It’s Been a Long, Long, Long Time…


Hello. It’s me. I’ve been gone for a while, but not really. 3 months ago I decided to run my third installment of Shades of Hemingway and figured I would have it posted in it’s entirety in 6 weeks. Well, it took me three months. Let’s see what has happened while I was gone.

1) 3 months ago the economy sucked, but now it is suckier. You’ll recall that King George was in a state of denial saying we had not gone into a recession. Okaaaay… but we were going to get stimulus checks to stem the tide and start America spending again. Since then there have been collapses and near collapses; bail outs, hand outs, fall outs, shoot outs, shut downs, shut ins and shut ups. We have been teetering back and forth on this near economical disaster of Biblical proportions while the band plays on. Now the entire world points the finger at the U.S. and blames us for the demise of consumer confidence and the shrinking credit market. I don’t think it is our fault but that will be addressed in another post… very soon. Meanwhile suffice it to say when the times are good we get disdain, when the times are bad we get the blame.

2) Paul Newman died. Unfortunately I was not able to pay tribute to this wonderful human being at the time because I did not want to disrupt the flow (?) of Shades of Hemingway / Deja’ Voodoo. I know that the era of the bonafide super star is rapidly fading, but this man’s efforts as a humanitarian almost exceeded his legend as an actor. The upside is that we have his work to enjoy for generations to come. The downside is that even the great ones have to one day succumb to human frailty and death. My recent bride heard a quote from him that she relayed to me. When Paul Newman was asked if he was ever tempted to stray from his wife of some 40 years, Joanne Woodward, he is reported to have said, “Why would I settle for hamburger when I have steak at home?” Upon hearing that quote my own wife said, “That sounds like something you’d say.” I considered it a compliment. Paul Newman; heartthrob, actor, anti-hero, philanthropist, human being. Rest in peace, Butch Cassidy.

3) Barack Obama wins the presidency. After nearly a quarter of a billion dollars in spending, months of campaigning; along with mud slinging, back biting, back stabbing, back talking, back room strategy and bad, back grounds in general and none-the-less; multiple news makers and heart breakers, (whew!) the election was finally decided. My question is… who would want it? Our system of government is stuck in a quagmire and needs some shaking up. Even when government officials are exposed as unethical, accusations go unanswered and investigations are bogged down in red tape. We may never know who knew what when or the cause of all the shenanigans but I think the past few months have left a bitter pill for the public to have to swallow. I for one hope that President Obama is the best president we ever had. He has a lot of expectations put upon him and the pressure to succeed is enormous. I just hope once he takes office he doesn’t blame all his inefficiencies (and there will be some) on the previous administration (which they all do). If not for the faltering economy, I don’t think Democrats would be so smug right now and I am not sure that the powers that be didn’t have something to do with it’s formation and fruitation. But that will be addressed further in a future post… very soon.

4) The Beatles were in the news again. Apparently Paul McCartney gave a time card/pay stub to a foundation in England some years ago that came up for auction to benefit a charity. That piece of paper gave proof to the existence of Eleanor Rigby, whom Paul always claimed was an imaginary character. For more info, here’s the link:

5) Not to be outdone, Elvis is in the news as well. Have you ever wanted to sing like and/or with the King of Rock and Roll? Well, here’s your chance. Click on this link to record your own duet!

Of course, there have been countless other incidents since I started posting Deja’ Voodoo. Too many to mention here. The economy wanes, the wars rage on, terrorists seem to act with impunity, disasters world wide, Caylee’s remains are found, shoes thrown at our President, Saint Oprah gains weight, Britney Spears makes another come back at 26. 26? Hard to believe, but you get the idea.

Oh! and I have been united with my lovely wife here in Canada. It is a different surrounding to say the least (fodder for more content perhaps) and that has greatly influenced my creativity to a point of neglecting this blog. I’m sorry.

This is my 302nd post, and it has been a lot of fun. With over 30,000 hits it has also been gratifying to think that there is an audience out there for my silly ramblings. My readership plummeted when I started posting Deja’ Voodoo, which I expected it would. Now I have to go back to the type of content that most people seem to enjoy, which will not be too hard.

I love doing this…




3 Responses to “It’s Been a Long, Long, Long Time…”

  1. marge Says:

    IT is great to see you writing again!!
    Other then your “Shades” story
    I’m sure the snow and cold is very hard to adjust to.
    It is for me too and I have never left Iowa to live some place warmer!!!
    I hope you and your new family are doing well.
    Thanks for writing!!!
    Love you sis

  2. marge Says:

    sorry that should have said “love your sis”

  3. seamonster02 Says:

    You sure missed a lot in the last three months! Good to have you back!

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