a little T&A for the TSA?

Uh-oh, I’m exasperating. 

This morning my BB and I were discussing an article I found on the Internet and we enlarged upon the public outcry over TSA methods in airports.  Here’s an interesting snippet on the subject…


You’d think that if the program was working, TSA officials would want to let the public know, you know… toot their little horn?  So far… zip.

Now we are reading horror stories like this one…


or watching videos like this one…


and envisioning ourselves in predicaments of public humiliation like this one…


So how did my fair one and I get off into this subject on an otherwise perfectly perfect Sunday morning coming down?  I read this:


More on that later.

First of all, I have no problem with security cameras placed on public streets, in buildings or special events.  I am out in public and therefore I am being seen by the masses and don’t mind it being recorded.  I’m not about to break any law and if it means that other people will behave themselves; i.e. refrain from theft, violence or public indecency I am all for it.  Some view this as an invasion of their privacy but I say no.  You are out in public, you are not in private.  A camera being concealed in your bathroom, bedroom, hotel room, etc. would be an invasion of your privacy because you are no longer in public and carrying on in a private manner.  While you are shopping in a mall you will be notified that there are security cameras in place and these are for your protection as well as deterring crime.  To me that is acceptable.

Okay, now for a little T&A for the TSA.

People are in a quandary about the security measures placed in airports.  While there has been no recorded instances of these security checkpoints actually catching terrorists, they may act as a deterrent.  If it means getting felt up to ensure I take off and land as scheduled, then I think that is a small price to pay.  Imagine having your plane hijacked by terrorists.  Would you feel better knowing that even though you are about to go down in flames at least your dignity is intact?  I don’t think so.

But I will say that there should be accommodations for persons with the conditions mentioned above.  Perhaps there could be a pre-screening for such individuals.  When they purchase their tickets their condition could be verified.  After doing this they need not go through the rigors and potentially embarrassing screenings that the general public must endure. 

Or you could choose not to fly.  These days it seems the perfect option to me.  The fam and I flew to Florida last spring and while the trip down was uneventful, we were stunned that the airlines insisted we pay for baggage on our return flight even though we had booked months in advance of any levied fees now in force.  It was another $80-90 but that was beside the point, we felt we had no choice and were being gouged.  So, plans for future trips will be based on ground travel.  No lines, no surcharges, no delays and no TSA. 

People think that TSA officers are getting their jollies looking at x-ray images but I don’t think so.  Have you seen these pictures?

or these?

can you identify any person with these images?  Maybe a sense of humor would help…

Now for the later story that got me in hot water…  oh! you haven’t read it yet?  Here it is again, go ahead… I’ll wait.


I particularly like the comments on this one.

Our society seems to be so overly sensitive about issues that are best resolved individually.  Why does this mother have to sue the school district?  Why does the majority have to sacrifice for the minority?  It is the same as air travel.  If you cannot abide by the wishes of the government, don’t fly.  If your child has allergies, take the necessary precautions.  But not at the expense or discomfort of others. 

Peanut products have been banned from the area schools where I live.  I can survive without peanuts.  But they are intermingled with other foods that may be harmful to me or others with allergic reations.  Fine.  All products that MAY come in contact with peanuts are hereby banned as well.  That means on airplanes, too.   Bummer.  We protect the rights of better health for some, but what about those of us who love our peanut M&M’s?  Too bad.

I remember reading somewhere that red automobiles are statistically in more accidents and are involved in more moving violations than any other color.  So do we ban the color red?  Rock & Roll might excite young people, classical music might enthrall older persons.  Tight sweaters show off buxom females, tight shirts show off a guy’s bulging muscles.  Are we thinking dirty thoughts?  Billboards are distracting while we drive.  Magazines have alluring covers.  Books have titles drenched in innuendo.  Movies have gratuitous violence.  Yikes!  So much out there that might be harmful to us!

I’m not trying to minimize a persons allergy.  Our daughter has a severe reaction to nuts due to asthma and as a family we have to take the necessary precautions.  But she goes places outside of home or school (ban the peanuts, remember?) and has to be conscious of her surroundings.  We haven’t banned peanuts at the mall… yet.

Airport security is a good thing.  We live in troublesome times and need to address issues pertaining to national security and personal safety.  Food allergies are a very real problem and need to be taken seriously by those who have them.  The general public has the right to choose to fly or not fly.  The general public has the right to decide whether they will wear perfume or eat peanuts or drive a red automobile. 

There is the minority that are afraid of their bodies images being seen or those images stored.  First of all, chances are the images exposed are of bodies supported by brassieres, girdles, slimming pantyhose,  jockey shorts, back supports, toupee’s or waist reducing jeans… 

And secondly, let them imagine… you never looked better.


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