catch the wind

I’ve been busy.  Not really in a productive sense, but involved with other things… time consuming things that have eaten up the hours and left a trail of emotional waste behind.  Maybe you’ve been busy, too.  It seems a lot is going on these days and it is hard to garnish necessity from distraction.

Perhaps you, like me, have been wondering about the things that go bump in the night.  Things like, why do oil prices seem to jump at the assumption of mere speculation of a potential thing that may not happen thus causing gas prices to skyrocket, but gas prices do not go down in the same manner when oil commodities dip?  If oil drops at a rate of a buck a barrel it should effect the price of gas about 2.5 cents a gallon…  10 dollars, 25 cents; 20 dollars, 50 cents and so on.  Gasoline still holds at 4 bucks a gallon, oil has dropped 20 bucks a barrel… you do the math. 

A few weeks ago I didn’t even know who T. Boone Pickens was, now I want to elect him president.

Congress is at a stalemate, they have their worst approval rating EVER in the history of our government… each side blames the other.  I thought that Democrats promised better things were coming but so far we haven’t seen it.  It is like I said before, change for the sake of change is not always a good thing.  You can have a leaky roof then for a change go stand out in the rain, but either way you’re gonna get wet.  Whether or not you believe that ANY change is better than what we have now depends largely on how much you are willing to be soaked.

They will tell you anything to get elected.  Anything.

I’m a little miffed at our attention on celebrities, too.  I mean, are the Mr. and Mrs. Brad Pitt’s baby pictures really worth 14 million dollars?  yikes.  Are we that gullible?  Is escapism at any cost worth it?  I imagine somewhere someone might think so, but with the economy being as it is now, is that money well spent?  I marvel at the notion that money can be given so freely in one aspect but can be withheld and denied on the other.  Our media is a monster, guiding people’s thoughts and actions like we are sheep.

They only tell you what they want you to know.

Religion mixed in politics is becoming so blatant it is difficult to tell the “man of the cloth” from the “man on the street.”  In other words, faith is supposed to set us apart from the rest of the world, not commingle us with it.  Didn’t Jesus say, “because I have taken you out of the world, the world hates you?”  Yet on and on we see religion mixed with politics as strange bedfellows.

“By their fruits you will recognize these men.”

There are many things that can drive us to distraction, divert our attention from the big picture and my hand has been idle as of late.  To say that what is going on in the world doesn’t effect me would be an un-truth but it is more than that.

My heart is elsewhere. 

Funny how I can be separated from my fair one and we can still be close.  I can talk to her on the phone, read e-mails and write letters.  We can instant message each other from a half a continent away and through all of these forms of communication feel each others sentiments are as close as the next room.  But recently when she went to visit a different part of Canada I felt alone though the gap between us hadn’t really changed.  She was in a new and strange environment, away from everything familiar.  The security I had in knowing she was safe at home and living the normal routine was disrupted.

Tranquility is an exercise of the mind.

We are creatures that allow our preceptions to shape our reality.  We can have money and yet feel broke.  We can have power and yet feel helpless.  We can have celebrity and yet feel loneliness.  We can have faith and yet feel alienated from God.  We can have love yet feel lost and unworthy.  We can know truth and feel doubt.

Catch the wind. 

Through it all… I am still here.  Sometimes overcome with anxiety, often consumed by uncertainty, occasionally bereft of hope, still left to delve into my imperfections with my own scrutinizing, stark self examinations and neglectful of my strengths as though I had none. 

We are outside the candy store, looking through the glass… imagining all the tastes and smells that come with the gratification of consumption.  Perhaps we’ve had that flavor of life before and now have it withheld, the window not one of opportunity but restraint, a barrier of disdain and deprivation.  Or maybe we long for something new, something displayed as desirous and fresh, a clever design to lead us to fulfillment.  We are not thinking of the road that has led us here, nor do we contemplate what lies ahead… our nose is to the glass.  We are compelled to gaze in wonderment at the sugar coated delights that are spread before us promising instant success and pleasure.  

But to over indulge those cravings!  a stomach ache surely awaits… 

I cannot predict what tomorrow will bring, only prepare myself for the worst, hope for the best, put my faith and trust in who I am and what I believe to be true.  Walk away from the empty calories contained within the candy store.  The road there also leads us past… better nourishment awaits.

I am still here… and no worse for the where.



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One Response to “catch the wind”

  1. Karen Says:

    $14 mil for pictures? Jeeze, I barely knew they had been born. But then, I don’t care, for I live in the real world.

    Think of the additional profits for big oil, when the cost of crude goes down, but the price at the pump stays astronomical. Like they need it. I would vote for Pickens in a heartbeat, because he exhibits sense. Sense enough to know when to fold & go on to the next game.

    The neighbor’s yard always looks greener than mine does, but is that green artificial? That’s how I content myself with my weedless but sparse yard. It’s slow going, but it’s getting there. So do I worry about how his lawn became greener than mine? While mine may be slower, his may be colored.

    We can be alone in a room full of laughing people. Be happy with yourself, & when you talk to her next, let her know that all’s right since you talked with her.

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