I Loathe the View


I don’t know where these women got their interviewing skills, but I think they suck.  With regards to my last post,http://advantagesofmutualrespectandfairplay.com/Ah I would PAY them to shut up! 

And I know I said I’d try to do better http://advantagesofmutualrespectandfairplay.com/2010/10/09/what-i-have-written-i-have-written/ but this show makes it extremely difficult.

What does being “sexy” have to do with running for the Presidency of the United States?  Yuck.

Pelosi’s cause for illegals is for the Democratic vote and nothing more.  Bill is right, take religion out or leave it in.  You can’t have it both ways.

Barney Frank should be held accountable, but nobody talks about that except Bill O’Reilly

Whoppi has gas, she needs to blow it out her ass.  You asked for an opinion, Bill is trying to explain why he thinks the chasm is growing between the President and the American people and you freak?  Joy has no couth, walk off when your guest is trying to back up what he said after you want proof?  Dumb ass.

Anyway, I say good for Bill O’Reilly.  You have to admire him for continually coming back on the View.  I will read his book.



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2 Responses to “I Loathe the View”

  1. World Wide News Flash Says:

    I Loathe the View…

    I found your entry interesting do I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

  2. Chantal Says:

    Ahhh, The View. Another dumbing-down of the masses. As you know, I also loathe this program and all it stands for, especially that it tries to pass these women off as intelligent beings who are bringing fresh perspectives to their audience. I understand that Bill O’Reilly is going on The View to promote his new book, and that even though he’s on Fox News (which I am NOT a fan of), he has some valid points to make that even I agree with (sometimes), and so he needs to be reaching a big audience to make sure people buy his book. So he goes on The View. And all this kerfuffle happens. For the record, intelligent people don’t have time to watch The View, especially intelligent women. They are too busy working and caring for their families & people they love to put any stock in what the “ladies” on The View think. So Bill might want to consider other avenues to reach those who might give him a little respect. People who respect others are strong in what they stand for and can accept another’s point of view without having it shake their own beliefs. And people who respect others will listen to what others say and pause in consideration; THEN they will discuss any differences of opinion. Spoiled adults who are weak in their core and don’t know what they stand for are capable only of walking off a TV set in a childlike tantrum when they are confronted with an opinion that is different from their own.

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