Have a little cake with your Tea Party?*

The citizens of the United States are pissed.

I mean really freakin’ pissed. 

I think it takes an angry society to bring about change in government and right now I do not doubt that most people feel that the federal government needs to change.  Not like the empty Barack Obama “change” slogan because change for the sake of change doesn’t really change anything.  It is a continuous loop playing the same tune over and over again.  Nope, Americans need more than just empty rhetoric.  They want and will demand more than just promises.  The American people are going to insist on results and accountability.    There is a rumbling across the nation that discontented voters have had enough. 

But what does it take to produce results?  And more importantly, how will they go about it?

There is a movement out there called the Tea Party. 21410   This movement harkens back to the Boston Tea Party of colonial days.ny-times-goes-idaho-explore-paranoid-tea-party-movement#ixzz0fncij2zz You remember history, right?  Taxation without representation?   Well, if history does repeat itself there is going to be a lot of product pitched into Boston Harbor, figuratively speaking.  All it takes is for people to get organized and they are doing it.  This is Democracy at work. 0,2933,586407,00.html

And because there is such a swell of interest, a growing concern and an increase of distrust in both  political parties two things are happening.  First; discredit the followers of the Tea Party as malcontents and rabble rousers.  This has come from the ranks of the Democratic party.  Second; claim allegiance as closet Tea Partiers in order to gain votes against the prevailing party, this from the Republicans. 35486037  As this growing mass of dis-satisfied Americans gains ground and becomes more visible it is a force that has to be reckoned with.  Now organizations that are not a part of the mainstream are banding together under this one banner, the Tea Party, and that has some people worried.  I imagine the powers that be were concerned over that little band of colonies back in 1776, too.  Some viewed them with disdain, some with alarm while others carried on with business as usual.

It is interesting to note that while I paid a visit to Ottawa last year I had the pleasure of visiting the Canadian Museum of Civilization. civilization.html  Amongst other fine exhibits there was a series of displays depicting the American Revolution, only it wasn’t referred to as the American Revolution.  It was called simply, the rebellion.  The folks that sided with King George were dignified with the term Loyalists.  They were forced off their land and fled to Canada because of relying on the status quo of tyranny.  The American patriots were called rebels.  They saw English rule as a yoke they could no longer bear but were deemed enemies of the crown.  So, one man’s rebellion is another man’s call to freedom.


Politicians seem out of touch today.  Monies are being spent, bail-outs being given and millions of dollars worth of bonuses ?GT1=43001 are still doled out idUSTRE6122ZH20100203 while unemployment has reached epidemic proportions.  You see, Americans are an educated lot.  They know that a $185 billion dollar AIG bail-out amounts to 18.5 million unemployed workers receiving $10,000 each.  That would be a nice little nest egg to help tide things over while the economy “recovers.” business-the_new_york_times Many view the health care reform package as a huge welfare system that would be a financial burden to the working class.  There are those that feel the global warming and green energy proposals are a sham to enrich the political elite.  Others feel the government seeks to control the Internet and thus,  information that condemns and exposes it.

There is a story that follows historical views that Marie Antoinette  Let_them_eat_cake and the French hierarchy were so out of touch with their citizens that when she was informed that “there was no bread for the people” she replied, Let them eat brioche!  Of course, now it stands to reason that if peasants couldn’t afford bread the dainty dish referred to was well out of their reach, but the point is:  Who was looking out for them then and more importantly… Who is looking out for us?

America needs a strong third-party.  When elections come down to selecting one over the other because he/she is the lessor of two evils, things are pretty darn gloomy.  Politicians will tell you that a vote for the likes of a Ross Perot is a vote for the guy you don’t want BUT…  a party has to form sometime.  Tea Partiers need to start with local offices and expand from there.  When this happens, organization and recognition will follow.

Every generation needs a new revolution.   So said Thomas Jefferson,  one of America’s founding fathers and the principal author of the Declaration of Independence.  What he was advocating was not an over throw of government, but a forging ahead with new ideas and principles to guide us and keep us free.  If Americans are dis-satisfied with their government it is within their fundamental right to change it. 

We should not fear the status quo when it is in every American’s DNA to continually challenge it. 





*Author’s note:  All images were acquired from the galloping sea of free and open Internet sites… long may it wave!

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5 Responses to “Have a little cake with your Tea Party?*”

  1. Karen Says:

    I like this! You’re right, we’re pissed. At the lack of motivation of 1 party & the abundance of nuts in the other. And the tea partiers don’t figure into it. They may have a good message, but they aren’t getting it out there well. They’re coming off, to a lot of people, as nuts from the sidelines.

    I think, to be taken seriously, they need to ignore Tancredo & his hatefulness, Palin & her various stupidities, as well as multiple faces, & find someone who can speak well. To articulate their message. Chants & teabags hanging from hats or signs just won’t get it.

  2. chirchi965 Says:

    I am just surprised – just a non- american here writing , we see things differently and see things that americans don’t get to see in usa itself, that for those years when bush was president and was re- elected again, there wasn’t much outcry cept from comedians and some intellects , and then a different coloured man becomes president and there is burst of activity from all sides that he is not doing much, and to say the country has become communist and so on, its rather pathetic, he is a politician for god sake, where were this people when bush and co were committing war crimes and such. It sucks to see that colour still blinds people. There is no freedom in the usa, its just an empty word.

  3. public adjuster Says:

    Funny part is that the Republican party was formed to FREE the slaves (which the Democrats opposed). Martin Luther King was a Republican. And now they have their own ‘Coffee Party” full of children of the rich and people (of all colors) are ready to fall at their feet. By the way, do you know the difference between the Republican and Democrat parties? Republicans are rich greedy company owners who never worked a day in their lives and Democrats are the children of the rich greedy company owners that are still rebelling against their rich greedy Republican parents. And until Mommy and Daddy stop taking care of them, they will continue to do so. The worse part about it is, the hard working Americans are the ones stuck in the middle because somebody has to work so the money can keep rolling in. Oh, that’s right, Clinton (another poor little rich boy) sent all the good jobs overseas when he signed NAFTA so all the rich, greedy, company owners could pay kids 50 cents a day in sweat shops. (It’s legal over there)

  4. arizona health insurance Says:

    This country is far from beaten. What the brit hasn’t seen is the sleeping anger that american citizens build just before they put their boots on and go to kicking. Our government has foolishly tested those lines this time and it won’t be forgotten.

  5. Outside Looking In « advantages of mutual respect and fair play Says:

    […] I don’t consider myself overly patriotic, but while I am on the outside looking in I hate seeing my country’s image sullied because of some bad policies.  Americans by far are good people; generous, kind and loyal.  I think a little introspection is a good thing.   http://advantagesofmutualrespectandfairplay.com/2010/02/20/have-a-little-cake-with-your-tea-party/ […]

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