Obama Surrender (Hillary concedes)

Obama surrender, I’m gonna give in to you,

weren’t no pretender, I’d make a good VP for you.

If I were a waitress in some greasy spoon,

Tell ya what I’d do,

tell each delegate that they’d just have to wait

and go howlin’ at the moon.

Oh yeah, sweet Obama wont’cha do what’s right?

make me your partner and we’ll win the fight.


Obama surrender, I’m gonna give in to you,

I’ll bring over my blender

and mix some pina’ coladas for you.

There’s a bill in my head

I got a Bill that talks,

You know he coos like a dove

But looks like a hawk.

Obama, you know what I’m tryin’ to say

I’ll lend my support if you’ll meet me half way.


I can change my game

I can walk the talk

You can call the shots, it’s all the same.

Now you have the clout

so I must give in

that nominations out

but with me by your side, we are bound to win.


Obama surrender, I’m gonna give in to you

weren’t no pretender, gonna show what this girl can do;

I hand you my soul and you give me that position,

that’s what you do, now, I’m on bended knee 

please don’t leave me wishin’.


Hey Obama, if I were VP

I’d fix you up with the Presidency.


a turn on an old classic…  for those of you who couldn’t catch the riff, scroll down.



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One Response to “Obama Surrender (Hillary concedes)”

  1. perry Says:

    I love to tell you – ” I told you so “.
    So – ” Hey – I told you so “.

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