oh the humanity! and the cost of celebrity…


I read this and thought to myself… where was the mother when all this insane desire for fame was being instigated by her ditsy daughter?

Gee, Mom… you can’t have it both ways.



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2 Responses to “oh the humanity! and the cost of celebrity…”

  1. Karen Says:

    I wonder if she heard Jake Tapper, a correspondent for ABC, when he called the ad, Spears, & Hilton, stupid? Everyone on the panel thought it was funny. I bet she didn’t.

    But, your right. If she didn’t want her made fun of by anyone, she should have raised her differently.

  2. msdane Says:

    Have you seen Paris’s rebuttal on the news? Only someone as rich as she is could buy time on national television like that. I just saw it this morning and she said she wasn’t running for anything, she is just “hot.” She also referred to McCain as that gray, curly-haired old guy without ever mentioning his name but using that referral a few times. Sheesh!

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