where the light is – john mayer

Okay… I’m not wrong often but when I am I admit it.  I’d like you all to accept my apology.  (Dr. Leo Marvin)

What about Bob, Dad?  (Siggy)  from the film, What About Bob?


Recently I opined the current trend in rock ‘n’ roll music, perhaps an admission that I am getting too old?  (you decide)   But I have a new hero, well… not really new, but one who has breathed life into my rock ‘n’ roll soul.

where the light is, John Mayer’s new double live CD restores my faith in so many ways.  I love the fact that he did 3 distinctly different sets and produces over 2 hours of great music.  Did I say great?   I meant portions of it (the John Mayer Trio part especially) kicks ass!  did I say kicks ass?  I meant it KICKS ASS!

I don’t know about you but I think this CD was long over due and it restores my belief in the guitar gods, they definitely have smiled on Mr. Mayer.

If you enjoy some hot guitar licks, you owe it to yourself to check out this CD.

Oh, by the way… this recommendation comes freely and without compensation.  I know you’d do the same for me.

Thanks, John… for the great, great music. 

P.S.  play it LOUD




One Response to “where the light is – john mayer”

  1. chrisfiore5 Says:

    this CD is so awesome! I downloaded it on iTunes on the 3rd, then went out and bought the CD & DVD on the 5th.

    the really cool thing is that I saw John Mayer on uTube 6 months ago and thought then that he really needed to do a live recording.

    Not only did John take my advice 🙂 but it was the very same performance I had seen back then.

    way cool

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