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McCain/Palin? Bravo! (Oh! bomb awed)

August 29, 2008


Wow, will politics ever become more exciting than right now? 


Barack Obama, a presidential candidate with little or no experience chooses Joe Biden who has a truck load of experience as his running mate.  Then not to be outdone, John McCain, a presidential candidate with a truck load of experience chooses Sarah Palin, a person with little or no experience, as HIS running mate. 

This, folks… is better than T.V. and let me tell you why.

Barack Obama promises change, but then selects a Washington insider Joe Biden as his vice-president which leans towards the status quo of politics.  John McCain promises GOP stability, but then makes a historic choice by tapping Sarah Palin as HIS vice-president and thus creates a political breath of fresh air! 

McCain out obama’d Obama!  Let’s call it… Oh! bomb awed.

This just shows to go ya that truth IS much stranger than fiction and that this will not be politics as usual come November. 

I mean, the Obama camp can criticize Palin’s inexperience all they want to but isn’t that sorta like the pot calling the kettle… ah, you know.

I DO know that there may be some women out there considering voting Republican now that may not have before because many were disenfranchised with the choice of Obama over Clinton.  I’m not sure that those niceties we witnessed at the Democratic convention were all that sincere.  It isn’t too hard to imagine that everyone put on a “united” face for the service of their party.

Politicians will do ANYTHING to win, but McCain has gone out on a limb while Obama played it safe.  What the outcome will be is anyone’s guess but personally… I say bravo to John McCain. 

He truly is what he says he is, a maverick.  Madam Vice-President Sarah Palin has a nice ring to it and oh!… for your information, like Barack has pointed out about his own name… Sarah is Bible based, too.

The wife of Abraham in the Old Testament; Sarah means, “princess” or “holy one.”  She may not be Halle Berry  (as I suggested McCain choose a while back, see: Choosing a Running Mate.  McCain Can Win If… from 8/02/08) but she is close.  At least SOMEBODY listens to me…

And she is far better looking than Joe Biden.

Oh, by the way… today, August 29th, the day she was selected as a vice-presidential candidate, is also her 20th wedding anniversary!

Congratulations, Sarah Palin.

Also, by amazing coincidence, Happy birthday, John McCain… 72 years young today.


Way to go.


return of the dreaded sequel, part 1

August 29, 2008

Okay, it has been a while since I last posted Shades of Hemingway, Medium Exposure but I haven’t given up on it’s sequel.  I have been working diligently on it off and on for several months.  (admittedly more off than on)  The only reason I bring it up now is because September (yikes!) is just around the corner and I am not finished with it yet. 

There are a lot of distractions out there (which I am sure you are well aware of) that seem to occupy my time and mind.

Like making a living…

1)  It is tough making a living these days.  The economy sucks right now and quite frankly I did my best to stimulate things with my rebate money, but I’m afraid it just wasn’t enough… may I have more, please?

Another distraction was the Olympics…

2)  I enjoyed seeing China get all those gold medals, really I did.  (regardless of their age, *wink wink*)  But do I have to see advertisements on T.V. a week later showing China as a great place to visit?  Hey folks, we are in a recession.   I sure don’t feel like going to China is the top of the American people’s priority list.  Oh, and if the medals were minted there you can just about bet they’ll tarnish, crumble and fall apart just like all the other crap they produce.

The political scene has me intrigued…

3)  I was struck by one of the graphs I saw on the news the other day that said 90% of the black population in the U.S.A. plan to vote for Barack Obama.  Now is that because of the issues he stands for or is it because he is black?  If 90% of the white population said they were going to vote for John McCain we’d be labelled as racist.  I don’t get how that works in today’s politically correct society.

We have been having a lot of storm activity…

4)  We have had a fairly busy last couple of days (see: Spending the Day With Tropical Storm Fay) and it looks like more storms are heading our way.  We are smack dab in the middle of hurricane season and the next few weeks might keep us hopping.

Not only that but 5 months have passed since I married my French Canadian sweetheart and we are still working on co-habitation, which can sometimes be stressful but we are coping well.

and then there’s always the laundry…

So, without further ado I will be making a more pronounced effort in the coming days to finish what I started and begin posting it here, right here, for your enjoyment…

Meanwhile…. check this out.


kind of the flip side of an earlier observation (see: not your favorite cover) and yet another diversion… sheesh!

Really…  this is one of the worst?