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Free Indy

February 17, 2008

May 22, a date that will live in… well, the Indiana Jones’ series history.

That is the release date of the much anticipated sequel to the Indiana Jones trilogy, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

Like everyone else, I am a huge fan… but I have to add this asterisk.

I wrote my own Indiana Jones screenplay some time ago. I don’t know the premise of the new sequel, it doesn’t matter… this one would stand on it’s own.

Much of the Indiana Jones fervor had died down back when I contemplated my story and I thought I knew why. I had an idea that I wanted to submit to somebody, ANYBODY to keep the franchise going. Not that it needed my help, because fans of the hero have survived nearly two decades awaiting this upcoming adventure. But because I was so enthralled with the character that I didn’t want to see him fade into oblivion, I wrote mine.

Try as I might I couldn’t get anywhere with my idea. Lucasfilms rejected me with the utmost courtesy because my request for a review came unsolicited. I can appreciate that. These days everybody has an idea, everybody has a screenplay and everybody thinks their idea has been plagiarized and wants to sue. I just wanted to give Indy a way out and I think I have succeeded.

I’m glad they finally agreed on a story, but I think mine would be better…

First, I would like to thank Steven Spielberg, George Lucas and Harrison Ford for coming together once again for this next (last?) go round with the beloved character of Indiana Jones.

Second, I would like to apologize to Steven Spielberg, George Lucas and Harrison Ford for what I am about to do, i.e. publish my own screenplay on this blog.

and now the disclaimer….






That being said….

I offered the following as an introduction on my original screenplay.


Introducing Indiana Jones and the Dance of Aldebaran.

This script and its inquiry were rejected by Lucasfilms 3 times without being read. I wrote it on a lark because I believed that the character deserved more than the “grow old and die” ending that was painted for him in the Young Indiana Jones Chronicles.

Indy was a hero in a time when the world needed heroes, but that hour never seems to pass for his audience. Larger than life characters need more than to succumb to the frailties of mere mortals. We want them to always be there; ready to emerge once again whenever they are needed. It is my hope that this story will give fans of Indy’s the satisfaction of knowing that no matter what, heroes live on.

For continuity it would be helpful if the reader was familiar with the Indiana Jones trilogy as well as the characters from the book, “Lost Horizon” by James Hilton and/or the movie starring Ronald Colman.


I will offer Part 1 on Wednesday the 20th (the date of the 20th has been good to me as of late ūüėČ ) and will continue on with the remainder of the story until it’s completion. If you are a fan of the franchise I hope you will feel I have done the character justice. If you are not, my readership has just been knocked down substantially… which usually happens when I do this sort of thing.

I just hope I don’t get sued.


It’s New Year’s Day 2008! (Scroll back, ya varmints!)

December 31, 2007

Can you believe it? another year has passed and what have we accomplished here? Hmmm…

Well, this New Year’s Day is AMRFP’s 201st entry. It has been a hit and miss affair as far as certain topics are concerned, readers feedback has been sporadic. Amazingly enough… some of my favorites have garnished the fewest hits, while the ones that seemed insignificant blasted the charts! I feel like Tommy Smothers or the court jester under the employment of the king. Can’t bite the hand that feeds you, but then again… I don’t want to lose my objectivity, that would be blogareer suicide.

My friend, dame… over at “matters of little consequence” recently wrote an interesting post about getting through Christmas. Sad day when the holidays catch us as burdensome rather than what they were intended to be… a time to be with family and friends. Perhaps with a sweetheart lounging on the beach, kissing in broad daylight while the whole world passes by and who’s to care? Perfect Christmas time when alligators made of sand greet you instead of snowmen… warm island breezes instead of arctic wind chill… glorious sun instead of overcast skies.

I wish I were there with you still, my fair one… the world could’ve ended then and I would have been satisfied. Lets keep the mas in Christmas.

Yes, the end of the year… a time to pause and reflect. This blog saw almost double the entries I posted in 2006, perhaps I have become too blabby in my old age…

Some were videos which is a poor substitute for good writing (or bad, depending on your view point) but I thought most of them were relevant to an adjoining topic, I tried to use them sparingly…

But for better or worse, in reverse order from last posted to the first…

scroll back…



1)¬† Shades of Hemingway/ Medium Exposure¬† Parts 1-12 and epilogue… a joy for me to write¬†but my hits for December were the lowest since the posting of the original Shades of Hemingway way back last spring.¬† I should’ve known better but “I say what the hey… people get that way… ¬†I get that way, too.”

2)¬† Prelude to Shades of Hemingway / Medium Exposure… prophetic introduction but who listens to the voice of reason?

3)¬† A Holiday Wish… posted on 11-12-07.¬†¬†Expounding on the frailities of life and it’s aftermath

4)¬† Ode to Daily Readers… I have one or two, perhaps you?¬† thanks for the encouraging words and frequent flier miles¬† ūüėČ

5)¬† …underwhelming… one of my favorite recent posts, life is like a box of chock ‘o’ nuts

6)¬† SPACE… the final front tear…¬†¬† The fact that we all need a little space is not wasted here

7)¬† Love Should (video)… introduced to me by my #1 fan, and she is right (plays into the next entry, rules of engagement )

8)¬† rules of engagement…¬† All’s fair in love and bologna?¬† I am a firm believer in love, love above all else… I am a romantic, I make no bones about it

9)¬† convertible therapy…¬† Sometimes you just have to go out and burn a little ethanol

10)¬† A Spiritual Man… my so-so attempt at lyrics, but the inspiration remains true.¬† My fair one makes me feel like my sins have been atoned for

11)¬† rude, crude, lewd and socially unacceptable behavior… Love will make you crazy, this is my account of one instance where my emotions got the better of me

12)¬† Marry Me (video)…¬† A great song and request.¬† I posted it for the L&M entry, but it stands alone for it’s message… which shot me right through the heart

13)¬† L&M…¬† Love set to the tone of Romeo and Juliet, but without the sad ending¬†and the thee, thy, those or what for

14)¬† Goodbye! … it’s great to be back again… My vacation and the advances I made on finally meeting my true companion

15)¬† Michelle (video)¬† these are words that go together well.¬† Posted¬†for Love is… an entry and inspiration that I am most grateful for

16)¬† Love is…¬† This post, above all others… changed my life.¬† Before… I hoped she did, from this day on… she knew she would.¬† Glorious

17)¬† the other life I should have led…¬† We all wonder what might have been, here are a few of mine

18)¬† Goodbye freebee T.V… set to the tune of the Stones, Ruby Tuesday

19)¬† Goodbye Ruby Tuesday (video) for Goodbye freebee T.V. for those of you who couldn’t catch the riff

20)¬† Thank You…¬† acknowledging the best month ever for AMRFP

21)¬† Ben & Ted’s Abhorrent Misadventure… Alaskan politics at it’s finest and who are we kidding? it’s the same all over

22)  TMTV (video) information on the misconduct of Senator Ted Stevens

23)¬† live and let liv tyler… there’s just not enough love in the world

24)¬† Dear Abby, “ma’am” and me…¬† I love Dear Abby and this was a tribute to her advice column

25)  Dear Abby (video)  self explanatory

26)¬† The Brave Highway… my life at a crossroads, speed bump ahead

27)  Sunday Morning Coming Down (video)  posted for The Brave Highway

28)¬† learn to avoid Internet scams!¬† …good advice

29)¬† pass it on… our sometimes not so subtle influences

30)¬† Amazing Guitar Player (video)¬† definately lives up to it’s hype, this one serves as an inspiration

31)¬† I Never Thought I’d Live To Be A Hundred (video) posted for Live to be 100 entry

32)¬† Live to be 100…¬† live like you weren’t dying (for a while)

33)¬† What If God Surfed the Internet?¬† …inspired by damewiggensoflee and written to the tune of One of Us

34)¬† One of Us (video) …in case you couldn’t catch the riff

35)¬† I’m Too Sexy for S.W. Airlines… written for the passengers that were asked to leave their flights because of the clothing they wore… was that a threat to national security?

36)¬† I’m Too Sexy (video) …in case you couldn’t catch the riff

37)¬† Leave Britney Spears Alone… a parody of Leave Virginia Alone this entry garnished the most hits on this blog EVER in a single day

38)¬† Leave Virginia Alone (video) …in case you couldn’t catch the riff¬†

39)¬† Yikes! discomblogulation… why do we blog?

40)¬† just another day in paradox… our fine government at work covering up

41)  Just Gimme Some Truth (video) posted for just another day in paradox and expresses my sentiments towards the Bush administration

42)¬† Hey Jack Karouac (lyrics)… follows the video

41)¬† Hey Jack Karouac (video) … in celebration of AMRFP’s 10,000th hit

42)¬† You’ll Be in My Heart (video)¬† … a promise to a memory

43)¬† Whispering Pines (video)¬† … music from a period in and around the post My First Bicycle

44)¬† My First Bicycle… a tribute to the memory of my brother-in-law, Bob Henderson

45)¬† Viva Las Vegas (video)¬†…follows CD’s & Elvis as apropos to the theme

46)¬† CD’s & Elvis… marks the anniversary of Elvis’ death and the invention of the Compact Disc

47)¬† Rehab (video) … in case you couldn’t catch the riff

48)¬† rehab redux… based on the song by Winehouse, she is one messed up chick

49)¬† as time goes by (video) …the fundamental things apply

50)¬† I’m in repair (video)¬† … recovering from a broken romance

51)¬† new socks… same ol’ jaw …some people can write about anything

52)¬† bad attitudes, sick bastards and cheaters win… got some flak on this one in my comments section, which was kinda cool

53)¬† today is the best day ever! woo hoo!¬† …and it was until Leave Britney Spears Alone

54)¬† no time for the blues…¬†or how to recover from them

55)  Gravity (video) precedes no time for the blues

56)  I Believe In You (video)  follows What I Believe and seemed to fit

57)¬† What I Believe… well, it’s about… what I believe

58)  Running on Faith (video) follows Death, where is thy sting?

59)¬† Death, where is thy sting?¬† …written for a friend who lost a loved one

60)¬† What a great idea!¬† …something to make you think about fairness in our government’s welfare policy

61)¬† A Good Line With High Extentions…¬† a link to another site I enjoy

62)¬† How come it always parades on my rain?¬† …I’d still like to know the answer to that one

63)¬† 7-7-7¬† (unlucky in love but still willing to gamble)…¬† title says it all

64)¬† Don’t You Love Me Anymore (video)

65)¬† It’s Over (video)

66)  Life By The Drop (video)

67)  Please Forgive Me (video)

68)¬† breaking up is hard to do…¬† painful but true

69)¬† See SiCKO (b4ubasicko2)… this film makes you think.¬† Panned by the critics but, you be the judge

70)¬† Hello Hillary… last attempt to influence the candidate.¬† Interestingly, though she has never written me, I am on her e-mail list.¬† ha

71)¬† and still more pet peeves!¬†¬†…gosh, I enjoy complaining

72)¬† the illegal immigration solution, conclusion… a 3 parter that began last year

73)¬† Whilst I was away… catching up on the events that were going on that I didn’t comment on while I was posting Shades of Hemingway that I might have if I hadn’t taken the time to post Shades of Hemingway.¬† Does that make sense?

74)¬† Shades of Hemingway… 13 parts and a prologue, lowest read posts of the year… but don’t let that stop you ūüėČ

75)¬† Ladies and Gentleman, for your listening pleasure…¬† a tribute to Jesse Winchester

76)¬† sunrise… sunset and the we in between… reflections on the life we share

77)¬† Hello Hillary… more questions for the Democratic candidate (unanswered, of course)

78)¬† Viacom needs a hug… poor major conglomerate needs a little sympathy

79)¬† Everyday (video)¬† … I love this Dave Matthews Band song/video¬†, goes well with respect your elders and admire them… it is the beginning of wisdom

80)¬† respect your elders and admire them… it is the beginning of wisdom…¬† which I think is good advice no matter who you are

81)¬† the definitive 200?¬† …lists suck (unless they are mine)

82)¬† amazing juggling finale… a keeper, I still enjoy watching this one 9 months after the posting

83)¬† hopeless romantic…¬† wax on, wax off about me wanting to be

84)  Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman? (video)  works well with  hopeless romantic 

85)¬† Hello Hillary… more unanswered questions¬†for the Democratic candidate

86)  Comfortably Numb (video)  goes with traffic jam

87)¬† traffic jam… who hasn’t fretted about this?

88)  Save It For A Rainy Day (video)

89)¬† save it for a rainy day… you better

90)¬† black and white… oooh, started off innocent enough but boy did I catch the dickens over this one in my comments

91)¬† undercurrent with my big toe… and you thought my avatar was computer generated

92)¬† birthdays… na na na na na na… na na

93)¬† Hello Hillary… more unanswered questions for the Democratic candidate

94)¬† 72 degrees in January… the fear factor

95)¬† Hello Hillary… more unanswered questions for the Democratic candidate

96)¬† the best dadgum country¬†song, period!¬† … at least, I think so

97)¬† Hello Hillary… more unanswered questions for the Democratic candidate¬†

98)¬† people in the No…¬† people should know better¬†

99)¬† Hello Hillary… first letter to the Democratic candidate

100)¬† Flowers are better than bullets… remembering the Kent State Massacre

101)¬† the good ol’ days…¬† weren’t always good, tomorrow’s not as bad as it seems

102)¬† Let me call you sweetheart… though this was my first entry in 2006, it re-occurs as one of the most popular topics of the year for this blog.¬† Great fun for me to write as well as the reflection it creates


Looking forward to a full and productive year in 2008.  Thanks to you, faithful reader, for making it all worthwhile.

Keep them comments coming…


ode to daily readers… (and the categories contained herein)

November 9, 2007

You have been here before and so have I,

we share a common thread…

so nice to see you again, my friend. 

Even with the day to day,

it has been too long in between…

how is the world treating us? 

I am only my words here now, I know…

but here I remain for you to revisit

and claim me as your own.

Is it presumptuous of me to assume you are there? 

To read and re-read what my thoughts lay bare? 

Still… be kind to my prose, my gentle one.

Do not judge my lines too harshly,  

My heart only knows the simpliest of beats

which inspires my words. 

Tis the conveyance of emotion only.  

Oh, the coldness… even here in this tropical clime,

the world can be so unkind. 

Let me be that blanket in your garden,

kneeling beside you…

swoon in my arms, my fair one. 

Feel¬†my caress, these syllables…

Fall into¬†the embrace of¬†my words…

This is my ode to daily readers.  

I dedicate my verse to you,

and as for the love songs we have known

and those that have not favored us.

Songs yet to be written

and those too soon forgotten…

hear them again as if for the first time. 

They still express the sentiment

they¬†inspire those near¬†and¬†far…

other lovers garnish what we have reaped.

You are my reward…

enrich me again,

line by line.

A Spiritual Man

October 25, 2007

I must have been beholdin’ an Angel / I must have died last night,

I surely must have woke up in Heaven / to have witnessed such a beautiful sight.

Yet here I am standin’ with my feet on the ground / not part of the Almighty’s plan,

still Heaven must have sent me an Angel to love / ’cause she’s makin’ me a Spiritual Man.


I’m not the kind of man that’s for settlin’ down

I’ve got a lot of livin’ to do,

can’t march with the Saints with no jewel in my crown

I gotta give the Devil his due.

When she turns to me with that look in her eye

I feel I may be givin’ in,

with her hand in mine I’m expectin’ to fly

’cause Lord, ¬†I’m in Heaven again.


I must have been beholdin’ an Angel / I must have died last night,

I surely must have woke up in Heaven / to have witnessed such a beautiful sight.

Yet here I am standin’ with my feet on the ground / not part of the Almighty’s plan,

still Heaven must have sent me an Angel to love¬†/ ’cause she’s makin’ me a Spiritual Man.


I’m not the kind of man that’s relyin’ on fate

I’ve always put the trust in my sight,

can’t join in the choir of walkin’ by faith

I couldn’t¬†change the darkness to light.

When she turns to me with that look in her eye

I swear I see eternity,

to be a Spiritual Man’s what I’m willin’ to try

she’s awakened the believer in me.


I must have been beholdin’ an Angel / I must have died last night,

I surely must have woke up in Heaven / to have witnessed such a beautiful sight.

Yet here I am standin’ with my feet on the ground / not part of the Almighty’s plan,

still Heaven must have sent me an Angel to love / ’cause she’s makin’ me a Spiritual Man.¬†


copyright 2007 by Chrisfiore5


Thank you…

October 1, 2007

September 2007.¬†¬†a¬†date that will live in… well, the past actually because as of this post the stats are in and the month is over.¬† It has been the sixth consecutive month of increased viewers for Advantages of Mutual Respect and Fair Play.¬† Which is real cool.¬†¬†

As any writer will tell ya, it is the readers and their enthusiastic response that makes it all worth while, and I am no exception.  For the first 6 months I logged about 500 hits and wondered if there was an audience for me.  (family, friends, my best friend, self promotion and  hits from various libraries and work by yours truly (did I really do that?) to bolster my feeble stats not withstanding)  After making a few ajustments, January blossomed and AMRFP has rolled ever since. 

It is sort of narcissistic¬†to be so concerned over¬†ones own popularitiy and I will take the flack for that.¬† But like I said in one of my recent posts (Yikes! discomblogulation) why does the blogger blog?¬† Most of us make our money by other means and get no recognition other than that little stat counter or by the comments you, the reader, submits.¬† We don’t slay dragons or topple dictatorships, we haven’t solved world hunger or cured cancer.¬† Bloggers for the most part are loners,¬†we rant and rave, venting our frustrations to a computer monitor.

We are like the voice crying out in the wilderness, if no one hears us… our words are in vain.¬† If no one responds to us, our influence is minute.¬† And if the world turns on uneffected, our efforts will simply die out.¬† Not that much¬†has changed in the past 18 months (except in my personal life) but then, Rome wasn’t built in a day.¬† When a person starts out with an idea, it is a solitary effort.¬† When others join in, it becomes a collective…¬†a cyberblog Borg.

Your responses have made me want to try harder.¬† I know some posts aren’t as earth shaking as others… but I’m working on it.¬† Some have complained of the content in certain posts and I have left those complaints in because they make me want to do better.¬† I will never intentionally mislead anyone.¬† I may have an opinion and be the only one that shares that opinion, but I will take responsibility for it and fully respect your right to¬†oppose that view.¬† That is the advantage of mutual respect and fair play, we can bask in our differences and still be friends… (or at least, be civil towards one another) and perhaps get a good chuckle or two.

Anyway, this is getting rather long and sloppy with sentiment but the bottom line is, I wouldn’t continue doing this if not for you guys…

So from the bottom of my heart (where exactly is the bottom? isn’t that down around the¬† intestines? and where does that saying come from?) from the very depths, from the bowels of my very being…

Thank you.

and sincerely… peace.

Johnny Horton – Whispering Pines

August 30, 2007

Johnny Horton – Whispering Pines

music from an early time in my life, for Carolyn and Bob

today is the best day ever! woo hoo!

August 11, 2007

more hits today than ever before in the entire¬†history of this blog… whoa!¬†

It must be terribly boring out there…

now are they actually readers or just skimming along the edges? hmm….


Don Williams – I Believe In You

August 9, 2007

Don Williams — I Believe In You

as corny as it may sound….

breaking up is hard to do…

July 1, 2007

I am a¬† louse, unthinking, not caring… I don’t deserve to live…. (perhaps.)

I am a typical male, though I try hard not to be…¬†(it is my weakness.)¬†

I don’t drink, smoke or do drugs.¬† I bathe daily.¬† I am not abusive… I don’t stay out late.¬† I work.¬† I am responsible… (these are my strengths.)

I try to be considerate, I have empathy… I¬†show tolerance, I adjust… (my moral compass.)

I love romance…¬†long walks, black and white movies, poetry, good books, and conversation…¬†(my desires.)¬†

I am affable, I¬†like a good joke…¬† tell me one, if I have heard it I’ll laugh at the effort… (my¬†personality.)¬†

and music, gotta have music… all shapes and sizes, I might sing along or alone… (it is my joy, nothing more.)

am I generous?¬† ask anyone… do I have faults? ask them, too…¬†( I am human.)¬†¬†

do I have faith? in the Almighty? ¬†yes… in the good of mankind? yes… in myself? yes… in you? please let it be so… (I¬†hope, I also… ¬†dare dream.)


Since Annette has decided we must part I have done much soul searching.¬† Could I have done better? yes…¬† Could she have done better? yes…¬†

Is my life over?¬† no…


Ladies and Gentlemen, For Your Listening Pleasure…

March 25, 2007

I have to admit when I started liking Jesse Winchester it was for all the wrong reasons.  His album, Nothing But A Breeze, contains a song that references drug use and at that time I was fully compliant in that area.  It garnished a lot of airplay on the FM station we used to listen to, and we bought the album thinking that there would be more of the same on it.  Kind of like a Cheech and Chong in lyrical form or perhaps even a Steve Martin type format.  What we got was a classic album with the likes of Ricky Skaggs, Emmylou Harris, Nicollette Larson and Anne Murray in accompaniment that I was not to fully appreciate until some time later.

Jesse seems to be that kind of an entertainer.¬† One that sneaks up on you, tugs on your¬†heart strings¬†and pulls you right back¬†on your sensibilities.¬† As our ears matured we delved into earlier¬†efforts and found that Jesse had released four albums previous to the gem we had “discovered”, Let the Rough Side Drag, Learn to Love It, 3rd Down and 110 To Go and his¬†self titled debut album, Jesse Winchester.¬† What we¬†found was a virtual treasure trove of music that soothed our souls and struck a¬†emotional chord that hearkened back to the days of southern charm and chivalry, the likes that we had never heard before.¬†With 5 albums under his belt I started to wonder, “Why hadn’t I¬†been exposed¬†to Jesse before?”¬† We started thinking we were “music elitists”, knowing something that none of our other associates had even heard about, let alone came to appreciate as much as we had.¬† Jesse’s music was something to be savored… something to wrap your ears around and make your own.¬† Most of the music being listened to was more or less soundtrack stuff… back ground music against the¬†mundane pursuits¬†of life.¬† It didn’t¬†elevate you to the plane Jesse’s songs did.

But ofcourse, as I have stated previously… I am a hopeless romantic and Jesse’s music caters the love struck or lovelorn.¬† Nothing But a Breeze contained songs that other artists recorded, but didn’t carry the emotion that was conveyed by the songwriter himself.¬† As I studied his catalog it became more apparent that¬†Jesse was an acquired taste, and I started to resent others for not seeing his poetic verse and smooth delivery as clearly as I did.¬†

Then came the release of, Talk Memphis in ’81 and things seemed to come around to my way of thinking.¬† The song, Say What, became the biggest single of Jesse’s repertoire to date and garnished nationwide airplay.¬† Finally, I thought,¬† Jesse will get the recognition he deserves.¬† My tastes would become vindicated and I would have¬†the pleasure of muted “I told you so’s” to any and all who would listen to him.¬† But¬†soon the listening faded and it was¬†seven years before Jesse recorded another album.

In that time frame my tastes travelled to other artists, but Jesse’s music was always on my mind.¬† I discovered Humour Me quite by accident.¬† I was at a record store thumbing through¬†various selections looking for something new, by chance checked under “W”¬†and there was a single copy with Jesse’s picture staring back at me in black and white.¬† I snapped it up immediately and rushed home to play it.¬† With renewed interest I dug up all the old music and the timeless efforts of this¬†Dixieland troubadour flooded back to my senses like a¬†friend from home¬†catching me up on the latest town gossip.

About that time I had read a book called “Written On My Soul” by Bill Flanagan.¬† It contained conversations with Rock’s greatest songwriters.¬†¬†Tom Petty, Neil Young, Bob Dylan… I was particularly taken by what Dylan said on the subject of great songwriters.¬† He said, “Are you going to include Jesse Winchester?¬† You can’t write about the greatest and not mention him.”¬† In that moment I came to appreciate Dylan all the more because of his¬†equating Jesse to his level.¬† But the author said in his side note that he had to limit himself, which only caused me to wonder why… and resent the fact that Jesse was still relatively unknown.

By 1996¬†I had purchased my first PC and discovered the world at my fingertips.¬† One of the first topics I began to search out was Jesse Winchester.¬† By that time nearly 8 more years had passed and I wondered if Jesse was still around.¬† Curiously enough, there were some in the music industry that knew his whereabouts, one even forwarded one of my inquiries to Jesse and it wasn’t long before we were e-mailing each other on a regular basis.¬†

By 1999, 11 years after my trip to the music store, ¬†Jesse released another album, Gentleman of Leisure and began touring again.¬† I was fortunate to see him in Greenville at a small night club that seated maybe 300 people.¬† The club owner introduced several people in the audience,¬†other songwriters and people in the music industry.¬† People that understood and appreciated the man I had been a fan of for over twenty years.¬† Earlier on, one of my friends questioned whether I was actually in contact with Jesse, thinking perhaps I was writing to an agent or some aide instead.¬† But I managed to meet him after his performance and when I introduced myself¬†Jesse recognized my name immediately.¬† As we stepped out of the theatre into the main lobby there was a line of perhaps fifty people waiting to get an autograph and I was privy to each and every conversation¬†Jesse had with his fans.¬† One woman in line must have had 10 albums plus a stack of CD’s that she asked¬†Jesse to sign and he patiently did each one¬†then thanked her for buying them.¬† I was in awe… not only was I standing next to this man who had unbeknownst to me touched so many other people with his abilities but his grace and mannerisms belied the common perception of celebrity.¬†¬†Jesse was truly touched by all the adoration of his fans, greeting one and all with geniune¬†warmth and humility.

I’m still in¬†contact with Jesse through e-mail.¬† I have seen¬†him perform two other times, once in Iowa City (my hometown) and once in Tennessee.¬† At the world renown Bluebird Cafe in Nashville they don’t have an emcee, entertainers just introduce themselves and begin their set.¬† Jesse’s introduction was simply, “Ladies and gentlemen, ¬†for your listening pleasure…” and the audience applauded in response. ¬†Each time I managed to greet him back stage¬†to re-assure him of my approval and each time¬†Jesse thanked me for my efforts in travelling across country (approx. 900 miles, 1200 miles and 900 miles, respectfully) to see him, knowing that I hail from the Sunshine State.¬†

I can’t seem to get him to come to S.W. Florida… but I’m working on it.