Help Me I Think I’m Fadin’… into senility


 Joni likes Bob.   Joni doesn’t like Bob.   Joni inspired by Bob.   Joni calls Bob a fake.

What is the world coming to?

I like Joni Mitchell.  I like her airy tunes and the vulnerability she had early on.  But why this sudden turn on the guy she says inspired her to become a songwriter in the first place?

I can imagine what Bob thinks.  “Wish you well, babe.”


“Help me, I think I’m fadin’… into senility.

Are you gonna let me go there by myself? 

That’s such a lonely place to be.

One of us sitting around growlin’  ‘n’  gripin’

snipin’, too.

We love our grovelin’

but not like we love our celebrity…”

I wonder, Joni… can the rest of the world be wrong? awards.html


I love ya, Joni…  but that remark was uncalled for.



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