Why I HATE the Pittsburgh Steelers

Perhaps hate is too strong of a word, how about immensely dislike with every fiber of my being?

Like millions of Americans and people the world over, I watched the Super Bowl last night and boy did I hope for an upset.  I was SO tired of hearing about how great the Steelers were, of this much ballyhooed 6th ring was for a new “dynasty”.  Well… I for one, am not buying it.

First of all, this is not the Steel Curtain of the ’70’s, so stop calling them that.  THAT team was 30 years ago!  Different players, different coaches and yes… same stinking town.  THAT team was a dynasty, this one?  hmmpf!

Second, how can a quarterback with the lowest rating in Super Bowl HISTORY return to Super Bowl form?  It makes me puke to hear Al Micheals and John Madden gush over the Steelers quarterback.  Last time out that guy (Big Ben) threw for one yard.  (1)  One yard for the entire game.  (1)   Somehow against Seattle, they won anyway… poor officiating the lead cause.

Third,  against the Cards I read “The Dynasty Against the Doormats” and it makes me think  “show them Kurt Warner” and by golly, he almost does.  The Arizona Cardinals beat the spread and could have won the game EXCEPT for:

1)  James Harrison’s “amazing” 100 yard dash.  Al Micheals asks:  “Did he step out of bounds?”  but we never see the run back on the side lines.  John Madden says, “Aw… with a run like that YOU GOTTA GIVE IT TO HIM!”  and so they do.  I’d like to have seen what Al was talking about way back in the beginning of the run when there was a crowd all over Harrison, but the replay ignored that part of the run back.

2)  Penalties.  Wow, did Arizona rack up the penalties.  15 yard facemask, which looked like the incidental 5 yarder to me.  15 yard roughing the passer, which looked like an inplay follow through which is NEVER called.  15  yard roughing the place kick holder, huh?  Never heard that one called.

3)  It was the SUPER BOWL!  Let them play!  Arizona had racked up 96 yards of penalties to Pittsburg’s 15 by the early parts of the 4th quarter then the officials decided to balance it out.  The big, bad Steelers who LOVE to get physical sure played nice, didn’t they?

But am I the only one to feel this way?  No…


I would have loved to see the Cards pull the upset to avenge the Seahawks loss and the NFC but that wasn’t allowed to happen.

So the Steelers have the 6th ring combined for two different eras (with help)  But a dynasty? Please… put in Joan Collins and John Forsythe then give me a call.

Arizona 23 – Pittsburg 20 … in my mind, the game ended there.  Way to come back, Kurt Warner.

——– UPDATE !———     ———UPDATE!———     ———–UPDATE!———-

Okay,  I rarely do this but since the  post is still current,  I needed to add this post script.  As has been pointed out by several readers, bad officiating is in the eyes of the beholder and I regret that I generalized a little bit.  I did research Super Bowl 40 and found the following on wikipedia:


and I was corrected by one reader that incidental face mask penalties are no longer called so a 15 yarder was the correct call.

Being in Canada now, the local station did show the Super Bowl, but I must not have had the advantage of those of you who COULD see the run back by Harrison, where I questioned whether he ran out of bounds.  Where I was viewing I didn’t even get to see all the commercials ya’ll did so again… my mistake.  (lamenting not seeing commercials?  whoda thunk it?)

This does NOT mean I have to like the Steelers.  I am a Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan and have had to endure thrashings by them much too often, but I do respect the franchise and what it has accomplished in garnishing 6 rings of the 43 Super Bowls played.   I cannot discount that effort.

It WAS a good game and it kept our attention down to the very last seconds, which is what we sit down, expect and cheer for.

So… mea culpa mea culpa, I apologize to the fans of the Steelers.  In this instance, I was wrong and I am big enough to admit it.  I would love to see a dynasty of the new millenium to MATCH the one of the Pittsburgh Steelers of the 70’s and who knows?   Big Ben may even rise to the stature of Terry Bradshaw.  The press was not always kind to Terry during that time and I see some comparisons to that great quarterback and Ben Roethlisberger Steelers-Roethlisberger_s.Ribs… so I for one  would be rootin’ for him to succeed.

It was history in the making and I’m glad I got to see it.



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18 Responses to “Why I HATE the Pittsburgh Steelers”

  1. jimwood27 Says:

    First, its Pittsburgh, not Pittsburg.
    Second, they did show the replay of the INT return and he never stepped out.
    Third, there is no longer a 5 yard facemask penalty, its 15 yards automatically now.
    I agree the roughing the passer penalty was weak but the others were legitimate penalties.
    I was pulling for the Cardinals to win but you gotta respect the way the Steelers handle business.

  2. chrisfiore5 Says:

    hey jimwood,

    okay, I’ll accept the fact that I misspelled Stealers, but if the game calling was equal, they would be singing a different tune in Arizona…

    I really didn’t care who won… I just wanted to see a fairly called game.


    (I don’t really HATE the Steelers, I think Terry Bradshaw is tops)

  3. MattB Says:

    It’s amazing to me that so many people suddenly forgot that it’s illegal to run over the holder on a field goal attempt.

  4. Karen Says:

    You weren’t alone in wanting the Cardinals to win. We did too. Simply because of Warner & them being the underdog. Some of the penalties were fair called, some were questionable. Like the one where the defense couldn’t stop 6″ away from Ben (I can’t spell his last name & am too lazy to look it up). Or where Harrison should have been ejected from the game when he launched on the Cardinal he was beating on.

    I really thought they were going to pull it out. I really did. And we were bummed out when Pittsburgh got that last touchdown.

  5. chrisfiore5 Says:

    hey MattB,

    yeah, well… he deserved it. (just kidding) But wasn’t that incredible the way the Cards still held them to 3 points? oh, the drama…

    Hi Karen,

    you know, I forgot about that flagrant foul by Harrison, I guess the refs were so mesmerized by that “brilliant” run back he had they could not see past his genius.

    But you know, if there were any bets on the game (and you know there were) Arizona beating the spread had to make a LOT of fans happy.


  6. msdane Says:

    My oldest son LOVES the Steelers so for his sake I was glad to see them win. Well that is a misnomer. I didn’t watch them win, I just listened to the score on the news later. I do not like spectator sports, sorry.

  7. chrisfiore5 Says:

    hello msdane,

    yes, I know he is a rabid fan as many are…

    I guess I feel that as good a team as the Steelers are (and they ARE a great team, no question) they did not need help from other sources.

    The officials are supposed to be color blind. When it was discovered that one of the refs in the Super Bowl with Seattle was from western Pennsylvania there was an uproar, but it was too little, too late. In that game there was so much laundry thrown against the Seattle defense they couldn’t sneeze without drawing a foul. This game smacked of that as well.

    Not only that, but when the refs FINALLY started flagging Pittsburgh, that’s when the game started getting out of control because the Steelers couldn’t handle it.

    But, I did watch it… what else are you going to do on a Sunday night?


  8. Pgh Man 86 Says:

    To the haters…

    You all are just looking at excuses as to why the Cardinals lost. Just accept it like we did for super bowl XXX (still hate O’Donnell for that one). The team that played the best for “60 minutes” won the game. Not the team that played best the last 10 minutes of the 4th quarter.

    How about the fact that the Az defense couldn’t stop Pgh on it’s first 2 possessions? 10 quick points on the board , that could have a little something to do with it. How about the fact that the Az offense was non-existent just about all of the first half?

    As far as the penalties. Is it the Steelers fault that the Cardinal players got caught doing something illegal and the refs did their job and called it? The roughing the passer on Ben was indeed weak, but you can’t deny the others were not legitimate penalties.

    Be gracious about your loss, and congratulate the winners.

  9. chrisfiore5 Says:

    hello pgh man,

    ah me, this too shall pass…

    and you are right, the game was a full 60 minutes and statistic wise, (except for the quarterback comparison) the Steelers beat the Cards hands down.

    It WAS a good game in the sense that it was not a complete roll over that everyone predicted.

    It will be interesting to see what next season brings.

    Thanks for the comment.

  10. MattB Says:


    What questionable calls were made against Seattle’s defense in XL? I don’t recall any.

    The only calls I remember being questioned were the offensive interference in the end zone (correct call, because he pushed off), the holding penalty (correct call, because he was held), the Roethlisberger TD (correct call, I think he broke the plane and it definitely wasn’t conclusive that he didn’t) and the low block penalty on Hasselbeck after the interception (stupid penalty, due to a stupid rule).

  11. chrisfiore5 Says:

    Hey MattB,

    Well, if you remember that game that well you are doing better than me… I just recall feeling let down by the officiating crew. (and finding out later that the delayed flag was thrown by a Pennsylvania native didn’t help)

    But here is an analysis from wikilpedia that sort of goes by what you said…

    thanks for the visit, again


  12. MattB Says:

    I apologize if I am coming off as being ultra defensive about the subject. It’s just that we have been hearing complaints for three years about the Seattle game (and they are baseless complaints, in my mind). Now we win another one, and everyone is complaining about the officials again. It’s frustrating.

    It would be nice if folks would just admit that we have legitimately won two of the past four Super Bowls. I waited twenty years to see a championship, and I can’t fully enjoy it with all of the absurd controversy.

  13. chrisfiore5 Says:

    hi MattB,

    I feel your pain, being a Buccaneers fan, (yep, ALWAYS the underdog) and as jimwood above pointed out, a better understanding of the rules would probably be helpful, i.e. about the face mask penalty I didn’t know was changed.

    I guess most of us “arm chair” quarterbacks live in the moment of heated passion and don’t really stop and think… “oh, yeah, that is right when this or that happens” and me being more of a novice than most, I let my emotions get the better of me.

    To deny the Steelers place in football lore would be folly and I realize that despite my dislike for them (they constantly beat up on my Bucs) they have done what no other franchise has done, win 6 rings.

    Bask in that glory, MattB… I concede. I updated the post with your thoughts in mind.

    P.S. My entire blog is not negative, hopefully I’ll see you again in the future.


  14. Theresa Says:

    It doesn’t pay to be a hater. Don’t be a hater…. Steelers just know how to play to win. I also agree if you are going to bash a team at least learn how to spell the town for which they are from…Pittsburgh….not Pittsburg…bone head…

  15. chrisfiore5 Says:

    oh ouch… ow! that hurt…

    but I did apologize, you have to give me that.


  16. Chantrell Says:

    I hate people who complain when things don’t go their way! Cardinals lost just like Seattle lost!!! Get over it or go to hell, either way I don’t care my Steelers are the World Champions, and what all of you losers think does not matter!

  17. chrisfiore5 Says:

    whoa, chantrell…

    I learned my lesson, it doesn`t pay to be a hater… so don`t YOU be one. Two wrongs don`t make it right.

    I`m just a guy that takes things a little too seriously at times… but believe me, I got over it.


  18. Chantal Says:

    I was going to keep my mouth shut, but after reading the comments from these two women, I decided not to.

    Mr. C, I’m sorry about the Cards, and good for you for being bigger than your ego. You wrote about something that got to you on a visceral level, people commented, you saw that there were points where you were wrong and you owned up to it, fair and square, and in the most respectful way. I don’t know too many men or women who can do that.

    And I’m impressed with the people who commented on this post; they obviously feel strongly about this, and kept their comments respectful.

    But to Theresa, who said:

    “….if you are going to bash a team at least learn how to spell the town for which they are from!”

    Theresa, you’re kind of late in picking up that typo, considering it was already pointed out by ANOTHER reader and corrected by the writer. And by the way, it’s not “the town for which they are from….”. It’s “the town they come from”, or “the town from which they come”. But I won’t call you a bone-head, Theresa, for making an honest mistake.

    Chantrell, if what all of these losers think doesn’t matter, why do you even bother reading anybody’s opinion on YOUR Steelers? I’m always amazed at people who take the time to read something they disagree with, then leave a comment such as yours….smacking of intimidation, nothing constructive, it doesn’t even seem like you read the previous comments to this post, or even the post itself. Because had you been a true Steelers fan, and had you read Chrisfiore5’s post and the ensuing comments, I doubt that you would have told him to go to hell, and proceeded to treat all non-Steelers supporters as losers. Then again, maybe that’s what Steelers fans do…..

    A loser is one that is bad in quality, and telling Chrisfiore5 to go to hell on his blog is a good indication of someone’s level of quality. And maturity. His reply to your comment, Chantrell, was much too kind and in keeping with his own philosophy of life, of respecting others, and of advocating fair play. I would not expect anything less from a man who faces life with optimism and who always treats others with respect and generosity. Then again, he’s not a Steelers fan……

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