that’s right, you’re what’s left (screwed, blued and anti-socially tattooed)

This just in from the and there’s nothing you can do about it , folks! a.k.a. the U.S. Department of Energy. Expect $4.00 a gallon gas prices through 2009. In other words, get used to it.

Now I wonder what the Secretary of Energy is doing about our fuel crisis? Originally the Dept. of Energy was supposed to help us find alterative fuel sources. Created back in the ’70’s it was designed to keep what happened then (the fuel shortage) from happening again. Well, guess what? Another crisis and all we get from them is, “tsk tsk, get used to it?”

Hmmm… now I wonder how other government departments would be received if they had that approach? Take for example, the Homeland Security people putting out this declaration: “Terrorism is up! Get used to it!” The Secretary of Labor: “Unemployment is up! Get used to it!” The Dept. of Commerce: “The cost of living is up! Get used to it!” The War Department: “Casualties are up! Get used to it!”

30 years is a long time to be in service with the prime objective still not realized. Oh, I know we have made “great strides” in becoming more fuel efficient, but really… is the average mpg of today really that impressive? I think the oil industry plays the public like a fish. Do you know that more money is spent on political lobbyists than on research for alternative fuels? Did you also know that we the people subsidize these oil companies with billions of dollars in tax breaks ultimately short changing our coffers and giving them more of a profit?

If we subsidize (which means financially backing an enterprise) shouldn’t we be getting it cheaper? I mean, we pay to get it then we pay to receive it and the profit margin is be cried at only about 8% though it induces huge windfalls? If we are paying the private sector to provide us a service, why do we buy product as though there were no difference between nations that do not?

Years ago there was only one way to get your mail, through the United States Postal Service. Someone came along with the idea that they could do it better and UPS was born and soon various other companies came along providing like service and competitive prices. USPS is still moving the mail and we have a smooth (!) delivery system what ever your needs.

Why not take these billions of dollars that are earmarked as “subsidiary funds” anyway and form our own energy department that supplies energy? Call it United States Energy. USE could be a major player on the market place, because it would not be profit driven. USE Oil could be supplied right here in the northern hemisphere. Canada, Mexico and the United States have oil. If it is found nearby it should be less expensive than oil found on the other side of the Earth, right? Why not concentrate our efforts locally and let the oil companies that love OPEC stay with OPEC and see what a little competition will do?

We originally got into Iraq because of Saddam Hussein’s threat to shift to the Euro instead of the U.S. dollar in setting oil prices.  We felt threatened and didn’t want to buy oil from a hostile government any longer.  Now our “friends” in OPEC gleefully watch as we struggle with our economy and refuse to soften the market with the oil our research and development brought to them?  Which is better, to be screwed by your enemies or screwed  by your “friends?”  Either way, you’re screwed.

USE would be taking all the money that the Department of Energy earmarks for “independent” research and put it in the hands of the people that provide it, i.e. you and me. How? By making our own government accountable and not some private, nameless sector that is not. Energy officials could be elected, not appointed by presidents who have vested interests in the fossil fuels that we still seem to be “addicted” to.

You know, if they figured out a way to run cars on water there would still be enough gas running vehicles that would need fuel for the next 20 years. Oil companies would still be needed to supply these cars with fuel as the industry shifted to the alternative method.

Like the tobacco industry, our “addiction” to oil has been aided and abetted by politicians who reap rewards by lobbyists and oil companies.

I think we can do better.

Check out the accompanying video on alternative fuel sources below… it may surprise you.



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One Response to “that’s right, you’re what’s left (screwed, blued and anti-socially tattooed)”

  1. Karen Says:

    I read a book once that had a story line about 2 men who were working on developing a fuel cell to run cars, instead of gas, & guess which industry had one of them killed? (The other faked his own suicide & went into hiding to complete the work.) It was a good book, & probably not too far from the truth.

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