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the Great American Boycott

April 17, 2008

I have no earthly idea what logic caused the industry to dye pistachio nut shells red… but I ate them anyway. I think back on some of the things I accepted without question and I realize that I have been fairly lucky in the fact that what was then unknown to me didn’t cause any permanent damage. But lately I have had a different prospective on things and what I have had the utmost confidence in has been shaken a bit. The shoe is on the other hand, someone has slipped a mickey into my mouse, my world has been turned outcenter safe.

The confidence I had was in my own logic, my ability to figure things out, to see things clearly without the benefit of evidence, doctrine or consequence. I relied on my intellect and humor. I was sure of my own level of compassion and savvy. In short, I was full of baloney. I wasn’t made aware of the power one individual can have over his own environment; physically, emotionally, spiritually until recently. My Fair One has indirectly caused an introspection in me.

I have a friend that immigrated from Denmark to the United States back in ’59 who remembers WWII very well (he was born in ’34.) He was in his native country during the war and is convinced to this day that Germany would have overtaken Denmark if the United States had not gotten involved when we did. In fact, he is sure that all of Europe would have succumbed to Nazi tyranny if not for Yankee ingenuity and intervention. He told me how he entered this country legally ( a declaration that seems all too uncommon these days) and how it took a year and a half for him to gain citizenship. Remember, this was back in the early 60’s.

As I listened to him talk about the love he had for this country with his thick accent still wonderfully intact, I found myself thinking how far we have come from that state of one generation ago. I wondered if we would ever regain that position again where people envied us, emulated us, wanted to be like us. Not take away from but add to us. Not demand what was not rightfully theirs, but earn what they wanted in a spirit of cooperation and trust.

I have heard radio talk show hosts slamming our past, saying things like the United States does not owe the world democracy or it is not up to us to “police” the world. As I recall that reasoning I have to think, if not us… who? Do we just roll up the red carpet, barricade the door, close our eyes and pray that everything works out fine? We have a responsibility not only to ourselves but to our neighbors and the Earth we live upon.

Not one of us chooses where we are born, it is virtually the luck of the draw. Poverty and ignorance in this new millennium is something we should not be turning a blind eye to, nor should oppression or abuse be tolerated by ANY government. But then… some people don’t play by the rules.

When jobs are outsourced by U.S. companies to foreign countries that are not forced to comply with the standards we have set for ourselves, it creates an unfair advantage. In the United States, we are required by law to pay a fair wage, pay insurances and taxes. We are also regulated for pollutants placed in the ground, air or water. We have safe working environments and are barred from discrimination. There are codes and inspections and accountability when things go haywire. There are recalls of product, notices to the public, health and safety issues that are closely monitored by our government. We enjoy fair trade practices and competitive pricing, we have selection and comparable alternatives to just about everything on the market. Except oil.

When Sam Walton came down off of Walton’s mountain his idea was to offer American made products when ever possible, along with the cheaper foreign made ones. It was a good approach because usually if you wanted a quality product it was American made. Somehow we got off the quality and went for the cheap. Walmart has come to be known as “Fall Apart.” I think we did it to ourselves.

We have gotten to the point in our society where the thinking is: cheaper is better. It is not. Cheaper is CHEAPER. Not safer, not quality, not long lasting, not good for you, and certainly… not better. If you were to have an operation as a matter of life or death, would you want a second rate doctor in a third class hospital with drugs past their expiration date and questionable sanitary methods? What if it were CHEAPER? Your insurance company would love to pay the least amount, but is it better for YOU?

I’d like to see us use the gift of GAB… a Great American Boycott, against countries that have taken quality out of the equation for the American consumer. #1 on my list would be China. We buy a lot of stuff from China that I’d like to give back to them. And the companies involved with China aren’t looking out for the people of the United States, they are looking at their bottom line… how much profit they are making. And we are at fault for allowing this to go on.

We should boycott products made in China, they suck as a nation and they suck as a manufacturer of goods. It is embarrassing for me as a contractor to pull out products that do not meet a quality that I can personally endorse and stand behind then try to convince my customer that this is the industry standard. The Great American Boycott would let their useless junk sit on the shelves until the companies that are trying to sell it realize that, “Hey, we ain’t sellin’ squat!” and decide to improve their product.

What logic put us in this inferior mode has got to be reversed. We should be willing to pay more. Our country was founded on the desire to have something better, not inferior. We have to regain some pride. Pride in workmanship, pride in ownership, pride in quality and a job well done.

When my friend from Denmark came to the United States back in ’59, we were the industrialized nation of the world. Made in the U.S.A. wasn’t just a slogan or an alternative product, we set the standard for quality… we wouldn’t accept anything less. People that immigrated here then wanted better, America offered better. Americans were proud of their country, themselves and their image/product. We need that pride back. We need the pride that says, “I’m not going to accept this, this is below my standard, I expect more… I want better… I DEMAND better!” If you buy something cheaper that doesn’t last as long as a product of quality can you honestly think you are saving money in the long run?

Read the label, where does it come from? Do you want to indirectly support a country that oppresses it’s people? You wouldn’t knowingly buy from and/or support a terrorist… would you?

The gift of GAB… the Great American Boycott, power to the consumer… you and me.

Boycott China… start today.

(p.s. Pistachio nuts are dyed red or green to hide the fingerprints of the pickers. Apparently oil from human skin stains the shells. Today modern machinery does most of the picking and thus… less dyed nuts!)


Free Indy

February 17, 2008

May 22, a date that will live in… well, the Indiana Jones’ series history.

That is the release date of the much anticipated sequel to the Indiana Jones trilogy, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

Like everyone else, I am a huge fan… but I have to add this asterisk.

I wrote my own Indiana Jones screenplay some time ago. I don’t know the premise of the new sequel, it doesn’t matter… this one would stand on it’s own.

Much of the Indiana Jones fervor had died down back when I contemplated my story and I thought I knew why. I had an idea that I wanted to submit to somebody, ANYBODY to keep the franchise going. Not that it needed my help, because fans of the hero have survived nearly two decades awaiting this upcoming adventure. But because I was so enthralled with the character that I didn’t want to see him fade into oblivion, I wrote mine.

Try as I might I couldn’t get anywhere with my idea. Lucasfilms rejected me with the utmost courtesy because my request for a review came unsolicited. I can appreciate that. These days everybody has an idea, everybody has a screenplay and everybody thinks their idea has been plagiarized and wants to sue. I just wanted to give Indy a way out and I think I have succeeded.

I’m glad they finally agreed on a story, but I think mine would be better…

First, I would like to thank Steven Spielberg, George Lucas and Harrison Ford for coming together once again for this next (last?) go round with the beloved character of Indiana Jones.

Second, I would like to apologize to Steven Spielberg, George Lucas and Harrison Ford for what I am about to do, i.e. publish my own screenplay on this blog.

and now the disclaimer….






That being said….

I offered the following as an introduction on my original screenplay.


Introducing Indiana Jones and the Dance of Aldebaran.

This script and its inquiry were rejected by Lucasfilms 3 times without being read. I wrote it on a lark because I believed that the character deserved more than the “grow old and die” ending that was painted for him in the Young Indiana Jones Chronicles.

Indy was a hero in a time when the world needed heroes, but that hour never seems to pass for his audience. Larger than life characters need more than to succumb to the frailties of mere mortals. We want them to always be there; ready to emerge once again whenever they are needed. It is my hope that this story will give fans of Indy’s the satisfaction of knowing that no matter what, heroes live on.

For continuity it would be helpful if the reader was familiar with the Indiana Jones trilogy as well as the characters from the book, “Lost Horizon” by James Hilton and/or the movie starring Ronald Colman.


I will offer Part 1 on Wednesday the 20th (the date of the 20th has been good to me as of late ūüėČ ) and will continue on with the remainder of the story until it’s completion. If you are a fan of the franchise I hope you will feel I have done the character justice. If you are not, my readership has just been knocked down substantially… which usually happens when I do this sort of thing.

I just hope I don’t get sued.


… so you wanna be a rock ‘n’ roll star?

January 15, 2008


So you want to be a rock ‘n’ roll star?

Well listen now, hear what I say.


take some time

and learn how to play.


And when your hair swung right,

and your pants get tight

it’s gonna be alright.


Well, then it’s time to go downtown

to the agent man,¬† he won’t let you down.

Sell your soul to some company

who are waiting there to sell plastic ware.

And in a week or two if you make the charts

the girls will tear you apart.


It’s the price you pay for riches and fame,

was it all a strange game?

You’re a little insane

the money that came, and the public acclaim,

don’t forget what you are,

You’re a rock ‘n’ roll star.

La la la la la la…

… the Byrds, circa 1967


Okay… I’ve been around the block party a time or two. Seen ’em come and go, and come again! One hit wonders, flash in the pans, pop sensations, rebels, boy bands, trend setters, rock geniuses, stage suits and socks on their… ah-hem! (shall we just say ‘private parts?’ … which was pretty ballsy, I have to admit.)

Rock ‘n’ roll never forgets… and what is really cool is the fact that it crosses over from generation to generation. The message is the same… express yourself and revel in the freedom to do so. Grab an air guitar and get down… get funky, get rhythm, get with it, get happy, get back! get it on! …get it together.

To me a guitar is the main stay instrument for rock and roll. When my daughter told me Radiohead’s Thom Yorke was dissing the need for the electric guitar for modern rock, I kinda dissed Radiohead. When Kid A came out, I listened to it once then gave it away (to my daughter) and thought “What happened?” I love Radiohead. OK Computer, Pablo Honey, My Iron Lung (U.K. EP) and my favorite, The Bends, are great efforts that I never tire of. But they lost me on Kid A which was followed by Amnesiac, and that CD was a real downer and (pardon the pun) forgettable.

The cool thing is that we can all be experts and still have our own taste. Rock is all encompassing, it opens it’s arms wide and welcomes all of us. It is universal, at least… for us earthlings. Maybe Kid A was extraterrestrial driven.

I wonder what aliens from another galaxy would think of rock ‘n’ roll? Think early 50’s black and white films of sock hops and hot rod convertibles. Mr. Spock with a duck tail, cuffed jeans and a pack of cigarettes rolled up in his t-shirt sleeve.¬† Obi Wan Kenobi at Woodstock (the first one) putting on a trippy light show with his sabre, teaching the zen of the force to acid freaks. Or ET as a head banger, text messaging home with his I-phone. Would the music speak to them in the same manner as it does humans? Rock ambassadors of the world unite!

Now a days the industry is in a tail spin, trying to regroup and capture the audience it had in it’s glory days back before the Internet brought a new way of distributing and producing music. But though the message remains virtually the same, it’s delivery has become more diverse. No more the cruel victim of the puppet masters… expression moves without filters, marketeers or censors. Rock has matured and skipped the middle man. Musicians are managing to find their audience and receive royalties from their efforts without giving up a major slice of the pie, which is cool. It always seemed a shame to me that the music that was “stickin’ it to the man” was actually lining his pockets.

But on the flip side, some of the restrictions placed on artists was not necessarily a bad thing, for it’s time. Think of Elvis without his pelvis on the T.V. screen. Or Bob Dylan refusing to change a lyric on the Ed Sullivan Show. Or the Rolling Stones complying, for that matter. Or the Doors saying they would then renegin’ live and being banned from the program for life. You gotta wonder if it was really detrimental to the music or a infringement on the artist’s freedom of expression.

I believe in the right to express oneself as long as it doesn’t infringe on the next persons right not to have to hear it. I support freedom of speech which is freedom of movement from one idea to the next. In this case a rock progression, if you will.

But now the gloves are off… most anything goes. Songs about rape and murder, songs about torture, songs about Devil worship… is this the evolution of rock? Sometimes I feel like there is no place else left to go, that the shock value has run it’s course. Like a kid that gets away from his parents and can now say the “f” word with impunity in order to feel all grown up.¬† No wonder sales are down, where is the lifting spirit that used to make us soar?

A little bit of restraint is a good thing, a little bit of respect for an audience is a good thing, a little bit of self control is a good thing. The genie is out of the bottle… who can put it back in? Well… we can, the listeners. The people that buy the music.

So there is the rub. Rock rebellion has to be fed by cash. We all may march to a different drummer, but the beat remains the same… your cash ain’t nuthin’ but trash, but it sure comes in handy.

Interestingly enough, Radiohead recently released a new CD, In Rainbows, which was actually downloadable (?) and offered on a contribution basis. No muss, no fuss. No label, no middle man, virtually a glimpse into the future of music production. Of course, not every band is Radiohead. A struggling group just starting out couldn’t afford to go to the expense to offer their work in such a fashion, but that day may be coming soon.

I argued once about lyrical content, saying that John Lennon wouldn’t stretch rock’s credibility the way it has been now. My brilliant and beautiful counterpart said that John was a genius and that wasn’t a fair analogy. But I wonder if genius does not beget genius.¬† True genius makes us sit up and take notice, it wakes us in the middle of the night because we figured out the message and now we are definitely more hip than we were before we finally heard the lyricists subtle refrain… “Turn off your mind, relax and float downstream…”¬†

I think a sly fox gets away with far more than a barking dog… which is what makes rock and roll fun. The message was supposed to be hidden, because not everyone was going to get it.

So I’ve listened to In Rainbows and I like it. Perhaps there is hope for me. I loaded it on my nano and shuffled it in with my other Radiohead CDs. I even borrowed a copy of Kid A and put it in there, too.

It deserved a second chance because it comes from good stock…

Long live rock.

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It’s New Year’s Day 2008! (Scroll back, ya varmints!)

December 31, 2007

Can you believe it? another year has passed and what have we accomplished here? Hmmm…

Well, this New Year’s Day is AMRFP’s 201st entry. It has been a hit and miss affair as far as certain topics are concerned, readers feedback has been sporadic. Amazingly enough… some of my favorites have garnished the fewest hits, while the ones that seemed insignificant blasted the charts! I feel like Tommy Smothers or the court jester under the employment of the king. Can’t bite the hand that feeds you, but then again… I don’t want to lose my objectivity, that would be blogareer suicide.

My friend, dame… over at “matters of little consequence” recently wrote an interesting post about getting through Christmas. Sad day when the holidays catch us as burdensome rather than what they were intended to be… a time to be with family and friends. Perhaps with a sweetheart lounging on the beach, kissing in broad daylight while the whole world passes by and who’s to care? Perfect Christmas time when alligators made of sand greet you instead of snowmen… warm island breezes instead of arctic wind chill… glorious sun instead of overcast skies.

I wish I were there with you still, my fair one… the world could’ve ended then and I would have been satisfied. Lets keep the mas in Christmas.

Yes, the end of the year… a time to pause and reflect. This blog saw almost double the entries I posted in 2006, perhaps I have become too blabby in my old age…

Some were videos which is a poor substitute for good writing (or bad, depending on your view point) but I thought most of them were relevant to an adjoining topic, I tried to use them sparingly…

But for better or worse, in reverse order from last posted to the first…

scroll back…



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102)¬† Let me call you sweetheart… though this was my first entry in 2006, it re-occurs as one of the most popular topics of the year for this blog.¬† Great fun for me to write as well as the reflection it creates


Looking forward to a full and productive year in 2008.  Thanks to you, faithful reader, for making it all worthwhile.

Keep them comments coming…


ode to daily readers… (and the categories contained herein)

November 9, 2007

You have been here before and so have I,

we share a common thread…

so nice to see you again, my friend. 

Even with the day to day,

it has been too long in between…

how is the world treating us? 

I am only my words here now, I know…

but here I remain for you to revisit

and claim me as your own.

Is it presumptuous of me to assume you are there? 

To read and re-read what my thoughts lay bare? 

Still… be kind to my prose, my gentle one.

Do not judge my lines too harshly,  

My heart only knows the simpliest of beats

which inspires my words. 

Tis the conveyance of emotion only.  

Oh, the coldness… even here in this tropical clime,

the world can be so unkind. 

Let me be that blanket in your garden,

kneeling beside you…

swoon in my arms, my fair one. 

Feel¬†my caress, these syllables…

Fall into¬†the embrace of¬†my words…

This is my ode to daily readers.  

I dedicate my verse to you,

and as for the love songs we have known

and those that have not favored us.

Songs yet to be written

and those too soon forgotten…

hear them again as if for the first time. 

They still express the sentiment

they¬†inspire those near¬†and¬†far…

other lovers garnish what we have reaped.

You are my reward…

enrich me again,

line by line.

– – – L & M – – –

October 20, 2007

A slow burn like a cigarette smouldering in¬†some forgotten ashtray, the brand… L&M.¬†¬†Lovers grapple in haste, too fierce¬†to allow the fire to be stubbed out…¬†the friction¬†igniting,¬†causing¬†the smoke to billow above them.¬† Inhale, exhale…¬†¬†Liggett and Myers… light and menthol… L&M

A comedy team, L&M… her laughter to his¬†inside jokes, his grin to her contented sighs… one performing for the other.¬† each¬†applauding one another… an audience of two meant for each other.¬†¬†laughter and medicine… ¬†Lewis and Martin… L&M.

The¬†FM plays for L&M. ¬†she hears¬†old songs as if they are new, he plays her music and¬†dedicates, too.¬† Discovery of emotions,¬†timeless… yet a time for¬†two, hopeless romantics like Lennon and McCartney…¬†lyrics and music… L&M

Poetry read: to L from M, letters written daily to send… on their way with Dorianne Laux and David Meuel…¬†intimate kisses for me¬†from you… the bookstore beckons, who could refuse?¬† Laux and Meuel… language and meter…¬† L&M.

L&M… right smack dab in the middle of the alphabet, M leaves her cousin N and stands with L… just left of center.¬† That has always been L’s philosophy and politics, just left of center… not quite ordinary.¬† M assures him of his place in the world… by her side.¬† Leisurely… Methodically… lips and mouth… love and marriage…



Thank you…

October 1, 2007

September 2007.¬†¬†a¬†date that will live in… well, the past actually because as of this post the stats are in and the month is over.¬† It has been the sixth consecutive month of increased viewers for Advantages of Mutual Respect and Fair Play.¬† Which is real cool.¬†¬†

As any writer will tell ya, it is the readers and their enthusiastic response that makes it all worth while, and I am no exception.  For the first 6 months I logged about 500 hits and wondered if there was an audience for me.  (family, friends, my best friend, self promotion and  hits from various libraries and work by yours truly (did I really do that?) to bolster my feeble stats not withstanding)  After making a few ajustments, January blossomed and AMRFP has rolled ever since. 

It is sort of narcissistic¬†to be so concerned over¬†ones own popularitiy and I will take the flack for that.¬† But like I said in one of my recent posts (Yikes! discomblogulation) why does the blogger blog?¬† Most of us make our money by other means and get no recognition other than that little stat counter or by the comments you, the reader, submits.¬† We don’t slay dragons or topple dictatorships, we haven’t solved world hunger or cured cancer.¬† Bloggers for the most part are loners,¬†we rant and rave, venting our frustrations to a computer monitor.

We are like the voice crying out in the wilderness, if no one hears us… our words are in vain.¬† If no one responds to us, our influence is minute.¬† And if the world turns on uneffected, our efforts will simply die out.¬† Not that much¬†has changed in the past 18 months (except in my personal life) but then, Rome wasn’t built in a day.¬† When a person starts out with an idea, it is a solitary effort.¬† When others join in, it becomes a collective…¬†a cyberblog Borg.

Your responses have made me want to try harder.¬† I know some posts aren’t as earth shaking as others… but I’m working on it.¬† Some have complained of the content in certain posts and I have left those complaints in because they make me want to do better.¬† I will never intentionally mislead anyone.¬† I may have an opinion and be the only one that shares that opinion, but I will take responsibility for it and fully respect your right to¬†oppose that view.¬† That is the advantage of mutual respect and fair play, we can bask in our differences and still be friends… (or at least, be civil towards one another) and perhaps get a good chuckle or two.

Anyway, this is getting rather long and sloppy with sentiment but the bottom line is, I wouldn’t continue doing this if not for you guys…

So from the bottom of my heart (where exactly is the bottom? isn’t that down around the¬† intestines? and where does that saying come from?) from the very depths, from the bowels of my very being…

Thank you.

and sincerely… peace.

I’m Too Sexy For Southwest Airlines

September 13, 2007

I’m too sexy for¬†skies above

Too sexy for skies above

The plane’s gonna leave me.


I’m too sexy for this plane

Too sexy for this plane

It’s driving them insane.


And I’m too sexy for Racine,

Too sexy for Racine, Des Moines and Moline.


I’m too sexy for¬†attendants

Those sexy flight attendants

Coffee, tea or me?


I’m a person, you know what I mean

Just tryin’ to¬†catch a flight¬†from the terminal,

From the terminal, from the terminal, yeah

Please don’t treat me like I’m a criminal.


I’m too sexy for this bar

This little airport bar

Too sexy by far


And I’m too sexy for TSA,

Those folks at TSA

They’re keepin’ me away.


I’m a person, you know what I mean

Just tryin’ to catch a flight from the terminal

From the terminal, from the terminal, yeah

Please don’t treat me like I’m a criminal.


Too sexy to fly, too sexy to fly,

Too sexy to fly…¬†


I’m a person, you know what I mean

Just tryin’ to¬†catch a flight¬†from the terminal,

From the terminal, from the terminal, yeah

Please don’t treat me like I’m a criminal.


I’m too sexy for first class

Too sexy for first class

Southwest should kiss my ass.


I’m too sexy for skies above

Too sexy for skies above

The plane’s gonna leave me.


And I’m too sexy for this shit.

Right Said Fred – I’m Too Sexy

September 13, 2007

Right Said Fred – I’m Too Sexy (Complete Version)

Southwest Airlines should lighten up, but in the meantime… I’m too sexy for spending money, too sexy to spend money, spend my money on their services…