declare “There’s no one like Obama” three times?  Yes, I did.

So why does BHO break his own rules with this William J. Lynn guy? Fact.Check.Obama.Ethics Mr. Lynn has been a top lobbyist for the firm Raytheon, one of the largest military contractors for the U.S. Government.  lobbyist Now (coincidentally?) he  is being tapped for Deputy Defense Secretary.  Hmmm…  smacks of Dick Cheney and Haliburton, doesn’t it?  (ouch!)

I read a little about Mr. Lynn (on the Raytheon website bio_lynn.pdf) and he has impeccable credentials as far as lobbyists go.  The White House spokesman for President Obama has said that the rules must be bent to accommodate men of Mr. Lynn’s caliber in order to do service for the American people.  But I wonder…

Why make rules only to bend them?  Why make statements that make us feel good only to go against them?  Why give a facade of breaking clean from past political structures only to build them anew under a variance of your own guidelines?  I don’t get it. Some time ago my kids used to say this or that rules! Like Batman rules!  or Superman rules!  or my team rules!  meaning they are the best or the top of the list or no one can compete against them.  Now  BHO rules!  Breaks his own rules, that is…  and that is a darn shame.Obama.Reform.Promises

Possibly Mr. Lynn is an okay dude, but stick to your principles, President Obama.  You set the principle, you set the standard, you set the example.  Were there not other qualified men to fill this position who are not lobbyists?

Let’s say the playground has been over run by hooligans and the new Principal of the school has declared a “No More Hooligans” policy.  Hooray!  The playground is declared safe and sound for little Johnny and his friends.  But then the new school Principal decides to allow the biggest, baddest, most fearsome hooligan of them all in under the guise of: “He’ll keep the lessor hooligans off the playground.”  Would your little Johnny feel secure hanging with the dude that masterminded the short changing of his underwear?  I mean, folks…  you don’t get any bigger than a military contractor lobbyist.

By my lovely wife’s suggestion I checked out (remember I said I bookmarked it?)  She thought President Obama might have addressed the reasons why he usurped his own decision to exclude lobbyists in Mr. Lynn’s case.   So I did.  I got to hear and read President Obama’s first weekly address!  I thought that was remarkably cool, something I said I would do if I was the Prez.  As a matter of fact, I think I remembered posting that suggestion to Hillary back when the election was all but in the bag for her.  (see post, Hello Hillary posted on 6-10-07 … it IS in there!  whoa!) Maybe the Senators exchanged ideas and this suggestion of mine slipped in there.  (I’m not taking credit… I’m just thinking out loud here)  Anyway, when I discovered this very cool feature and commitment from our new President I was thrilled and almost forgot the other thing (lobbyist William J. Lynn for Deputy Defense Secretary)  though it was not mentioned there.  (sigh)

So enthralled was I that I decided to “contact” President Obama by way of e-mail.  (there is a provision on the site to do this… really, you should check it out)  Since I heard on the news that the Homeland Security people agreed to let Barack keep his Blackberry I thought, “Why not?”  Hopefully when he received my 500 words or less  I wasn’t interrupting another compromise of principles but anyway… After I told him how cool I thought it was that he was enabling me to e-mail him I invited him to read AMRFP.   Since then I have felt a little nervous.  I have been keeping my eyes and ears open for black helicopters,  ninja styled military personnel on zip cords and wire taps on my phone.  (not that I have anything to hide)

Why draw attention to myself, you ask?  Well, I figure I can always recant anything that appears offensive or contradictory as “bending the rules.”  I’m still politically neutral and I intend to remain “transparent” in everything I do on AMRFP.

But if I happen to disappear in the middle of the night…  shhh!  listen…  chudda chudda chudda


The Comedy/Drama Behind Barack Obama

January 23, 2009

A year ago he was one of many vying for it… Tuesday Barack Obama assumed the position of President of the United States.  At long last the mission is complete and now we can get down to business, i.e. after the gaffe at being sworn in was corrected.  But not to worry, if that is the worst he does, BHO will be an incredible President.  (and Chief Justice Roberts took the heat for that one so it doesn’t really count… so why mention it?  Well… if I didn’t we wouldn’t have a basis for this post, would we?  shsssh!)

The day of the inauguration I tuned in just as the quartet Inauguration.Recorded.Music began the composition by John Williams leading up to the swearing in of our Chief Executive and the President’s address, so my timing was impeccable.  Not that the rest of the pomp and ceremony wasn’t important, because it was.  To see such a tradition with the whole world watching and hundreds of thousands in attendance was not only a historic moment, but a proud one.  We were mesmerized by the throngs, the well wishes, the tears, the thumbs up and the support of nations around the world.  It was a source of optimism that we so desperately need right now.

And what an address!  That delivery was spot on and the content very reassuring that picking hope instead of fear was going to pay off in dividends for the American people.  I particularly enjoyed the reference to George Washington’s stand against the enemies of our Democracy at such a crucial time in our history.  That was inspiring, masterful… I had tears in my eyes.

I am living in another country now, just over the border in Canada and even THEY are enthusiastic over the beginnings of the Obama administration.  Local television had several people commenting on the comparison to their government and how they wished they had a figure like BHO.  Read “The Bridger” at  Some even declared they wished they were Americans!  This is unheard of in Canada’s citizenry because for the most part, Canadians are very proud of their heritage.  But their government seems to be lacking in some areas and that disillusions a lot of people.

Anyway, my French Canadian sweetheart came home from work and immediately we began a discussion over the events of BHO’s inauguration.  I remarked that the ceremony was very moving (except for the gaffe) and I hoped that Barack lived up to the hype alluding to the fact that the simple delivery of a speech does not a political leader make and blah, blah, blah.  My fair Chantal turned to me and asked, “When did you become such a cynic?  You of all people should be optimistic, because that is what you are!”  This astute observation deflated me a bit and created an introspection that 48 hours later I am still trying to rebound from.  I AM an optimist. I always have been.  What is it that has soured me on hope?

Perhaps it is because the process leading up to the election was so long.  Political aspirations were announced some 20 months before the November elections, that is a long time to have to listen and endure, sift and decide through hours of rhetoric, and witness the most expensive election campaigning in our history… nearly half a billion dollars spent for an office that only pays $400,000.00 a year.

We got to see party disunity and accusations, character assassination attempts and belittlement.  Background checks not withstanding; muckraking, defamation of character and guilt by association was the norm in our news in the U.S. daily.  I still don’t know much about BHO’s association with Bill Ayers, what influence Ayers had or how much Barack knew of his background.  I’m not sure about ACORN’s influence on the elections and since Obama had been a lawyer for them at one time, how much of their shady deals did he know about?  This thing with Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac is far from over, but they contributed heavily to Barack Obama.  Members of his Democratic party became rich while the system was falling apart and failed to sound the alarm.

But maybe my memory is too good, after all… it’s just politics, right?  The means to an end?  Justifiable when everything works out?

I didn’t think it was fair that Barack agreed to use public funding then left McCain holding the bag when he realized more money could be raised privately. (4-5 times as much)   I also didn’t like the fact that Barack Obama was a media darling (Barbara Walters calling him “sexy” on The View was appalling)  and John McCain was made out a war criminal instead of a true American hero.  (Democrats “questioned” his P.O.W. status.)  Given equal consideration on T.V. meant bad publicity for John McCain ( Joy Birdbrain from The View told John McCain, “I don’t HATE you… I just don’t LIKE you!”)  Another endorsement for BHO. When the media moguls are trying to sway public opinion and are biased in their reporting, I question the validity of it.

I realize that the world had had enough of George Bush and his policies;  I did, too.  I used to argue in favor of the Democrats because I was so against King George.  (See the post: An Evaluation of the Bush Administration ( 2000-2008 ) posted on 1-18-08 )  But you know what got me turned around?  Learning about the Democratic Party itself.  The very politicians that say stop the war are making money off of the war.  The ones saying to go green and pass the laws to make it so are poised to make money of off that enterprise.  The things that I find appalling the Democrats revel in (practices so disgusting I won’t mention them here) and they would sell their souls to get the vote.  Embracing the activity of illegal aliens for the sake of new converts to their party strikes me as a criminal conspiracy.  (See the posts: The Illegal Immigration Solution parts 1-3)

You might say that is true in all political schemes and I’d have to agree with you.  Why anyone would want to be the head of government is a mystery to me because you cannot help but be tarnished by it.  Even a good, honest man has to compromise otherwise he would not get the support of his party.  It is like passing through a hallway in an apartment building.  Even though you move past the doors of many families with different incomes, beliefs or morals if just one smokes it gets on you.  My beautiful girl has come home reeking of cigarettes having only passed through the halls of our building.  Our political structure stinks and I can’t help but feel sickened by how we are being duped by the influence of celebrity endorsements and unrealistic promises.  Yet despite these hurdles and to his credit, Barack Obama is confident in his ability to make a change for the better.

Barack is right about one thing… the fear factor.  We are being swayed and controlled by it.  If not by terrorism then by the bad economy or the  worsening environment.  It is funny, but government needs a crisis to justify it’s position over the people and we get continual reminders of how badly we need our government to take care of us.  To me it smacks of totalitarianism.

I AM optimistic about the sun rising tomorrow and that it is a day for new beginnings.  I hope Barack Obama is the best President we ever had.  He has said that he will lead in making our government more transparent, which I think is so great I bookmarked: so maybe I can be swayed by our left-handed 44th President.

I laughed when BHO got a “thumbs up” from his daughter after his address.  I appreciated the fact that the First Lady wore American made clothing by J Crew as a sign of support for the American economy.  Also Barack and the children followed suit in keeping the attire locally made.  People obviously pay attention to that stuff.  Watching our President and his First Lady dance their first dance to the song, “At Last” originally recorded by Etta James was very moving.  Later clips showing them dance with supporters had me half way expecting to see a disco ball drop down and the refrains of “Funky Town” to be played.  I understand the Prez has got some moves on the dance floor, but was more subdued and Presidential this night.

I feel a little like ‘Red’ Redding in the closing moments of the movie The Shawshank Redemption when I say this but…  I hope my misgivings are all for naught and fade off into the fearful night of the last administration.  I hope a new dawn has arrived and American politics become open, fair and honest.  I hope Barack Obama’s pledge to work with members of both parties of government for the good of the country is realized.  I hope we give him a chance and do as he suggests,  rise to the task of rebuilding our economy and give the world that beacon of a free and democratic people again.

I hope for a better world… I really do.  I just wonder if it is within our grasp to achieve it as imperfect human beings.  Change for the sake of change may make a change for the worse.

Maybe the Kingdom of God is our real hope… that would be a cool change.

If you have read this far, perhaps you’ll take another 5 minutes and watch the enclosed video from YouTube.


It’s New Year’s Day 2009! (scroll back, ya varmints!)

December 31, 2008

Another year has passed and what have we learned? As AMRFP enjoys it’s 304th post we begin to realize this blog will not take no for an answer! (what was the question?) Some people just have more audacity than others and will not go away!

2008 will be happily placed in our rear view mirror as we look with infertile optimism to a new Democratic majority across the board in American politics. Has there been another year in recent memory that has been as foul as this one? Most people would be hard pressed to find one that was, causing them to look back with disdain and relief at 2008 passing.

But in reflection, there have been some fine posts for one and all to enjoy on this site (humbly submitted by yours truly) and I’d be remiss not to mention the fact that my life changed dramatically (and for the better) this past year because of this little blog. For that reason alone it shall continue… not to mention the sheer joy I get at ranting on like I do and of course, the pleasure I derive from the remote possibility of your company.

Despite the difficult time I had at being regular the past three months because of my move to Canada and the fact that I posted a short story, a screenplay and the continuation of the Shades of Hemingway series,… my readership actually increased. AMRFP approaches the 32,ooo hits mark which made it the best year to date as far as averages go. Akismet has blocked over 25,000 spam comments (mostly porn but some insurance quotes are trying to muscle in as well) While some friends have faded into the depths of the black hole of the blogosphere, new friends have risen up which makes this site a pure joy each time I acquaint myself with a different prospective on life.

I met my lovely wife through the postings of our blogs, and while some may view the online relationship with trepidation I must say it has been the most exhilarating experience I have ever known. We were married in March of this past year and I was finally able to relocate here in Canada in October. But future posts will address our relationship as it progresses, suffice it to say I am thrilled by her love each and every day. That in itself should provide some interesting fodder…

So without further ado and for your discerning review, from the latest entry to the first of the year… Advantages of Mutual Respect and Fair Play 2008.

Scroll back… ya varmints!


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3) 12-16-08 thru 9-17-08 – Shades of Hemingway / Deja’ Voodoo. Parts 1 – 12 and Epilogue. My readership plummeted through the time I took to post this, which I knew it would. But I feel it also was because it generally takes about six weeks for the series to run through it’s entirety. When my circumstances dictated otherwise it took me 12 weeks and I feel I alienated myself from some of the faithful readers (both of them!) of AMRFP. But my own true love assured me from the beginning that it was MY blog and I should be able to go in the direction of my choosing, so I am glad I saw it through to the end. Now is the time to recapture our imaginations and I will do that to the best of my ability in the coming weeks… I promise.

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66) 2-9-08 thru 1-20-08 – My Dog Sam. I don’t remember what caused me to write about that dog of mine, but I’m glad I did. I have thought about taking several of my recollections and compiling them into one story. Funny how things work in my mind, but I began the year with thoughts of Sand Road and my dog, Sam… then concluded the year with A Sand Road Christmas Card. They say you can never go home, but I think home never goes.

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So there you have it. 70 different topics posted in 103 segments. While we may have had some bumps in the road of 2008, it has been a year that I have realized it is not the miles but the destination that makes the journey tolerable. It is not the smoothness of the pavement but the direction we are headed in that make the traveling light. It is not the degree of difficulty to proceed, it is the strength of our resolve to begin. It is not the complexity of the task but the undertaking with the commitment to see it through. Life indeed goes on…

And it is my sincere hope that whatever you may have had to endure, whatever your losses may have been, whatever your disappointments and fears… and we live in a world governed by and propagandized with fear, that you may face 2009 with optimism and hope. We may never understand the powers that be, but the power to be you and me holds the key to our happiness… it all comes from within.

Have a joyous and safe 2009… and thanks for reading.


McCain/Palin? Bravo! (Oh! bomb awed)

August 29, 2008


Wow, will politics ever become more exciting than right now? 


Barack Obama, a presidential candidate with little or no experience chooses Joe Biden who has a truck load of experience as his running mate.  Then not to be outdone, John McCain, a presidential candidate with a truck load of experience chooses Sarah Palin, a person with little or no experience, as HIS running mate. 

This, folks… is better than T.V. and let me tell you why.

Barack Obama promises change, but then selects a Washington insider Joe Biden as his vice-president which leans towards the status quo of politics.  John McCain promises GOP stability, but then makes a historic choice by tapping Sarah Palin as HIS vice-president and thus creates a political breath of fresh air! 

McCain out obama’d Obama!  Let’s call it… Oh! bomb awed.

This just shows to go ya that truth IS much stranger than fiction and that this will not be politics as usual come November. 

I mean, the Obama camp can criticize Palin’s inexperience all they want to but isn’t that sorta like the pot calling the kettle… ah, you know.

I DO know that there may be some women out there considering voting Republican now that may not have before because many were disenfranchised with the choice of Obama over Clinton.  I’m not sure that those niceties we witnessed at the Democratic convention were all that sincere.  It isn’t too hard to imagine that everyone put on a “united” face for the service of their party.

Politicians will do ANYTHING to win, but McCain has gone out on a limb while Obama played it safe.  What the outcome will be is anyone’s guess but personally… I say bravo to John McCain. 

He truly is what he says he is, a maverick.  Madam Vice-President Sarah Palin has a nice ring to it and oh!… for your information, like Barack has pointed out about his own name… Sarah is Bible based, too.

The wife of Abraham in the Old Testament; Sarah means, “princess” or “holy one.”  She may not be Halle Berry  (as I suggested McCain choose a while back, see: Choosing a Running Mate.  McCain Can Win If… from 8/02/08) but she is close.  At least SOMEBODY listens to me…

And she is far better looking than Joe Biden.

Oh, by the way… today, August 29th, the day she was selected as a vice-presidential candidate, is also her 20th wedding anniversary!

Congratulations, Sarah Palin.

Also, by amazing coincidence, Happy birthday, John McCain… 72 years young today.


Way to go.


Let My Gonads Go! (a.k.a. nuts to you, Jesse Jackson)

July 12, 2008

Obama is the man; no if, and, or butts

let my gonads go!

Jesse Jackson says he wants to cut off his nuts

let my gonads go!


Right on, Jesse Jackson

say it loudly so

it’s picked up in the microphone…

Let my gonads go!


Obama’s johnson placed into Jesse’s hand

let my gonads go!

Pressed so hard you know Barack could not stand

let my gonads go!


Right on, Jesse Jackson

say it loudly so

it’s picked up in the microphone…

let my gonads go!


Oh, let us from all this rhetoric flee

let my gonads go!

Can’t we all put trust in democracy?

let my gonads go!


Right on, Jesse Jackson

say it loudly so

it’s picked up in the microphone…

let my gonads go!


Obama need not bitterly weep and mourn

let my gonads go!

just because he’s had all his privates shorn

let my gonads go!


Right on, Jesse Jackson

say it loudly so

it’s picked up in the microphone…

let my gonads go!


“cutting off his nuts” may sound kinda odd

let my gonads go!

from a self professing man of God

let my gonads go!


Right on, Jesse Jackson

say it loudly so

it’s picked up in the microphone…

let my gonads go!


Oh! Let my gonads… go!


political commentary, for instructional purposes only…


Inner – mission

June 17, 2008

As of today I’ll be out for a while… but fear not, I shall return.

There are distant voices calling me,

there is a heart I yearn to have

beating in unison with my own…

up close, in sync… beautiful harmony.

So I will travel to the Great White North…

we will wine and dine 

cram as much living as we can

into the next few days.

There are always the archives…

even I check them out once in a while

just to see where I was

and if I still am.

You’ll be fine… trust me.