In China… they don’t hardly have anything (except contempt for the American public)

I have been following this:listedblogpost.aspx?post=1738522&_blg=1,1738522&ucpg=4#uc2Lst and have been commenting:

It is idiotic for anyone to blame the contractor and/or homeowner.  I have worked construction for over thirty years and the general consensus has always been “cheaper is better.”  The supplier looks for the best price and markets materials to the consumer for the best bottom line.  It used to be “Made in America”  then we shifted to “Made in Mexico” then finally we sunk to “Made in China.”  The cheapest goods on the market today are made in China.  It is a “buyer beware, buyer be aware” market. 

Until we as consumers realize that the cheapest product is not the best for us, we will continue to buy from China.  They make inferior products, folks.  As an electrician, I have installed materials that have fallen apart, corroded or simply stopped working in less than a year, electrical materials that once installed should last for years.   Spend a little more, demand better products and write to your political representative and tell them, “We are being put at risk by a Chinese government that puts the consumer at risk.” 

They don’t play by the same rules we do and they are sucking the American consumer dry because we keep asking for cheaper products.  Quality comes at a price.  Safety comes out of concern for individuals and the Chinese have demonstrated again and again that they do not care about civilians, theirs or anyone else’s.

Folks, you owe it to yourselves to insist that this trade with a communist ideology is discontinued before it is too late.  If the above article scares or concerns you, write to the political powers that have authorized this travesty.  If enough people complain, things might change.  Stop shopping at Chinamart, start asking for better quality, make some noise… 

Bad drywall indeed.  Bad karma is more like it, and money is the root of all evil.  This evil is over money.

and here…

 I was an electrical contractor for many years.  Inferior products come by way of the supplier.  If you refuse to purchase their materials, where else do you go?  To say it is the contractor’s responsibility is garbage.  The facts are that we have regulators and laws that should be complied with.  In my case, it is Underwriter’s Laboratories or UL.  The UL label is placed on material’s that are supposed to meet or exceed government standards. If said materials are being supplied to the consumer, we assume that the SUPPLIERS are buying these government approved materials. 

Somehow there are loopholes being created for manufacturers outside our borders and laws to allow inferior and dangerous products to be marketed here.  As I wrote earlier, people need to demand better from our politicians.  THEY are the ones that are supposed to be protecting the citizens that elected them.  An unsuspecting public should not be held accountable for political wrangling and corporate greed. 

And WE as consumers need to seek a better quality of product, re-establish our pride in being able to build better and lasting structures and quit thinking that cheaper is better.  Remember; every single building, automobile and stitch of clothing you wear was manufactured by the lowest bidder.

China owns a great deal of American debt… and we are paying for that now.  It should have NEVER been allowed to have a foreign entity own American soil, influence American politics or dictate where Americans purchase their products.

One more thing, as an electrician I have always been proud of my profession.  Electricity can be a dangerous power source if materials are not installed properly.  To think that someone or something could be harmed and I could be held liable, not because of my ability as a tradesman, but because of materials bought in good faith…  is disturbing.


I don’t know if we can change direction but I do know this…

a government of the people, by the people is not for the people when things like this are happening under our very noses and you feel helpless to do anything about it.


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