Guardian for Freedom of Speech?

I am not really political, some things just get under my skin.  I have ranted about political parties and even rallied on the wrong side of an issue before.  Most of my digs were a lame attempt at humor mccainpalin-bravo-oh-bomb-awed or to offer another viewpoint the-comedydrama-behind-barack-obama -/-  bho-breaks-his-own-rules But if I have been called to task because of an error I have done my best to rectify the situation as quickly as possible.  (too many to list here, sigh)  But here is one that comes immediately to mind reality-check-is-not-in-the-mail One reader and fellow blogger pointed out that what I was quoting was not accurate so, with hat in hand, I had to admit I had erred.  Nancy Pelosi doesn’t need others to add to her words in order to be made to look bad, she can do that on her own.  ?p=4807 I admit, being corrected while being wrong hurts…  so I try to learn from my mistakes.

There is always the risk you might ruffle some feathers when you take sides.  That is what makes the U.S.A. so great, you have the freedom of expression and there are laws in place to guarantee that freedom.  We pay taxes that in turn pay salaries to political figures that in turn are supposed to protect those freedoms.

I remember an interview given by Sir Paul McCartney about a song he had written, Give Ireland Back to the Irish. Paul had said that he was being ribbed for his neutrality on certain issues but he dismissed it as, “Well, I’m not really the political type.”  Until one day  British soldiers shot some unarmed Irish citizens and Paul thought, quote:  It was a little near the knuckle… in other words, something that could not be ignored.  So he cut the song only to find it  banned in the U.K.!  Though later in the interview he quipped,  “It was number one in Ireland, oddly enough!”



My friend Karen has a direct link to my blog and she had this on a recent post which I read with interest this morning.  I should have put her over in my all this and other people’s, too! link long ago, not because she says nice things about me but because she writes some interesting stuff and she has said some nice things about me.  8)   So I have corrected that, check out her posts at Karen’s Rant Page and read her opinion… you’ll be glad you did.

Anyway, here is what caught my interest and thus spawned this post…

sH68HvWfaEk in-exposing-the-identity-of-mudflats-rep-mike-doogan-exposes-himself/

First, I thought it was darn cool that ol’ Ben Franklin wrote under a pseudonym dogood.htm I had probably learned that at one time in my studies of the American Revolution, but had forgotten it.

Then I thought it was a darn shame that a political figure like Rep. Mike Doogan had to stoop so low in an effort to silence his critics.  So… I have linked the Mudflats page as well.  I don’t add links all that often because I am basically a lazy person and am not that keen on technology.  Recently my beautiful girl and I have had several run-ins with computer glitches that have cost us  (her) several hours, a few dollars and much weeping and gnashing of teeth.  So I am cautious when it comes to changing anything when it seems to be working just fine the way it is.

Today I make an exception.

The only reason I can see a politician going to great lengths to expose somebody’s identity on their blog when they choose to be anonymous is INTIMIDATION.  These people who work for the public and do this, receive their paychecks from the taxpayers.  Obviously they forget who they work for.  Mudflats was not making any threats to our national security or ensuing bodily harm to Mr. Doogan, merely stating an OPINION and to my knowledge this is not against the law.

Politicians seek to conceal their identities all the time.  Ever heard of an unnamed source or one that has spoken on the condition of anonymity? Sure you have.

So the wheel goes round.  I understand Alaska has had it’s share of bad politicians as of late, sen-ted-stevens-verses-the-free-and-open-internet remember Ted Stevens? ben-and-teds-abhorrent-misadventure The good ol’ boy who wanted to shut down the Internet because people were “loading it like a truck” and he could not get his e-mails in a timely fashion?  194 Seems the Internet and the users of it got to see him shut down instead.  hey-told-ya-so

Folks, we deserve  politicians that will listen and remember who they work for regardless of where we live.  We don’t need to be berated, belittled, besmirched or betrayed.  Alaska is part of our Republic.  Mike Doogan is a servant of the people of that Republic, albeit most of us… anonymous members.

Even Barack Obama knows the power of the people via the Internet…  and he is not taking names.

I, for one…  hope to hear a lot more from Mudflats in the near future.



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4 Responses to “Guardian for Freedom of Speech?”

  1. Karen Says:

    First off, thank you for the honor.

    I’m glad you checked out The Mudflats. AKMuckraker (while I do know what her real name is, in keeping with the spirit, I’ll refer to her as she does on her blog) is one of the best writers I’ve seen in quite awhile. (I don’t know the correct phrase, but something like ‘present company…) She didn’t deserve what Doogan has done to her. He did it out of spite, because she brought attention to his petty emails. And, he’s written a blog before using a pen name, so it’s not like it’s unheard of. She called a spade a spade & he got mad, so he got even. He thinks. I think he broke a few laws when he did that. I sincerely hope she does something about it.

  2. Embemighoxigh Says:

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  3. Ex Boyfriend Says:

    My fellow on Facebook shared this link and I’m not dissapointed that I came here.

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