(raise the tax on gasoline?) You Have GOT To Be Kiddin’ Me!

So have you heard the latest? Because fuel consumption is way down our government wants to RAISE the fuel tax! RAISE THE FUEL TAX! What the hell? Just a few brief months ago they were telling us that if we just cut our usage the cost of gasoline would go down and bring relief to our crippled economy. NOW they say because we aren’t buying enough gas we are going to have to raise taxes to make up the difference? I say hell no. HELL NO!

They tell us that the projects that need to be done are under funded. I say, where did the money go when times were good, when the economy was roaring just a couple of years ago? What about THAT money? That money should have just recently gone into our coffers and be ready to be put to use, we have only just recently cut our consumption, remember last summer? That is when the talk was if we dropped in oil purchases the cost of oil would go down. We did the work, (some of us were forced) and now this bullshit. Am I to assume when the cost of oil goes up (and you know it will) and fuel consumption decreases further, we will be taxed more?

If you recall this whole downward spiral began when fuel prices shot up. Industry is directly effected by the cost of gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, etc. The cost of shipping goes up. The cost to travel goes up. The cost to survive goes up. Whether it be because of the guys that project futures on Wall St. are lining their pockets or the government is levying higher taxes that increase the price of gasoline, it is bad for the consumer… especially now. We are RECOVERING from a RECESSION. Don’t kick us when we are down and trying to get back on our knees.

Stupid, stupid, stupid.

I say cut government expenditures, if we don’t have the money for projects then we don’t have money for government officials that head useless departments that have no money to operate. It is that simple. Downsize our government employees. Sorry, revenue is down so we can’t afford to give you Senators and Congressmen LIFETIME salaries and health care anymore. Revenue is down, sorry, we can’t give you all that across the board raise you all voted unanimously for.


In fact, all you government fat cats now need to give back to US. Time to work for free, give us a year of working for minimum wage and see how it feels to have to cut out things like food because you cannot afford the gas to drive back and forth to work.

The argument is that unless you pay these politicians vast amounts of money, nobody will want to run for office. I say bunk. What ever happened to just wanting to do service to the community?

A friend of mine bought a hybrid vehicle a while back. He was very pleased with the fact that he was doing something good for the ecology of our planet and isn’t that what we all should be thinking right now? cut out fuel consumption, ease our carbon footprint, think green? Well, my friend took his good feelings down to the county tax agency to purchase a tag for his lean, green, hybrid machine and guess what? Because he wouldn’t be buying as much fuel he had to pay a surcharge for his license plate… a $400.00 surcharge to make up for the difference in the tax revenue the government would be missing out on because he has cut his purchasing of fossil fuel! This is ludicrous and I don’t mean the rapper of the same name.


Calling this a carbon tax doesn’t change the fact that it is a crazy way to do business. We need an initiative to do the right thing. Our government has a way of throwing our money at a problem without really fixing anything. For example:

Did you hear about these bank executives that got their bonuses out of the bail out fund?


It seems hard to believe, doesn’t it?

I am all for paying my fair share and taxes should be spread out to those who use a certain service or require assistance.

But if this is the road to recovery that the Democrats are pushing, then that may be what we end up doing… pushing our vehicles because no one will be able to afford to drive them.

DO NOT RAISE TAXES IN A FALTERING ECONOMY! History shows us that it does not work. Let people keep their money and they will spend it. We don’t need the government to take it and spend it on themselves.

Oh, and another thing. Did you know that the economies of Iran, Russia and Venezuela (all oil producing nations) have based their economies (and spent accordingly) on the projected value of oil at over $100.00 a barrel? When oil dips to below $40.00 a barrel nations like Canada, Mexico and Saudi Arabia still can make a profit because their projections are far lower, around $25.00 a barrel. Notice that these nations that have an interest in higher oil prices are governments that are not friendly towards the U.S. and it is these nations that are hurting the worst right now because of lower oil prices.



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3 Responses to “(raise the tax on gasoline?) You Have GOT To Be Kiddin’ Me!”

  1. GoStorybooking.com Says:

    You are so right! On one side the left is saying we shouldnt be using fossil fuels then when they see a tax source going down they are quick to penalize us because we use less. Screwed if we do and screwed if we dont! – great blog – Neville

  2. Irish Eyes Says:

    Agreed… 100% in agreement. Interesting where one can find information regarding the economy. I was reading an article in Wood Digest magazine, October 2008 issue, titled “When Ignorance Isn’t Bliss” by Don Shultz. Very informative and actually right down the line with what I consider to be basic common sense. I work within the wood industry and my boss not only gave me a copy of the article, he also mailed a copy to every member of our Montana state government and to key federal government officials in Washington DC. Please go here to read the complete article –> http://www.wooddigest.com/publication/article.jsp?pubId=2&id=1391&pageNum=2
    I’d be interested in hearing what your impressions are on the article.

  3. chrisfiore5 Says:

    hello Neville,
    if anyone can explain the current political reasoning to me I would gladly sing their praises here for all to see…

    thank you for your continued support of my little blog, hopefully I can get cheerier as the year wears on.

    hey Irish Eyes,
    long time… no green, glad to have you back with AMRFP

    I read that article and used it in my next post, it was perfect! thank you for sharing it with us.



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