Ah… let me get this straight. You’ll pay me NOT to perform?

With all due respect to my last post, you gotta LOVE this!  A fan of the group Weezer is opening up a collection to bribe this band NOT to record anymore music?  That is hysterical!  This morning I saw this on MSN and had to – had to – HAD TO put it in a post.  Some of the performers on this list … okay, ALL of the performers on this list should be bribed not to record anymore, but are there others?  Let me know what you think…


Meanwhile… why should we limit ourselves to “musicians”?  I’d love to get a collection together for Julia Roberts.  Please! Julia!  No more half-baked movies!  Take the money!  AARRRRGGhh!  Or how about Jennifer Aniston?  Please Jenn, make my day… no more movies!  Hey!  Why didn’t I think of this before?  Lets take up a collection for ol’ what’s her name?  You know, that Hilton dweeb?  Who cares if you have ANY F’ing BFFs?  Get off the air!  Take the money!  Wow!  This is great!

Howard Stern, yuck!  Your time has passed!  Take the money and get your annoying self off the air!  Rush Dumbell!  Pa-leezze!  Shut up!  Here, take the money!  Al Sharp-tongue!  Stash the cash and shut up!   Oh!  I love this!

Simon says, Simon!  Shut the hell up!  Take the money and run!  Oprah!  OMG!  Oprah?  Helloooo peooople!  Shut the hell up!  You should be paying me!  Ellen!  Here, I’ll write you a check!  Doctor Fill?  I’m up to the brim! Shut the hell up!

It’s pretty darn bad when fans are willing to pay their “favorite” entertainers to STOP trying to entertain them, but maybe that is what we have come to.

How about we take up a collection for sports figures? Lebron!  Stop!  Or reality “stars”?  Heidi!  Enough!  Even authors?  Hell yes!  Steven King, shut the hell up!

Better still, let’s make them pay us back! 

The last couple seasons of Survivor sucked!  You guys owe me big time!  Dancing with the Stars?  Dance around this!  My time is too valuable!

Maybe… just maybe… people are going to demand more from the “artists” that entertain us.  Maybe the void, this insatiable vacuum will finally be shut down and we’ll actually start getting people with talent instead of the star maker machinery behind the popular song.

Joni!  Don’t even think about it!



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9 Responses to “Ah… let me get this straight. You’ll pay me NOT to perform?”

  1. Chantal Says:

    Brilliant! Now I know what all the chuckling was about 🙂 I love your list even more than the musician list, I think….watch out, this might turn into a trend.
    Your Number One Fan 🙂

  2. chrisfiore5 Says:

    I said I would behave myself, but I lied!

    Thank you, BB. You are #1 with me.

  3. K Says:

    Cool though I disagree about Stephen King!

  4. chrisfiore5 Says:

    okay, maybe I was a little hasty with Steven… how about Internet bloggers?

  5. Marge Says:

    that was totally not something I would expect from you.
    Talk about negative!
    I don’t agree with all your choices, every single one of these people make more money than you or I do.
    so some one out there likes them.
    I agree with Howard Stern and Paris Hilton and I don’t know some of the people you dissed here.
    But that is one good thing about America, we can all be different and or unique and that’s what makes the world go round!

  6. chrisfiore5 Says:

    hmm… lame attempt at humour, I guess. So it goes…

  7. Marge Says:

    oh it was all in humour huh?
    Didn’t get that while reading it.

  8. Msdane Says:

    I took it seriously also. I didn’t expect it from you and I thought, “Wow! He’s putting down Oprah? Everybody loves Oprah!” I thorougly agree about Paris Hilton and Howard Stern. Enough of them already!

  9. chrisfiore5 Says:

    ah-hum, not everybody…

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