AIG Solution: Dole out $165 million, Take Back $1Billion

Okay, I have it figured out.  The taxpayers giveth, the taxpayers taketh away.

I pity AIG executives when they say we have to pay these outrageous salaries and over-the-top bonuses to attract the best people.  Because if this is the best they can do (hit the government up for cash 4 times because they are losing money) then maybe there is something wrong with their thinking.  Maybe the best is not what they need, maybe… just maybe, they need somebody… shhh! responsible.  Grassley.AIG



We are the laughing stock of other countries when we speak of bailing out companies on one hand with billions of dollars and raising our national debt to gigantic proportions while having people that are supposedly paying for this losing jobs on the other hand.  Talk about a Ponzi scheme, this just keeps getting better and better.  AIG.Cuomo

I feel the only solution is that we withdraw funds.  You need these people AIG, fine.  But WE are not paying for them.  We take back one billion dollars, sorry… make due.  These so called “best” people better put their heads together and dig themselves out of this hole, earn that $165 million… now.  AIG.Outrage

After all, they are the best money can beg… uh, buy, right? Obama.Economy

It would have been cheaper to bail out Bernard Madoff… and probably would have made more cents.  Madoff.Scandal





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3 Responses to “AIG Solution: Dole out $165 million, Take Back $1Billion”

  1. Karen Says:

    I personally think the whole division should have been fired. They’d never get jobs anywhere else.

  2. Says:

    Dude! Whats happening? Got on your website today for the first time in a long while…….figured it would be a good way to stay in touch with the old man without the same old convo that a phone call seems to carry with it. Im gonna take a look and read some of these articles or blogs or whatever you crazy computer people call these things this week. After all i havent been as active as i should have been the past couple of years on my computer skills and thats been a bad thing seeing how the whole world is moveing forward and i keep drifting backwards. AIG sucks and we all know it…..but so does the american goverment! I mean come on people we got the most stupid people in office that say they cant remember about torture briefings in cuba after they leave behind there positions to some other poor bastard to make everything good again. Mexican drug bosses order mass killings of mules, trafficers, inner circles of small time sellers, users, and anyone else that can aparently tie them to the shit thats been going on for years and years. I wonder if our goverment knew about the mexican “drugs for guns” program? Kind of like the the american equal “hugs instead of drugs”! The mexican gangs really screwed themselves….if they didnt have the worlds attention before they sure got it now. Lets kill off 8000 people in a few months and hope everything calms down. And now the American gov. seems to want to do something about it. People funneling into america wasnt enough……kill a bunch of drug addicts and pushers in your own country now thats it “we’ve had enough”!!! never done this before hope you find it well. love you dad! JAIL BIRD JOEY

  3. chrisfiore5 Says:

    hello Karen,

    it is amazing how these “top” people who pull down huge salaries continue to impact the economy in a negative way. Maybe we should hire them to dismantle the system, in their grand fashion… it would probably improve things.

    hey jail bird joey,

    you said a mouthful, but I have to agree… our government seems to have 20-20 hindsight.

    I’m glad you decided to pay my blog a visit and hope you will do it regularly. Meanwhile, you take care and keep in touch, okay?

    Love you, too.


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