McCain/Palin? Bravo! (Oh! bomb awed)


Wow, will politics ever become more exciting than right now? 


Barack Obama, a presidential candidate with little or no experience chooses Joe Biden who has a truck load of experience as his running mate.  Then not to be outdone, John McCain, a presidential candidate with a truck load of experience chooses Sarah Palin, a person with little or no experience, as HIS running mate. 

This, folks… is better than T.V. and let me tell you why.

Barack Obama promises change, but then selects a Washington insider Joe Biden as his vice-president which leans towards the status quo of politics.  John McCain promises GOP stability, but then makes a historic choice by tapping Sarah Palin as HIS vice-president and thus creates a political breath of fresh air! 

McCain out obama’d Obama!  Let’s call it… Oh! bomb awed.

This just shows to go ya that truth IS much stranger than fiction and that this will not be politics as usual come November. 

I mean, the Obama camp can criticize Palin’s inexperience all they want to but isn’t that sorta like the pot calling the kettle… ah, you know.

I DO know that there may be some women out there considering voting Republican now that may not have before because many were disenfranchised with the choice of Obama over Clinton.  I’m not sure that those niceties we witnessed at the Democratic convention were all that sincere.  It isn’t too hard to imagine that everyone put on a “united” face for the service of their party.

Politicians will do ANYTHING to win, but McCain has gone out on a limb while Obama played it safe.  What the outcome will be is anyone’s guess but personally… I say bravo to John McCain. 

He truly is what he says he is, a maverick.  Madam Vice-President Sarah Palin has a nice ring to it and oh!… for your information, like Barack has pointed out about his own name… Sarah is Bible based, too.

The wife of Abraham in the Old Testament; Sarah means, “princess” or “holy one.”  She may not be Halle Berry  (as I suggested McCain choose a while back, see: Choosing a Running Mate.  McCain Can Win If… from 8/02/08) but she is close.  At least SOMEBODY listens to me…

And she is far better looking than Joe Biden.

Oh, by the way… today, August 29th, the day she was selected as a vice-presidential candidate, is also her 20th wedding anniversary!

Congratulations, Sarah Palin.

Also, by amazing coincidence, Happy birthday, John McCain… 72 years young today.


Way to go.


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6 Responses to “McCain/Palin? Bravo! (Oh! bomb awed)”

  1. Cyndi Says:

    Ah! To think my own brother likes McCain. It grieves me.

  2. chrisfiore5 Says:

    well… let me just say this about that.

    McCain has much better qualifications than Obama. Sarah Palin is not the status quo that Joe Biden is.

    Obama had a chance to put his money where his mouth is and he chose Biden, I don’t see much change in that. That to me is politics as usual.

    McCain had a chance to play it safe and choose the running mate that everyone thought he would. McCain showed me he can think for himself and is not afraid to make a decision that may be criticized as unpopular.

    I don’t see any real substance in Obama, just a lot of talk on change, change, change. What kind of change and how are you going to do it?
    change for the sake of change is not necessarily a good thing.

    I think Obama is a prima donna, I think McCain is a patriot…

    sorry sis, that’s just the way I see it.


  3. Cyndi Says:

    Hey! To each his own. I’m not taking offense at what you say. However, don’t you think many thought Obama would have Hilary as his running mate? I think McCain pulled a fast one. No, not deceiving, but when Obama didn’t choose a woman running mate, he did. I think that is a coup for him, to be sure. Besides, do you really think Obama and McCain make all their own decisions? They have political advisers and who knows what all that do the math and figure the odds and everything else. That is what I think motivated each to pick their running mate.

    I think McCain uses cheap shots to try to sway the vote from Obama and I don’t think Obama reciprocates in kind. No, he doesn’t have a lot of experience (Obama) but he will have a senate and a house of representatives and several others to advise him. I think Obama will be a good president.

    Love ya.

  4. Womanofroyce Says:

    let’s hope you are in the minority in your thinking.
    we don’t need another George W Bush, and that is what we will get if McCain gets into office
    And I’m not sure our country could afford another Bush.

  5. chrisfiore5 Says:

    I don’t think George Bush is running in this election and to compare John McCain to him is a disservice to his efforts as a politician.

    Obama’s camp continues to say “90% of the time McCain voted along with Bush” but Barack Obama voted 97% of the time with his fellow Democrats. He voted “present” on some issues because he didn’t want to offend either side. Sorry, you have to make a decision on issues and can’t ride the fence if you want to be President. Also, how many times was the vote shared by the Democrats and Republicans equally and/or unanimously?

    I’d be interested in knowing the 10% of the time he DIDN”T vote along with George Bush. Something tells me there are few like him in either party.

    I agree times are tough, but we live in a dangerous world. I don’t think we can “talk” our way out of anything just by being “present.”

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