Choosing a running mate. McCain can win if…

Recently the political scene has gotten slightly ridiculous but I still think it can be salvaged before the November 5th elections. 

Obama has had a slight lead over McCain and it looks like the Republican nominee has turned to some pretty far out accusations to try and win folks over.  Recently he has compared Barack to the Hilton I have refused to mention in this blog again and Britney Spears.  He has said in effect that we shouldn’t vote for Obama because he has become too popular?  Or because he is too girly I’m not sure which but I do know one thing… being popular has won a lot of elections, I mean… isn’t that what they call the “popular vote?”

That  Obama has charisma is not a valid reason not to vote for him, or that he appears too confident or presidential… isn’t that what we want in our leaders?  It would not be good if they shuffled along with shoulders drooped and a  fallen countenance, we want our leaders to display some measure of fortitude and forthrightness.   

McCain needs to choose a running mate, literally.  He is already battling the too old label, so why not tap a younger, hipper kinda groupie person to swing some of that younger vote his way?  As a Republican I don’t think he has a snow ball’s chance in a pizza oven to get elected unless he grabs someone that is a player with today’s under 50 crowd.  

Republicans are on their way out in droves.  Every one knows that Republicans (like Ted Stevens) walk arm and arm with Big Oil.  (who just posted record profits AGAIN!)  We had Congress run to their much deserved 5 week recess without doing anything about high gas prices when it was within their grasp to do so.  How long do they think people are going to hold on and believe their rhetoric?  There are some rumblings in the distance and they are getting louder… (I think I see torches and pitchforks being handed out to the peasants)

So John, you are in a pickle but there is hope here.  (I’m not trying to kick you when you are down)  First, you have an outstanding record of bipartisanship so why not use that in your favor?  Don’t go the expected route of choosing a running mate from within your party.  I doubt Jesus Christ himself could get elected on the Republican ticket right now but there may be a chance for you if you choose wisely… and sooner rather than later.

My recommendation?  Halle Berry! 

Imagine… she’s smart, attractive, young, (she won an Oscar) popular (tsk!) wealthy and a minority.  If (God forbid) something happened to you while in office she would be the first black woman president!  How could the Democrats top that?  Truth is, they couldn’t.  Even if Obama chose Clinton as his running mate their possibilities remain between the two of them separately. But YOU! John McCain would make history as putting forth the greatest bipartisan effort ever known in the political arena! 

McCain/Berry… it has a nice ring, doesn’t it?  and just think, they couldn’t label you a racist or make you appear unpopular any longer… (not that you actually WANT to be popular)

C’mon… you really DO wanna be, don’t you… John?


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4 Responses to “Choosing a running mate. McCain can win if…”

  1. Chantal Says:

    That’s brilliant! You’re becoming my alternative American politics go-to guy…..

  2. Kurt Says:

    Halle Berry is so incredibly awesome that even I would have to vote for that ticket!

  3. Karen Says:

    I just saw an ad for McCain that’s guaranteed to irritate the Christians. He keeps this up, he won’t need to worry about a running mate.

  4. msdane Says:

    I think McCain is lame in the brain–sorry.

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