Two Thumbs Up for Toy Story 3

  Sequels come and go.  Some are equal to or even better than the originals. (see The Godfather, Part 2)  Some are not worth the celluloid they are printed on.  (see Sex in the City 2)  Sometimes the critics pan what the public loves.  (see The Dark Knight)  Other times the critics love what the public shuns.  (see Brokeback Mountain)  Last night we had the chance to see Toy Story

As a grown-up (?) I am not in the least bit embarrassed to say this was a sequel I was long looking forward to and I was not disappointed in the end product.  But let me give you the whole story…

We have a 13 year old.  Actually 13 1/2 as she will quickly point out.  With all the hype, preparation, build-up and anticipation of Toy Story 3, the fact that WE were going to see it was a given.  That is… up until last night.

I’m not a big fan of opening nights at the theatre.  Crowds galore and children a-plenty usually make me want to hold back until the newness fades, but not last night.  We were anxious to be part of this much ballyhooed event, if only much ballyhooed at our house.  Except for one tiny little snag… our daughter decided she didn’t want to go.

“It’s childish.” She said, “I’m not interested in seeing something for children.”

Whoa!  What happened?  We own Toy Story and Toy Story 2 and love them.  We saw previews for Toy Story 3 months ago and all agreed that it was THE summer movie to see in 2010. 

Ah, we  realized… she thinks she is too mature.

“Well, we are going,”  her mother declared,  “and you are welcome to come with us or stay home!”  So, weighing the alternatives; movie, popcorn and candy as opposed to home alone in front of the television set, she opted to reluctantly join us.  “But I won’t enjoy it.” She determined.

And it was crowded.  There were long lines at the concession stand.  And there were children.  The previews were designed to highlight movies aimed at children and younger minded audiences.  Our daughter sat beside me and chided each presentation as, “stupid”, “childish”, “immature”, or just plain “dumb” up until the actual movie started.  Then something miraculous happened.

Our “grown-up” 13 1/2 year old became a kid again and just for that time, all was right in the family.

I won’t go into the storyline here, suffice it to say that if your family enjoyed the previous films, they will love this one, too.  It is good family fair for kids aged 9 to 90.  And I was able to impart a little bit of wisdom to our girl as she and I waited for the popcorn while her mom and brother held our seats for us…

Don’t hurry yourself into growing up.

I have read little blurbs on the Internet about whether we really NEEDED a Toy Story 3 and/or how does it measure up to the original and it’s sequel… but don’t clutter your mind with the politically correctness of the critics and their often opinionated, higher thinking and archaic word choices.

Take it from a big kid who seized a bridge between outside influences and old family values.  Take your children, laugh and share then talk to them about the lessons learned in this wonderful addition to the Toy Story franchise. 

You’ll be glad you did.

Oh, by the way… now our big little girl has decided that we need to add Toy Story 3 to our collection!  She is wise beyond her years…



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