Shades of Hemingway / Medium Exposure Part 9, Realizing Rachel

*Author’s note: this is part 9 of 13 parts, to better understand the contents it is suggested that you scroll back to the Prelude.


She drives with elegant ease, she smiles and puts my mind in motion.  I can’t think about the irony of her appearing to pick me up, I don’t care. I slip into a relative calm, not worrying anymore about Manolo or the Death Moon. She is soothing, I am a child in need of his Mother’s caress. I am content to ride to the end of the road and on into the gulf. Let the waters consume me so I’ll never again have to think about the morning. I am with her and she is magnificent. I am enthralled and she is an aphrodisac. Then she speaks…

“Was that your van back there?”

“No,” I replied, “I was kidnapped and brought out here.”

She immediately becomes concerned, I am rescued… she is maternal, an angel. Her lips quiver a bit, I watch as she moistens them.

“Kidnapped? Why on earth would anyone want to kidnap you? Were you robbed? are you hurt?”

“No… no, I’m fine… just a little tired…” I propped my head against the window. The lights from her car spread just to the side of the road and I look down, watching the shoulder whizz by.

“Do you want me to take you to a hospital?”

There was genuine concern in her voice, I knew I was in good hands. I felt at ease, like all my bad luck had finally led me to her and my penitence was paid in full. I began to feel like things happen for a reason and somehow God placed me out on that causeway to meet with her this night. I began to believe the words I had said to her earier, my faith had been restored.

“No, honestly… I’m fine, just a bit groggy…”

“What happened?” Her eyes dart from watching the road to looking at my face, the night scenery speeding past her window.

“They grabbed me just as I was leaving the courthouse, right after I saw you. I couldn’t have been a block away… they swooped down in that van, shot something in my arm and threw me in back. I’ve probably been out of it for 6 or 7 hours…”

“What do you mean, ‘after I saw you’?”

I looked at her face, her eyes had stopped darting back and fort. She was staring straight ahead, both hands gripping the steering wheel, concentrating on what I was about to say.

“At the courthouse today… after we met outside the courtroom…” I felt a tad bit distraught that she acted like she didn’t know what I was talking about. The car started to slow down. We were on the shoulder again, rolling across the crushed shell, grinding it further with our weight. The car came to a complete stop and she put it in park. She turns in her seat, I notice her bosom again… protruding proudly. I am becoming aroused.

“Look mister… we have never met before.”

I am dumbfounded. “Of course we have, in the courthouse… today! We met in the hallway!”

“Okay, I was in court today, but I didn’t see you…”

“Wait a minute! We met this afternoon in the hallway outside of the courtroom, you rushed out and bumped into me? Remember?”

She shakes her head and raises one hand up in resignation. “No, I’m sorry… if we’d met, I’d remember it.”

A pang of disbelief ripped through my senses.

“What about at the Golden Earring? You don’t recall that either?”

She looked at my face, questioning… holding back a tinge of perplexing fear.

“Why would you be at the Golden Earring?” She eyed me suspiciously.

“Look, I’m not gay, okay? I stopped in for a drink on my way back to my hotel yesterday and met you there. You really don’t remember that?”

I could almost read her thoughts, ‘what had she gotten herself into? Who was this guy that was making these wild assertions?’ And was I dangerous? I struggled to assure her that I was harmless and at the same time couldn’t imagine what had happened to me during those last 24 hours. I thought I had run into the most beautiful creature in the world and she had responded favorably to the notion that I even existed.

“Look, Rachel… I’m not a creep. Please don’t get the wrong idea… This whole day has been completely turned upside down but… I’m not a crazy person! You might think so now but… please! don’t worry! give me time to think and I’ll try to explain…”

She looks at me differently now, a mixture of incredulous panic and controlled determination. “How do you know my name?”

I had just blurted it out, I’d forgotten that we hadn’t actually introduced ourselves… I had only heard Robert Jordan speaking to her in my dream, when she was working the camera… taking his picture.

“Ooh, I know this is gonna sound a little bit weird but… honestly, I’m not a stalker! Please believe that… I’m not a bad guy…”

A cell phone is perched in one of the cup holders. I watch her face as she appears to be pondering reaching for it.

“If you’ll just give me a minute, I’ll try to explain what is going on but I have to tell you I hardly believe it myself!”

She looks back at me and I think I might have her confidence.

“I’m not dangerous, Rachel… please… don’t call the cops”

She leans back against the door, away from the cell phone. I am relieved for the moment, confident that I have appealed to her better sense of judgement. I bring my leg up on the seat and turn towards her, leaning back against my door in like fashion, settling in for a long explanation. Her face is lovely, disarming, even as she is trying to give me a little leeway before deciding whether I am a lunatic.

“I know this is going to be hard to believe, and like I said I an hardly believe it myslf. But please trust me… I’m not trying to harm you or cause you any distress…” I raised my hands up before me in surrender. “You don’t need to call the police!”

But then the unexpected happened, she became assertive… authoritative, demanding and in control.

“Okay, stop telling me what a nice guy you are and tell me how you know my name! Oh, and by the way…” She reaches with one hand while the other produces a pistol. She pulls her visor down which displays her picture with a gold badge embossed next to it. “I am the police…”


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