BHO (breaks his own) Rules?

I never intended for this to be a political commentary blog… it seems so pointless to complain that I wonder why I should even bother.  I mean, why flitter away precious energy that could be channeled towards more interesting things like my Shades of Hemingway series… right?  Okay, sorry.  I wasn’t going to bring THAT up again until the Spring.  (Beware the Ides of March)  But in light of what I just posted about last  (The Comedy/Drama Behind Barack Obama ) I just couldn’t reconcile what has happened since. McCain.Lobbyist And just when I was feeling all warm and fuzzy…

Didn’t we hear BHO declare before the world that the old ways were being put aside for a new, transparent form of government?  Obama.Ethics.and.Openness Didn’t he say that special interest groups and lobbyists would have no place in HIS administration? And didn’t he set sweeping new rules in place to make it so?  And didn’t I say I wanted to believe, close my eyes and click my heels together with my fingers crossed and declare “There’s no one like Obama” three times?  Yes, I did.

So why does BHO break his own rules with this William J. Lynn guy? Fact.Check.Obama.Ethics Mr. Lynn has been a top lobbyist for the firm Raytheon, one of the largest military contractors for the U.S. Government.  lobbyist Now (coincidentally?) he  is being tapped for Deputy Defense Secretary.  Hmmm…  smacks of Dick Cheney and Haliburton, doesn’t it?  (ouch!)

I read a little about Mr. Lynn (on the Raytheon website bio_lynn.pdf) and he has impeccable credentials as far as lobbyists go.  The White House spokesman for President Obama has said that the rules must be bent to accommodate men of Mr. Lynn’s caliber in order to do service for the American people.  But I wonder…

Why make rules only to bend them?  Why make statements that make us feel good only to go against them?  Why give a facade of breaking clean from past political structures only to build them anew under a variance of your own guidelines?  I don’t get it. Some time ago my kids used to say this or that rules! Like Batman rules!  or Superman rules!  or my team rules!  meaning they are the best or the top of the list or no one can compete against them.  Now  BHO rules!  Breaks his own rules, that is…  and that is a darn shame.Obama.Reform.Promises

Possibly Mr. Lynn is an okay dude, but stick to your principles, President Obama.  You set the principle, you set the standard, you set the example.  Were there not other qualified men to fill this position who are not lobbyists?

Let’s say the playground has been over run by hooligans and the new Principal of the school has declared a “No More Hooligans” policy.  Hooray!  The playground is declared safe and sound for little Johnny and his friends.  But then the new school Principal decides to allow the biggest, baddest, most fearsome hooligan of them all in under the guise of: “He’ll keep the lessor hooligans off the playground.”  Would your little Johnny feel secure hanging with the dude that masterminded the short changing of his underwear?  I mean, folks…  you don’t get any bigger than a military contractor lobbyist.

By my lovely wife’s suggestion I checked out (remember I said I bookmarked it?)  She thought President Obama might have addressed the reasons why he usurped his own decision to exclude lobbyists in Mr. Lynn’s case.   So I did.  I got to hear and read President Obama’s first weekly address!  I thought that was remarkably cool, something I said I would do if I was the Prez.  As a matter of fact, I think I remembered posting that suggestion to Hillary back when the election was all but in the bag for her.  (see post, Hello Hillary posted on 6-10-07 … it IS in there!  whoa!) Maybe the Senators exchanged ideas and this suggestion of mine slipped in there.  (I’m not taking credit… I’m just thinking out loud here)  Anyway, when I discovered this very cool feature and commitment from our new President I was thrilled and almost forgot the other thing (lobbyist William J. Lynn for Deputy Defense Secretary)  though it was not mentioned there.  (sigh)

So enthralled was I that I decided to “contact” President Obama by way of e-mail.  (there is a provision on the site to do this… really, you should check it out)  Since I heard on the news that the Homeland Security people agreed to let Barack keep his Blackberry I thought, “Why not?”  Hopefully when he received my 500 words or less  I wasn’t interrupting another compromise of principles but anyway… After I told him how cool I thought it was that he was enabling me to e-mail him I invited him to read AMRFP.   Since then I have felt a little nervous.  I have been keeping my eyes and ears open for black helicopters,  ninja styled military personnel on zip cords and wire taps on my phone.  (not that I have anything to hide)

Why draw attention to myself, you ask?  Well, I figure I can always recant anything that appears offensive or contradictory as “bending the rules.”  I’m still politically neutral and I intend to remain “transparent” in everything I do on AMRFP.

But if I happen to disappear in the middle of the night…  shhh!  listen…  chudda chudda chudda


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2 Responses to “BHO (breaks his own) Rules?”

  1. Chantal Says:

    Good, clever post.
    Love, C.

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    […] or to offer another viewpoint the-comedydrama-behind-barack-obama -/-  bho-breaks-his-own-rules But if I have been called to task because of an error I have done my best to rectify the situation […]

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