Shades of Hemingway / Medium Exposure, Epilogue

All is not what it seems in paradise, there are evil powers at work that go about their illegal business in broad daylight. Brazenly, almost taunting the authorities in their defiance of our laws.

My experience in Key West the second time around was not like anything I had ever been involved with and as I sat back in that car seat I knew it was a long way from being over.

I couldn’t help but wonder what all this had to do with me, a small time businessman who just happened upon the ghosts of one of America’s most celebrated writers… something I still struggled to believe in. How did it all tie into Robert Jordan’s death and was I any closer to exposing his killer?

Now not only was I stranded in Key West, but the woman I had become hopelessly enamored with after only a brief encounter was missing and needed my help. I was without money, identification or a pair of shoes and riding around with a Cuban policeman that I still wasn’t too sure may have had the intention of causing me harm. I looked out the window as we made our way down Highway A1A, the mainline, and wondered about Rachel. Now it started to make a little sense. Robert Jordan was her brother, perhaps that explained her moods and changes in personality. Maybe the shades had some kind of influence on her, too. Could anything else happen to make this crazy scenario any worse? Almost on cue, Sgt. Garcia interrupted my thoughts.

“Our boat will be ready to take off when we arrive, Mr. Fiore, I’m sure any other questions you might have can be answered by the Captain or the consulate once we reach shore.”

“Boat? What boat? Where am I going?”

Garcia looked back at me again. “I presumed you knew, Mr. Fiore.”

“Knew what? You told me Rachel needed my help and now you say I’m getting on a boat? What for?”

Garcia wheeled the car into a small marina, a large yacht like looking boat was moored to the side. A couple of men were on hand to cast off the lines as we got out of the car. Garcia saluted one of the men at the bow and turned to pat me on the back. I was beginning to panic a little, but he smiled broadly then offered his hand to me. Everything was happening too fast.

“It is a very short ride, Mr. Fiore. But I can assure you safe passage to my country.”

Now the light bulb came on… brightly. I was going to Cuba.


Postscript: Be sure to stay tuned for Book Two, Shades of Hemingway / Deja’ Voodoo, to be posted in the Spring of 2008.

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