Billy Bob… b-bob-bob-bob Thornton hears a What? A Boo

If you have not heard this song, ya gotta… then the rest of this post will make sense. So I’ll wait. C’mon, it’s great… waiting, mmm mm m mm mm mm mmm bob obob obobob oobooboobooboo

soo cool!


Gosh, it is fun being an American in a foreign country, especially when we have the likes of Billy B-Bob Thorn- in the butt! to be a representative.  Of course I’m talking about his recent Joaquin Phoenix imitation of  “Who… what…me? an actor? I’ma musician, man.”

First of all;  friends, Canadians, country music fans!  I come not to praise Billy Bob, but to query him.  Who do you think you are, Mr. Big Star?  You called Canadian audiences “mashed potatoes without the gravy?”  Let me tell you a little bit about Canadian artists and their audience.  They are not pretentious prima donnas, they respect their music and their listeners.  You may have been irritated because your radio host announced you were the GREAT, OSCAR WINNING PERFORMER prior to getting down to the nitty gritty of your interview, but you are a curiosity, my fellow American, an anomaly.  If you did not want to capitalize on your “woe begotten fame” why don’t you wear a Groucho disguise and “let your music speak for itself?”

It is a pity that your anger kept you from considering the other members of your band, the ones that don’t have the luxury of being your famous self.  You could have directed the radio listeners attention to their names, how you met, what your musical influences were, where your tour dates would lead you, etc.  but you chose to sulk, be coy or just plain rude.  The bands sound may be great, you may run with some nice guys but your attitude sucks the gravy from these mashed potatoes.  You are a prime example of the reason why there is disparity between our great nations and that is too bad, because ultimately the music suffers.  It will be judged by your ignorance, and not by it’s quality or content.

I dig Willie Nelson and touring with him could have been a big break for the Boxmasters, but you lack something, Billy Bob… call it humility… or possibly, musical talent… or both.

Sorry.  You do not connect with this audience.  Go back to being a garage band, Billy B bob bob bob.



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  1. Billy Bob… b-bob-bob-bob Thornton hears a What? A Boo Says:

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