Ted Stevens… good ol’ boy!

Can you say… good ol’ boy? story.php?storyId=102589818 This reads like a bad April Fools joke, but the joke is on the American public.

What a shock to read charges are dropped on this dirty politician and one of the reasons being because of his age! I guess that means if you are a crook and get away with it for a long time you can escape prosecution?  The amazing thing to me is, his age did not keep him from trying to be re-elected.ted-stevens-should-run-against-palin-alaska-republican-says

So my question is, if he was not too frail to hold the office of U. S. Senator and STRONG ENOUGH to satisfactorily  meet the vigor and demands of that position… why couldn’t he face the confines of a posh, white collar crime, country club style jail?  Yikes!

The good ol’ boy system has nothing to do with ones age.

Teddy boy says, “I always knew there would come a day when this dark cloud would be lifted from me.”  But it is not because he is innocent.


You know, this guy has been dirty for a long time… it is a shame that our justice system allows politicians to be above prosecution when a jury found him guilty and a lobbyist admitted to doing favors for the guy.

I wonder if he’ll still get his pension?




2 Responses to “Ted Stevens… good ol’ boy!”

  1. Karen Says:

    Of course he will. And to make it even better, the GOP in Alaska wants the newly elected Senator to step down, so that a special election can be done & give Stephens a chance to get his seat back.

    I do believe the answer has been a firm NO. As it should be

  2. caffeine head Says:

    it’s fitting that they announced the dismissal of Ted Steven’s case on April 1st

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