you must remember this…

 You must remember this

a kiss is still a kiss

a sigh is just a sigh

the fundamental things apply

As Time Goes By.


And when two lovers woo

they still say “I love you”

on that you can rely

no matter what the future brings

As Time Goes By.


Moonlight and love songs – never out of date

hearts full of passion – jealousy and hate

Woman needs man – and man must have his mate

That no one can deny.


It’s still the same old story

a fight for love and glory

a case of do or die

the world will always welcome lovers

As Time Goes By.

                                …from the movie, Casablanca


Oh, I know it is unseemingly lame for a man to be caught up in the romanticism of love… but sometimes I cannot help myself.

I saw this little excerpt today:

and of course it got me juiced and I thought about some of the most memorable movie kisses I could recall… you know the ones with the fiery sunsets or the magnificent landscapes stretching off into the horizon in the background?

So… in no particular order:

The kiss John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara (na na na na nana na na… today is her birthday!) share in The Quiet Man after which he sweeps her in his arms and kicks the bedroom door open…

The kiss Jimmy Stewart gives Donna Reed after he tells her, “Listen, I don’t want no ground floor… etc.” in It’s a Wonderful Life and the very next scene shows them getting married…

The kiss Jack Nicholson gives Helen Hunt in As Good As It Gets right after he kissed her in the street the first time and then says, “I know I can do better than that!”  and does… 

The kiss Bacall gives Bogart in To Have and Have Not before telling him, “You know how to whistle, don’t you… ?”

The kiss Dustin Hoffman gets while playing Dorthy Micheals from the T.V. actor known as “The Tongue” in the movie, Tootsie…

The kiss Ronald Colman gives Jane Wyatt after chasing her through the hanging gardens of Shangri La in the movie, Lost Horizon …

The repeated kisses Marilyn Monroe gives Tony Curtis, (who claims he feels nothing) in the movie, Some Like It Hot…

The kiss Bob Hope reacts to from Jane Russell and requests more of in the movie, The Paleface

The kiss Omar Sharif and Julie Christie share when he returns from the Russian front in the movie, Doctor Zhivago…

The kisses Anna Chlumsky and Macaulay Culkin give to their arms while practicing for the real thing in the movie, My Girl…

The kiss Alex Cord gives Ann-Margret, who says she’ll follow him anywhere, in the remake of the movie, Stagecoach (one of my favorite Westerns)…

The kiss Elvis gives Juliet Prowse after singing, “Pocketful of Rainbows” in the movie, G.I. Blues…

and the greatest non-kiss?  When Bogart lets Bergman walk away on the airfield tarmac in the movie, Casablanca…


Is a kiss still a kiss?  Mmm… thankfully,  yes.



3 Responses to “you must remember this…”

  1. msdane Says:


    Who can ever forget the two memorable kisses in “Gone With the Wind?” The first where Rhett leaves Scarlett as he’s decided to go and fight for the hopeless “Cause,” and the one that got my hormones going at the age of 12 where he kisses her and then carries her upstairs after saying, “There will only be two people in my bed tonight!” Wow! I wanted him to carry me upstairs! I know there are others, those are the only ones that come to mind right now.

    Love ya.

  2. Chantal Says:

    “Since the invention of the kiss, there were five kisses that were rated the most passionate, the most pure. This one left them all behind.”
    (Westley kissing Buttercup in “The Princess Bride”. )

    As you wish……

  3. chrisfiore5 Says:


    there was one kiss at an airport not too long ago that would have won an Academy Award…


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