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prelude to Shades of Hemingway / Medium Exposure

November 16, 2007

Last Spring I posted a short story I had written entitled, Shades of Hemingway.  The 13 parts took approximately 6 weeks to produce, usually falling on Wednesdays and Sundays.

The story was loosely based on a trip I had made to Key West with some friends the year before and was inspired by an e-mail conversation I had with a fellow blogger who asked me, ” What was the most memorable part of the trip?”  to which I erroneously replied, “Sitting in Sloppy Joe’s bar trading shots with Ernest Hemingway’s ghost!”  

“I’d like to hear that story sometime.” came the reply and the rest came some months later to a lukewarm response by the frequenters of AMRFP.  In fact, those two months garnished the slowest traffic of the entire year for this site which was  a slight disappointment.  But we writers must be resilient and confident in the knowing that one good lambasting does not deter the quill of righteousness or profundity.

Well, with my tail tucked between my legs I decided that my story was a flop and that the best thing for me to do was to stick to what I did best… which was anything other than writing a short story about meeting the ghost of Ernest Hemingway.

Of course, all went well.  This blog has prospered since I hung up my Thesaurus and went back to random acts of mindless… ness.  That is until my friend, Keith, a character in real life and a character in the story asked me about writing a sequel.

“It’s a shame you ended that story like you did, you could have continued it on into another adventure!”

“Well, it didn’t really end.  It stopped with us leaving Key West but it never addressed me having to return.”

“Why would you have to return?”

“Well, if you’ll recall… I had to make a court appearance.”

“Yeah! that’s right!  cool! there is another aspect to be considered!”

So… as before when that one off handed remark inspired the Shades of Hemingway, my conversation with Keith put me back to work on what happens when I returned six weeks later…

So with fair warning to you and much trepidation on my part, Shades of Hemingway / MediumExposure will begin being posted from Sunday the 18th through to the end of the year.  I don’t think you’ll have to read the original story to enjoy the sequel, but there again… maybe. 

If you have anything better to do between now and New Years, let me know… perhaps I’ll join you.

I have my own shot glass… you bring the tequila.